Friday, August 15, 2008

Kanye x Puppets x Olympics

Thursday, August 14, 2008

08.08.08 at Revolution Lounge

Hey everyone!

I'm in Hollywood right now with my friend, Mark aka Chachy, at the Comedy Store on Sunset. We're actually inside Pauly Shore's office as I blog. Its pretty cool. I got to look through a photo album called, "Babes/Girlfriends" that were filled with photos from the 90s with Paul and thousands of different female friends (many of which were displaying their private parts... HAHA). Pauly Shore was the man back in the 90s. He currently has a few upcoming projects and movies coming out soon.

Anyways, I'm so far behind on my Vegas blog. Like Alvin said in his last post, "Nothing will beat the 2006 Wildboyz Las Vegas trip." Although not as many of our closest friends came out, there were still a ton of people from San Diego that made it out to LV. We spent most of our first day watching the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

We didn't leave for the Revolution Lounge until 11PM.  When we got to the Mirage, there were already tons of San Diego people alright inside.  Thank you to everyone that came out to support Victory Nightlife, ZXR, Point Entertainment, and the Wildboyz.  I hope to do more events in Las Vegas in the next few months.

CLICK HERE if you want to see the photos from our first day in Las Vegas.  I wish I could have taken more photos of everyone but I was a bit under the influence.  HAHA

Make sure you check out Alvin and Jomo's blog for different perspectives from that night.

The Birthday Boy... Rob Zoomy!
Welcome to the Beatles Lounge...
Even the Princess of Vietnam aka Kimmy made it out to LV to party with ZXR and Victory Nightlife.

More friends from SD...

Bad Boy: Diddy x BIG

Kimtan x Michelle x Vodka Cranberry
Mindz Alike: Jay x Erol
Since '96

Props to Chris, George, and JR for driving out to Las Vegas for one night... That's WILD!
Can you find me?
Michelle x Randy
Twee (Cockstar Army)
David x Kimtan x Jen x JR x George
Virgin America representin'!
The view from the DJ Booth...
Rob with his lady friends...
Introducing DJ Bluballz as the closer from 2-4AM.
Mama x Kev
Thank you to Aid and Point Entertainment for making this event possible!
Ollie x Ivan x Eric
Chris x Ron
DJ Bluballz at Revolution Lounge!
After heading out at 4AM, a few of us headed over to Drais for after hours.  I pulled the "Club Courtesy" card and it worked... I love it!
I spy Talib Kwali... HAHA
Didn't get home till 6:30AM... 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'll be in LA from Thursday - Saturday!

I'm headed up to LA this weekend for business and pleasure. Thursday I'll be heading up with a few friends to pay a visit to Blends LA for the private Nike NSW Collection party. I have to handle some family business in Irvine on my way up as well.

Friday I'm planning to stop by the Highlands to celebrate Misa Campo's bon voyage, along with the birthdays of Cyrus, Hung (Babe Blvd), and Thomas Phantom (neveroddoreven).  Plus, I miss Myron Marten (21XL)... HAHA

Email to get on the guestlist for this event.
If I stay in LA Friday night, I'm planning to stop by Dub Frequency's Creme De La Creme at the Standard Downtown LA for their day time pool party.

CLICK HERE to rsvp for this event.
I'll be back in time for Victory Nightlife's Concrete at Prospect Bar & Lounge in La Jolla.
Here's a sneak peak of our preview flyer for Victory Nightlife's upcoming 10 Year Anniversary Massive at House of Blues for Labor Day weekend.  You heard it right... 10 years and still goign strong... It's only the beginning!  Mark your calendars!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

RIP Bernie Mac

15,000 Mile Club

What am I still doing in Las Vegas? HAHA

Its been a wild 4 nights in Las Vegas and I don't know if my body can take anymore partying. I'll try to update my blog today but in the mean time I thought you might enjoy our videos from our extreme skydiving experience. We've got 3 different points of view so check it out:

TK: "My mouth is so dry..." HAHA


Ron aka DJ Bluballz:

Touch the sky...