Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Current Playlist:

Here's a list of songs that you can find on my current playlist:

+ "Best I Ever Had"
+ "November 18th" Drake
+ "Little Bit" Lykke Li
+ "Dance Dance Dance" Lykke Li
+ "Ego" Beyonce ft. Kanye West
+ "Every Girl" Lil Wayne ft. Young Money
+ "Knock You Down" Keri Hilson ft. Kanye & Ne-Yo
+ "Little Shadown" (Acoustic) Yeah Yeah Yeah
+ "Be On You" Florida ft. Ne-Yo
+ "Maybach Music 2" Rick Ross ft. T-Pain, Lil' Wayne, & Kanye
+ "Feelin It/Killin It" Dom Kennedy ft. Skotch Davis
+ "Chillin" Wale ft. Lady Gaga

Here are a few note worthy albums:

+ Youth Novel by Lykke Li
+ Deeper Than Rap by Rick Ross
+ FutureStreet/DrugSounds by Dom Kennedy

Any other suggestions? I need more music...

Hoodrat Shit with SoReal Cru!

I completely knocked out Sunday night. Its been a while since I've been that exhausted but I was finally able to get a full nights rest. I spent the majority of Monday just relaxing at home. Since SoReal Cru was still in town, I wanted to make sure I got a chance to hang out with everyone before they left.

CLICK HERE to see photos from Body Rock weekend.

I ended up meeting up with the crew for Vietnamese food at Saigon Restaurant. Its all about #63 aka Com Thit Nuong!
Afterwards dinner, I had to run a few errands before linking back up with SoReal at their hotel in Downtown. It was a Monday night so we didn't have many options so we decided to head to Mission Beach to have a bonfire.
Once we got to Mission Beach, a few members from Choreo Cookies and Pac Modern were already there at the rendezvous spot. Too bad it was sprinkling so we crossed out the bonfire idea and just proceeded with hoodrat shit... HAHA
Smurfette x Porky x Sick Girl x Indian x Colorado
We ended up playing sardines at Belmont Park. For those of you that aren't familiar with the game its basically the opposite of hide-n-seek. Instead we have someone (or a group) hide and everyone else has to find them, once they find them they have to hide with them. The last ones to find the rest of the group is it. Its pretty funny to see a large group of people all hiding together... HAHA

The first time we played we found the perfect spot but then we got in trouble with security.
So we moved... Shhhhh! HAHA!
Once it started sprinkling harder we headed back to the car to continue our hoodrat antics. SoReal x Choreo x Pac x Magec x Wildboyz
It was Audrey's last night with SoReal Cru before she headed back to Colorado so we made sure to send her off right... Open up!
I swear I'm not an alcoholic!
Why so sad Ailyn? At least you weren't sick this time around... HAHA
Damn Kimmy you got all kinds of shit in your car...
Toast to Audrey's last night and fun times!
We proceeded by bumpin' jams in the parking lot of Belmont while opening up a circle... It was like a scene right out of Step It Up with a bunch of people dancing in the rain! HAHA

We even had a jerk circle... HAHA That sounds so wrong, but I was referring to the dance!
Andrew x Tracy x Bianca x Jessica = SoReal x Choreo callabo! HAHA
No more shots please...
Sardines Round 3... HAHA
What should we do next?
The night was still young, so I ended up telling everyone about the urban legend behind Midgetland. For those of you that have never heard of it, there's a mysterious village hidden in La Jolla's Mount Soulidad where little people live. Legend has it there are seven bridges that are spread throughout this village, if you pass the seventh bridge something bad will happen. Anyways, these little people aren't the friendliest people and are known to attach cars and people...

It was a dark and foggy night which made it all more eerie but we were able to find the secret road that lead to Midgetland. We were 5 cars deep... Everyone was scared! We documented the action but its on Sarah's camera. Can't wait for her to upload it.

When we got to the first bridge there were road closure signs but that didn't stop us. Only a few of the brave souls that were with us dared to venture pass the signs, but we were all quickly frightened by mysterious noises...

We were only able to leave Midgetland with this photo in front of one of the munchkin houses.
Trust me, it was scary but everyone seemed to have fun. Next time we'll find all the bridges... I was getting late so we headed back to the hotel. A few of us headed over to Broadway Pizza for a late night snack. Yum... I love Pizza!

Just incase you missed SoReal Cru's performance at Body Rock:

It was straight up hoodrat shit at its finest! Glad I was able to hang out with everyone before they left back to Texas. I'm hoping to make it out there in the near future. Thanks to SoReal Cru for coming out to Body Rock and rockin' the stage! It was a pleasure to meet the rest of the crew. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures and videos.

I got a twit from Brian Puspos saying: "HAHA from what I've heard I think you were the best part of everyones trip." Aww... I'm happy everyone had fun! See you all soon I hope!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Block Party @ HOB - Coming Soon!

[SF] Friday: Made in the Bay

For those of you in the Bay Area, make sure you come out to the Mercury Lounge this Friday, June 19thth for the Made in the Bay event featuring Bay Area designers, artist, and independent boutiques. Not only is this presented by the ladies of MADE Jewelry but its also their 1 Year Anniversary Party as well! One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Samantha Duenas aka SoSuperSam will be making her SF DJing debut alongside Beatnick (Sleeping Giant) and Mr. Mention (Wildboyz)!



I wish I could be there but I'll be in San Diego for our event featuring Wale at Thin/Onyx! I'm way overdue for a trip to the Bay Area... Anyone down to go with me in the next few weeks? I get to fly for FREE again on United Airlines! HOLLA!

Mission Beach x Dave n Busters w/ the Company!

I woke up Sunday morning sharing a sleeping bag with Guil (TAA) on the floor of the Holiday Inn. No homo... HAHA! Its not often that I get a chance to hang out with the Company (Daly City). We always see each other at all the different dance competitions but after the show everyone usually heads back so its hard to get everyone together. However, this time they decided to spend an extra day in San Diego, so I wanted to make sure they had a great time!

CLICK HERE to see more photos from Body Rock weekend.

We all woke up to shots of Hennessey at 11:49AM... WTF? HAHA I spy lots of white tees!
Since it was such a beautiful day, we decided to head out to Belmont Park in Mission Beach.
Started off the day at Cane's Bar & Grill for some food...
The Company x TK
A few of the 21+ folks headed to Wave House for some fist pumping action, while everyone else headed to the sandy beaches.
Thanks to my buddy Shane from the Wave House for the round of Patron shots!
Here's Shane showing off his new back piece. Its almost done...

Time to hit the beach!
Pat was trying to skimboard the entire time... Its a lot harder than it looks.

We hit the boardwalk and headed back to the hotel afterwards...
We got back to the hotel to meet up with Mike Song, Lawrence Kao, Christina Glur, Jet Li, and Eric to watch Game 5 of the NBA Finals. I wish the final game was a bit more exciting but since it was pretty much over by halftime we all decided to take a dip into the pool and jacuzzi.

It was then off to Dave n Busters for food, drinks, and games!
I love DnB happy hour drinks! 1/2 off on kamikaze shots!
TK x the Company x KM Legacy
We started off the night with a kamikaze shot... Cheers!
Gina x George
Then we got an Irish Car Bomb...
followed by Liquid Cocaine...
Another kamikaze shot...
Birthday Cake? WTF?
I forgot what shot this was but I'm guessing Hennessey! George x TK x Mike Fal x Pat
Time for Deal or No Deal!!! HAHA... The girls hit the 400 ticket jackpot!
Marien was collecting all the tickets!
Fun times in San Diego with the Company!
I'm glad the majority of the Company stayed in SD. Its a pleasure to have meet everyone. I can't wait to head back up to the Bay... Soon! Fun times!

Time to head back home for much needed sleep...

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Slightly Dangerous Las Vegas: August 7th-9th

After watching the Hangover, I can't wait until we return to Las Vegas for Slightly Dangerous the weekend of August 7th -9th! 2 pool parties & 3 club events... Its going to be insane!

Save the dates... More information coming soon!