Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Years Eve 2009 @ House of Blues

Check out for all the details for our upcoming New Years Eve 2009 event at House of Blues San Diego.

Trust me you won't want to miss out on this event. You know everyone is gonna be here!

The Good Life!

I can't believe Christmas is only 5 days away! Where does the time go? I can't believe 2008 is almost over either! This year has been absolutely outrageous. I'm definitely livin' the Good Life! HAHA. For those of you that have been following my blog throughout the year, I think you know what I'm talking about. I've been able to reconnect with so many people, make new lifelong friends, travel, and just party my ass off! HAHA. If I had to pick one word to summarize 2008 it would be definitely be "PARTY".

I'm planning to do a year in review blog soon, but I gotta get caught up first. I just uploaded a ton of pictures from this past week. This weekend was no exception to the rest of the crazy ones... Click the day below to view the photos or...

CLICK HERE to view my flickr photo albums.

Tuesday: Bloc Party concert at House of Blues

Wednesday: Obey x Nike Party and dF Holiday Party in Hollywood

Thursday: Airport Lounge for Stacey's Birthday

Friday: Hellz Bellz Pop Up Shop and Kimtan's Birthday

Saturday: Concrete at Prospect Bar & Lounge

I'll have a full recap of all the festivites once I finish up some Christmas shopping.  Happy Holidays my friends. 

Lovin' Life,
Anthony "TK" Nguyen

p.s. 143!  Wildboyz 4 Life!  TAA baby!  FF.

TONIGHT: Kimtan is taking over PROSPECT!

Celebrate the Prince of Vietnam's Birthday tonight at Prospect Bar & Lounge in La Jolla. Its also the Finals After Party so come have a few drinks, dance, and mingle with some of SD's finest.


Willy's Workshop: Christmas Sale

Prom 2008

Last Saturday I accompanied Meghan aka Meh Meh to her company holiday party at the Marriott Hotel & Marina in Downtown.  There were several hundred people there, great food, and the electric slide!  HAHA.  I misplaced my camera charger so I used Meg's camera to document the night.  

We meet up at Bumsville before heading out... I felt like we were going to Prom or something b/c we had to dress up.  HAHA.
Prom 2008... HAHA!
Garlic mash potatoes are yummy!
Time for the electric slide!
After several rounds of Red Bull Vodkas we headed out to Onyx and Thin to play host to Rygar, Jeremy, and a few other friends.  It was Leo's last night before heading back up to San Francisco.  Paparazzi candid of Team Stripper Money!
Thanks to everyone at Onyx & Thin for the 4 bottles: 2 Vodka & 2 Champagne = Ignorant Drunks!
Even Doy came through with some of the brothers... Doy can't hang anymore!  HAHA
Meghan's co-worker Jen came through to party with us.  I welcomed her the only way I know how... Signature move!  HAHA
DJ Rygar reppin' SF and 600 Inc.
Harold came through to with a group of friends for the House music...
Here we are breakin' Holly off... HAHA!  She loves it!
Pop champagne!
Rygar x Jeremy x TK = Ignorant Drunks
Brandon x Loraine
Get it Jen!
Yogi (Xclusiv) came through to share a few drinks with the crew.
Thanks for the Patron my friend!  Damn... Its all down hill from here!
From SF to the SD: We keep it Ignorant!
Who wants more vodka!?
VIP.  We even have Shaun, Head of Security, chillin' with us.  HAHA.
WTF is everyone doing?  Meghan looks like a Vampire!  HAHA
Fun times!  Thanks to Jose (GM) of Onyx & Thin for the bottles.  I think everyone had a bit too much fun and a bit too much to drink!  HAHA.  Shout to Jeremy and Rygar... I'm coming up to SF soon so we can get ignorant again!

Damn... I still got a weeks worth of blogging to do...

Friday, December 19, 2008

New Years Eve 2009

Check out the updated New Years Eve 2009 flyer for House of Blues designed by Segue-Mag's very own Oliver Neglerio! 

We've got confetti, bubbles, balloons, and SNOW for the countdown!  HAHA. You'll see! Please spread the word about San Diego's premier New Years Eve event. We're encouraging everyone to dress up.  Presale tickets are only $20. They'll be going up to $30 three days before the event.  Go buy them now!

CLICK HERE to purchase your limited presale tickets now or visit a ticketmaster box office or go to House of Blues' box office on 6th Ave. Tickets will be available at 5&A Dime Saturday, December 20th.

If you love me you'll repost this flyer... HAHA =)

Click flyer to enlarge:
Lets ring in the New Year together!  2008 = The Good Life | 2009 = ???

Kanye West: Put On

"I feel like there's still niggas that owe me checks... I feel like there's still bitches that owe me sex... Shit!"

I read Alvinisms!

I'm exactly one week behind on the blog. I'm trying to catch up but I've got so much working aka partying to do before 2008 is over! HAHA. I just got back to SD last night from partying in Hollywood on Wednesday at the Nike x Obey party for Shepherd Ferry and the dF Holiday Party.  I wasn't even home for more than 30 mins before it was straight to Airport Lounge to play host to Stacey Kuramoto (WOD | CSLA) for her birthday. And today is only Friday!? WTF? Time to do it again tonight for Kimtan's birthday! You can say I'm a workaholic! ;) HAHA.

Anyways, here a quick wrap up from the ultimate house party of 2008. I can't remember the last time I've been to a house party but Alvin celebrated his 26th birthday in style with a video/photo montage, an ice luge, custom "I read Alvinism" bandanas, lots of nudity, and alcohol from 4 different countries. It was tons of fun! Happy Birthday once again to one of my best friends Mr. Alvin G. Benavidez!

CLICK HERE to view Alvin's recap of the party on Alvinisms.

DISCLAIMER: We are not gang bangers or bloods. HAHA

CLICK HERE to view all of my photos from Alvin's birthday.

Here's KJ showing off his $1,600 California King bed that he recently got.  This this is ridiculously comfy... I wish I would have slept on this instead of the hardwood floor. HAHA
Annabelle (Bums) wins the "Time of my Life" award from that night!  She definitely let out her inner beast... I'm so excited b/c she just finished her last class of her college career and its time for us to unleash!  Love you roomie!
My favorite Vietnamese girl: Cecile aka Sister Bear aka "We're Communist Bitch!"
I haven't seen Suz (3s Company) in forever!
Everyone loves the birthday boy aka Alvin!  HAHA... Look at Josephine, Rhoda, and Althea trying to look hard!
Signature move on the birthday boy w/ a bottle of sake from Japan!
Our turn for some sake!
Ride or Die.
Viva La Mexico!!!
We even flew Leo in from SF to party with us.  Here he is in Norway at the ice luge... HAHA  This is probably the most unsanitary thing ever but we all loved it!  HAHA
Fullerton Fam!
TK x Ryan x Steve
Edwin x Steven x Althea x Leo
Baby girl Julie came through too!  You always got my back bitch!  143!
Props to Chachy x Alison x Sheryl x Denson x Angelo for coming down from LA/OC... Fun times!  I guess props to Jenny to for being Ms. China 2007!
Brandon mutha f-ing Trapse in the house!!!
2 of my favorite party people: Chachy x Meghan
Vince makes the funniest faces!
Time to revisit Mexico... 
The Portillo Family: Leo x Luke x Iris
Gelen x TK... Hey those are my glasses!
Go Alison!
I think Alvin is naked here... HAHA!
House party in full effect!
Afterwards it was time to head to our usual spot Alverjos for some supreme fries!  We meet up with Rygar (600 Inc.) and the rest of the friends who came from Thin in Downtown.  We got mad ignorant drunk... BAHAHHAHAHHA
Please read the DISCLAIMER!
We ended up going back to Alvin's to crash... I think we had about 20 people sleeping in the Living Room.  Check out these 5 drunk bastards all crashed on one little couch.  HAHA
Rygar and I ended up coining the term "Ignorant Drunk" that night, which basically means you get so drunk that you say the most ignorant shit ever!  HAHA.  Fun times for sure!

PARTY OF THE YEAR!!!  HAHA  If you weren't there you definitely missed out!  143!