Friday, May 7, 2010

May 8th at Confidential is Classified™

Saturday is Confidential's weekly concept party featuring a lineup of forward-thinking hip-hop/R&B/dance DJs and artists. Classified features Confidential's award winning style and renowned happy-hour transitioning to music with visuals from featured motion graphic artists and photographers.
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Download: "Return to Sender" by Maka

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jomo: May 01 Confidential is Classified™

We celebrated Master TK obtaining his MBA at Confidential on Saturday. Friends and family gathered from SD, OC, LA, and even his dad from Vietnam! Bottles were popped and emptied, we made it rain napkins and ice, and the dancing ensued until the lights came on. The alcohol took effect after midnight as I don't remember too many of these pictures. It looks like we got pretty crazy! Congratulations Toe-Knee! You win the Time of My Life Award.

I am on a 24 hour, champagne diet.
Spillin' while I'm sippin' I encourage you to try it.
Boy I'm on that fly shit, boy boy I'm on that fly shit.
Boy I'm on that fly shit, boy boy I'm on that fly shit.

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[SD] R&R: Rhythm & Recreation + HHK

For complimentary admission before 11PM, please RSVP here.
Rhythm & Recreation is San Diego's Friday night multi-room, multi-genre concept party at the award winning Thin & Onyx Nightclub every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.



[Thin]: Mindz Alike
DJ Julz
DJ Edroc

[Onyx]: Hip-Hop Karaoke
DJ Felt1
DJ Kid Riz
Hosted by Wordbond aka WB & Ree

Photo Booth by:
DG Photography

CLICK HERE for photo booth pictures from our previous R&R event.

See you Friday!