Thursday, May 29, 2008

Falling behind on my blog...

I'm so behind on my blog posting. I am actually going to have guest bloggers doing a few post so we can get different perspectives. If you're interested in doing a guest blog hit me up!

I've been ridiculously busy trying to get everything ready for this week. Not only do I have to plan for Body Rock but on top of that I have 3 events (Thursday @ Jade, Friday @ Deco's, Saturday @ Onyx Room) for Victory Nightlife. I spent my entire day yesterday on the phone and in meetings. It started at 3PM with a follow up meeting at Wave House. Then I had a run through of tonight's set up with Cyrus at Jade Theater at 5PM. Followed by a brief meeting with Darwin our videographer. Ended the day with my last meeting with the Body Rock staff at 6PM. Once I got home at 8:30PM I just sent out emails and worked on HOB pictures...

You're the first to see these photos from Victory Nightlife's Club Massive @ House of Blues pictures.

CLICK HERE to view the HOB Photo Booth pictures or CLICK HERE to view the HOB Club Coverage photos.

We have a similar photo booth set up tonight! Please come at 7:30PM if you're having dinner. Food is served at 8:00PM. After party starts at 10PM and is open to the public... NO COVER!

See you tonight! Its a celebration bitches!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Over 100+ RSVPed for Dinner TOMORROW!

My 25th Birthday Dinner + After Party

Tomorrow, Thursday May 29th
Dinner: 7:30PM | After Party: 10-2AM

Jade Theater (corner of C & 7th)

Everyone is invited to Dinner and the After Party! If you haven't RSVPed you can just reply or show up to dinner.

No dress code but I know people are dressing to impress.

$30 (tax + gratuity not included)
Course One - Acorn Soup or Jade Salad (Miso Tobiko Vinaigrette)
Course Two - Curry Chicken or Salmon or Flat Iron Steak
Course Three - Banana Fritters or Assorted Gelato/Sorbet

Live performance by Latanya Lockette
Professional Photo Booth
Video Confessional Room
Rock Band (XBox 360) Tournament
Commemorative Victory Nightlife Shot Glasses
DJ Mark Marcelo & DJ Teknikscian
And more...

I hope you can all make it out. If not for dinner then please come out for the after party at 10PM.  If you haven't RSVPed yet, please do so now by email me at

See you tomorrow night! THANK YOU! Lets party and celebrate the Good Life...

Toe-Knee "TK" Nguyen

I want my own place!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't updated my blog in awhile, I've been itching to blog but I've been so busy with all these different events I have lined up. Its been a crazy 5 day Memorial Day weekend from Thursday - Monday filled with friends, traveling, hotels, throwing up, rain, sun, crowds, alcohol, friends, and more friends! I had the time of my life this weekend! THANKS! Check back soon for the recap...

Anyways I thought I'd leave you with something to read/check out since you stopped by. I've been wanting to get my own place for the past few months. I'm jealous because Edwin and Erwin just moved to East Village. I finally got a chance to check out their new spot tonight. They're literally across the street from Annabelle, Terry, and Michelle's new house. We all hung out tonight at their place until 2:30am. I'm so jealous... I want to live in Downtown! I'm already down there about 4 days out of the week. Why not just move? I wish it was that simple.

I'm currently looking at a Jonathan Segal loft in Little Italy called "The Titan". I already have a close friend who lives there and there's an available 600 square feet unit for sale in the lower $200K range. Jonathan Segal is a famous architect who I first heard about from Edwin in an article he wrote for his mag "The Local Hero".  Here are a few pictures of "the Titan":

He has designed various complexes throughout San Diego including Alyasha's (Fiberops | Alphanumeric) famous studio/loft in Downtown called "the Bluebox", which I had the pleasure of going to on Monday.  Its awesome!

While researching I found this article online and thought you might find it interesting... Check out this property called "The Prospect". Its a unique piece of architecture. You've all passed it so many times on your way to Prospect Bar & Lounge in La Jolla. HAHA

Click the photos to enlarge...

Jonathan Segal

The Prospect

Jonathan Segal's practice is particularly inspiring. Rather than waiting or toting for work, Jonathan seeks out plots then: creates, manages and profits from his own developments. He also encourages others to follow in his footsteps via seminars at I'm sure you'll agree that his own house epitomises the architectural ethos of his practice: refined, sublime, and harmonious.

This U shaped private residence and studio in La Jolla, California uses its triangular lot to full potential. According to Segal, maximising the triangular plot using standardised measurements and cuboid shapes, without resorting to angles, was key in keeping the costs down. Originally designed with a working studio below grade and residence above, with the company expanding, the lover levels have become a giant entertaining area.

Fully sustainable and divorced from the grid by roof-mounted solar panels, the house is well though out for maximising light whilst equally maintaining privacy. Minimal windows above the fence line hide bedrooms from the busy streets outside. The Ground floor is walled in glass, making a bright and airy living dining area that opens out on one side to a pool and the other across a huge glass roof, that lets light into the lower level. Thanks to Jonathan's ability with the local authorities theres a nice high private fence (9ft is well above town planning limits) that affords privacy to this level. Within the confines of said walls, the house is open and flowing, extending the livable space into the private garden and reflecting pool.

Hidden away across the pool form the main living area is a quiet guest wing, where traffic noise is cushioned by the pool's gurgling and water lapping. It has it's own private courtyard sanctuary as well. From here you can look across at the house. Predominantly a large stucco box resting on, detailed and supported by Corten steel. This wall, punctuated by a large brown box that houses the master suites cabinetry, and is flanked by doors to the first floor bedrooms. A huge abstract steel sculpture stamps the front of the building softening the rectangular lines.

Upstairs, behind the artwork on the first floor are two bedrooms with en suites and their own balconettes. On the top floor, the master bedroom takes up the entire level with walk in wardrobe and views from the balcony out to sea. Jonathan's own house 5.0 is fantastic (as the business adapts, so does his abode). I can't wait to see versions 6.0 and onward.


Dwell Article
Apart from Jonathan's house on Prospect Street, I'd also like to give you some insight into his practice. Dwell have written a great article about Jonathan's house, his successes and drive, here:

About Joathan's company
Jman Development Companies have been responsible for the design and development of over 270 medium to high density urban residential, mixed use, and live/work units totaling over 300,000 square feet of construction. Jman is considered one of downtown San Diego’s most successful and pioneering residential architectural/development companies. Over the last 14 years Jman company has won San Diego’s AIA and California and the Nation’s Highest AIA Honor Awards for Architectural Design and Urban Design. Jman takes pride in the fact that each project has been well received by the community.
They have always been the risk taking pioneer, demonstrating leadership, moving out to the development fringe areas and taking on impossible sites. To date Jman has developed more individual buildings in downtown than anyone in the history of San Diego. Jman currently owns and manages $70 million of real estate in Downtown San Diego.

Architect: Jonathan Segal
Protect Completed: June 2003
Location: Prospect St, La Jolla, San Diego, California
Material: Corten steel & Stucco
Google: Street View - The well grown hedge row helps to mitigate the size of the house.


Here are a few other photos I found on his site:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

HOB is the SPOT to be at TONIGHT!

I'm celebrating my 25th birthday TONIGHT at Club Massive at House of Blues! You can party at all the other clubs every weekend but you only get to celebrate the good life at House of Blues every so often. Don't miss out on this Memorial Day Weekend event...

10 Reasons why you should go to HOB:
-You can party at all the other clubs any weekend
-Hellz Bellz Sample Sale After Party
-Special performance from Ashley Robles ft. Network (Main Stage)
-Kid Deception will be performing (Legend Lounge)
-The lovely Misa Campo and Melissa Reign will be there!
-We have a professional photobooth in the Legends Lounge! So make sure you get your picture taken!
-We have over 25 people celebrating their birthdays or graduations!
-Its the House of Blues aka the ultimate venue!
-Its for my 25th birthday!!!
-Because everyone else is going to be there!

You have till 3PM to email me your guestlist to

Guestlist is FREE for the 1st 100 guest and $10 until 10:30PM. General Admission is $20.

SEE YOU TONIGHT! Click the flyer to enlarge.

Also, I haven't had a chance to blog about Belo (Thursday), Element (Friday), Wave House (Saturday) but you can check out my msypace page to view some of the photos I've already uploaded...

CLICK HERE to visit my myspace page. Feel free to leave me a comment so I know you stopped by! THANKS!