Saturday, February 17, 2007


YO... I just got back from the Fashion Trade Show "MAGIC" in Las Vegas w/ some of the crew from Willy's Workshop. Lots of fun but I'll up date you guys about my trip after HOB.

I wish I could have stayed for NBA All Star weekend b/c Vegas is crackin like never before!

Just a reminder if you haven't already sent me names for Victory Nightlife's Club Massive: Awesome & Totally 80's you can still do so NOW! Just email me at

You won't want to miss our President's Day Club Massive as we take you back to the 80's at House of Blues. This is an exclusive 21+ event... Doors open at 9PM... HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!

for additional info about this exclusive event.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to my Valentine of 7 years... Althea DeguzmAn!

Here's a *NEW* street wear line from the people who brought you Wildboyz... These are a rare 2 of 2 only.

I'm off to Las Vegas in a few hours for the Magic Trade Show w/ the crew of Willy's Workshop and hopefully we'll be seeing some NBA Ballers b/c its also All Star weekend.

Good luck to both Purple Haze teams on Thursday!

Happy Birthday to Will Ortega, Steve Valdez, & JR Laguna!



Monday 02.12 - We got to watch the Roots ft. Lupe Fiasco at House of Blues... VIP! Since Christine aka Christank summed up the entire night in her blog. I thought it would easier to just copy and paste...

"Last night's Lupe Fiasco & The Roots concert was b-a-n-a-n-a-s!!! First of all, THANK YOU TK for being creative director of Victory and the President of the WBZ b/c the hook ups are awesome. So what started out as a $77 price (for VIP ticket, dinner voucher & drinks)...turned into $40...for everything. So basically we just paid for dinner and that was it. We had our own box up on the 2nd level of the HOB (no general admission standing for us!), and not only that...we had a $700 tab of free drinks all night. Yes, you read correctly...$700. We were already pretty buzzed from drinking at dinner thanks to the vouchers (the boys even ordered their own bottle of wine...very questionable hah), but to have our own cocktail waitress and what seemed like an endless bar tab...that was insane. I'm not sure if that was a good idea though because by the time Lupe Fiasco was done, we were all wasted and to say the least, a bit out of control. Wildboyz f'sho.

Lupe Fiasco
was the shit! I am in love with him...from his steez to his delivery to his stage presence to his dancing...everything! He's so much fun to watch...3-time grammy nominee! haha. Got a few good video clips on my phone. He got the party started and he did it well and got everyone amped for The Roots. The Roots of course were amazing. BlackThought is smooth on the mic, I love his voice. The brass players they had with them were sick fave was Tuba Gooding Jr. They played a really good set but the best part was when they did "You Got Me", considering they don't play it all the time at their concerts. But they did this time around. =) Got a couple clips of them too but my phone died eventually. At the end of their set, they were all throwing things into the audience, and ?uestlove tried throwing I think 5 drumsticks up in our box but it kept hitting the top of the stage and falling into the crowd. But finally, the last one he threw up got to us and The Roots' #1 fan Ojay is the proud owner. There's really nothing like live music. Sunshine. You Got Me.
Let me just say that shots of Hennessey is poison. I think that's what did all of us over...and I know the boys had a lot more where that came from. That in turn caused the madness. Just to name some things:
  • We had $480 in vouchers for dinner...and we still somehow spent over $700.
  • Laguna barking like a dog. WOOF!
  • George taking Cecile's shoe and throwing it from the VIP box to the stage where it landed in between the drum sets.
  • Chris' leg getting stuck in a chair. Like, really stuck. And me sitting there trying to pry his damn shoe off so we could get his leg out.
  • TJ lighting up indoors.
  • Singing happy birthday to Laguna.
  • Laguna getting kicked out before The Roots for being too drunk.
  • George/Hank leaving before The Roots.
  • Suze getting kicked out while looking for George...and then begging her way back in.
  • Flying drum sticks.
  • TJ's handstands and cartwheels.

That and all the inbetweens only those of us who were there will know all result in good ass memories. It was definitely one for the books. It was one of those nights where you shake your head and smile every time you think about it. WHAT A NIGHT."

-Christine Kim aka Christank

And now here are a few pictures courtesy of Sister Bear Cecile:

BabyMyst and Rudolph... When will it go away?

TJ is extremely questionable...



Rock, Scissors, Paper for Drinks...

Where was I?

Our dates for the evening...

Cecile, Josephine, and Suzette


Always on the creep... Even Josephine is scared!

Once again TJ is extremely questionable...

Candle blowing contest for Drinks... Now thats just too much!

I'm Raelynn's stand in for the Bermuda Triangle

Half Filipino & Half Amazing Couples

Birthday Boy JR Laguna

Lupe Fiasco


Shots of Hennessey will fuck you up!


GanstaMyst & her homies!


Drunken Ladies

Oh no... Here comes HANK!

Chris getting his fat ankles stuck in between the seats... How does that happen?

Shortly after that Birthday Boy... JR Laguna got kicked out for being too drunk. He only got to watch 1/8 of the Roots 2 hour performance. Thats why the pictures end here b/c Cecile had to take his ass home... Where he eventually threw up in front of my house!


Sunday, February 11, 2007


This is what you call promoting a party...
Unfortunately that was Myster's car... HAHA