Saturday, January 5, 2008

Crunk Mix

Once again, Friday night at Heat Supper Club was crackin'!  Although it rained a bit we still managed to hit capacity early and kept the party hype throughout the night.

Here's a little sneak preview of DJ Virus hittin' them with that "Crunk Mix".

I spy Cecile, Jr, Rose, and Ollie.
Vanessa reppin' that Mindz Alike.
DJ Virus and Bluballz were keeping the party crunk!
Happy Birthday to Brian!

Happy Birthday to Leigh Ann too!

FYI: Beginning in February, Victory Nightlife will be hosting:
-1st & 3rd Saturdays @ Prospect Bar and Lounge (La Jolla)
-2nd & 4th Saturdays @ Heat Supper Club (Downtown)
-Monthly Fridays @ Onyx Room/Thin (Downtown)
-Thursdays "The Gear Up" on Earthbound Radio

Mark your calendars.  We're currently working on a secret weekly Friday spot... 

Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

NYE: Massive 2008 was a wonderful success!  Not many companies can say they've thrown an event at a venue as massive as 4th & B.  Its sheer size is overwhelming but it was definitely crackin'.  The addition of lasers, lights, projectors, fog, balloons, confetti, and beautiful people made it the place to be for New Year's Eve.  Thanks to everyone who came out and rang in the New Year with Victory Nightlife and the Wildboyz.  We hope you had the time of your life!

This was one of the most memorable Victory Nightlife events... Ever!  But thats just a preview of what's to come in 2008.

Marriott Courtyard Room #1
I still had lots of work to finish up so I brought my 24" iMac with me.
Myster 2007
Hoey Inc. x Wildboyz
VIP Bottle Service.
Eggs Benedict.
David Ross presents "The Project"
Scripps Ranch HS.
Grey Goose.
Hey, thats my bottle of Cristal...
Mr. Universe 2008.
Bon voyage to 2007!
Welcome to 2008!
The Good Life!
Hotel Party.
Hotel Pizza Party.
Figure 4.
January 1st, 2008.
Seau's Restaurant.

We've got thousands of photos coming soon to the Victory Nightlife website.  In the mean time, here are links to our personal New Year's Eve photos:

TK - New Year's Eve (103 photos)
TK - NYE Hotel Photo Booth (38 photos)
Ollie - New Year's Eve (306 photos)

Curiculum Magazine Vol. 4

Check out the latest issue of Curiculum Mag online now featuring Willy Santos as the Pro Spotlight.
Props to Rogene, Glen, and the entire Curiculum Mag family.

Best Day of 2008...

It was only the second day of 2008 and yet we were partying like it was the last.

"Hands down one of the funnest Wednesday's of my life!  Shit, it wasn't even my birthday!"

We celebrated the 24th birthday of Ojay Manalang at Bamboo on Prospect in La Jolla.  Its a modern style sushi restaurant with great tasting dishes right across from Prospect Bar & Lounge.  Since it was a Wednesday night and considering the fact that it was only the 2nd of Janaury, we had both places all to ourselves.

Michelle & Ojay

My date is hot!
Philippines vs. Vietnam
This is the funniest picture...
Ride or Die Chicks.
Birthday Patron shots at Prospect Bar & Lounge.
I guess I couldn't wait for the toast.

Happy Birthday Ojay!
Birthday Lapdances featuring Party Girl 18 aka Rose.

It seemed like it was another Saturday night at Prospect but it was just us.
We even did a New Year's countdown at Midnight... Welcome to January 3rd!
By far the best day of 2008.  Photos courtesy of Ollie and Cecile.

Check back for my New Year's Eve: Massive and 2008 Wrap Up.