Saturday, February 21, 2009

NEW 5DTV video from ABDC!

5Dtv went to the latest taping of "America's Best Dance Crew" to bring you a behind the scenes look with exclusive interviews from the fans, dance crews and judges. Lets us know what you think...

I love the Beat Freaks! Check them out at:

143 Kristin Kreuk!

These new photos of Kristin Kreuk in Men's Fitness are f**kin' hot!  I've loved her since the first episode of Smallville... I'm still waiting to meet her one day.
This one is my favorite!
Actually this one too...
Who wants to watch Street Figher: The Legends of Chung Li?

Friday, February 20, 2009


Rihanna got f**ked up!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

FRIDAY: Exclusive @ Thin/Onyx + Password

We've got DJ Rygar (600 Inc) and DJ Rayzaruckus coming down from SF this Friday to takeover Thin.

Nash Quest will also be performing downstairs at Onyx with Uncle Junie and Julz.

If you say the secret password to the doorman you'll get in FREE tonight.  But keep it a secret!

PASSWORD: "I'm here to get ignorant!"

Spread the word!

Updated Victory Photo Galleries

Thank you to Razo for snapping photos from this past weekend's events.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support Victory Nightlife, 5&A Dime, and So Real Cru.  See you this Friday at Thin/Onyx for Exclusive ft. DJ Rygar and DJ Rayzarukus!

CLICK HERE to view photos from the So Real Cru meeting and greet at 5&A Dime.

CLICK HERE to see photos from Club Massive: President's Day

Saturday: One Sunset

I spent my Valentine's Day at One Sunset with a group of 10.  We thought it would be fun to do a group date, plus Shanara got a crazy hook up since she's close friends with the Executive Chief, Jason.  Not only did we eat dinner there, but we ended up staying their the entire night for some more drinking and dancing.  We were there from 7-2AM, thats 7 hours!  WTF!?  HAHA.  But it went by so quickly because we were all having the Time of our Lives!

CLICK HERE to view photos from One Sunset.

8730 Sunset Blvd. 
The Trio: TK x Melissa x Chachy.  Doesn't Chachy look like a wrapped up party package!?  He won the award for "Best Outfit".
1/2 of TAA: Steven x TK (Suits: Hugo Boss Jam Sharp)
My Valentine's Date: Melissa Reyes
Alfredo x Shanara
Chachy x Steven?
We all had several rounds of wine... Keep it coming!
Sheryl (BFF) x Steven
The food was delicious!!!
Those grapes were from the mountains of Italy... HAHA
Happy Valentine's Day for the 10 of us! =)
Anthony x Tin
Who's ready for desert?
The desert was orgasmic!
Karen x Chachy (I love this picture!)
The Fellas: Chachy x Steven x Alfredo x TK x Anthony
Our Dates: Melissa x Sheryl x Karen x Tin x Shanara
Even my brother, Drew, and Ria stopped by too!
Chip n' Dales
Patron Time!!!
Abel x Loraine
There you are Sammie!
So Super Sam x TK of the Wildboyz
Oh yeah...
We ended up sharing a VIP booth with the Executive Chief and other friends.  Let the partying begin!!!
Make sure you cover your crotches ladies... HAHA
WTF?  This is intimate... Ibay x TK
Melissa x Steven
Cabin Fever Crew:
Fun times at One Sunset.
The venue was perfect, we all looked stunning, the food was delicious, the wine was plentiful, the music was good, and the night was fun!  Thank you to Shanara and everyone at One Sunset for an amazing time.  Our bill came out to nearly $600, but they ended up taking care of half of it.  Thanks Melissa for being my date...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I know I'm not caught up yet on my blog, but here's some of the photos from yesterday's taping of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.  Check out the full recap blog on 5&A Dime's blog, don't forget to get your "Freak the Vote" shirts, and be sure to vote for Beat Freaks!

5DTV x
Backstage with Charles aka the man behind the camera...
Fly Kicks
Quest Crew
Beat Freaks
Isn't Mario Lopez so dreamy?
Be sure to check back for the 5DTV footage from backstage.  It'll be up on Friday.  Thanks!

Friday: Highlands x Purple Lounge

There were tons of events going on in Hollywood on Friday.  Of course, we had to stop by Highlands to visit the LA fam aka 21XL and Usual Suspects.  Plus, we wanted to show So Real Cru some love since they were also performing there.  After Highlands, we cruised over to the Standard off Sunset to party at the Purple Lounge for the dF Friday the 13th event.

CLICK HERE to view pictures from Friday: Highlands x Purple Lounge

Hats x Flannels x Black Pants x Black Shoes = HAHA
Aren't we so cute!?
We meet up with Mike, Ivan, and Ryan at Highlands.  Patron time!!!
I don't the name of this crew that performed, but they were pretty good.
Melissa Reign x Jackie = Babe Blvd x DBR
Welcome back from Japan Misa Campo!  We've missed you!
I ended up running into G aka Granberry (UFX Alumni).  He's an all around entertainer: Actor, Dancer, Host, and Model... Check out his abs!  No homo!
We were probably only at Highlands for less than an hour.  It was off to the Purple Lounge next.  We had a little bit of difficulty at first getting a certain someone in because she forgot her birthday.  HAHA.  Talk about being intoxicated...  Anyways, we managed to sneaker her in through the exit door magically.  HAHA. 

Chachy x Ruby x Jessica x Twit.  Nice face Ruby!  HAHA
Mr. Ben Wang!  This is a rare occasion because he's actually expressing emotion.  He's not much of an emoter.  HAHA
This is probably house you usually see him... Emotionless.
Roomies: Chachy x Melissa
Ben x Jay x (some whack chick) x TK... Just kidding Jessica!  We love you!
Where is your partner in crime?
Melissa x Linda
We were suppose to meet up with Jomo, Sheryl, Myron, and So Real Cru afterwards for a late night meal but I was in no condition to drive...