Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday: Crimson Music Video... HAHA

After a week that brought me from SD to LA to SD to Pomona to LA, I found myself in North Hollywood eating breakfast at Panera with Steven (TAA) x Jackie (So Real Cru).

While we we there we ran into Aimee Lucas (Gen2), who was spending the day with her family since she was moving to South Korea for a few months. Aimee has been spending lots of time in S. Korea dancing for the Madonna of Korea with Shaun Evaristo. I'm really happy to see them doing well and living it up! I'm glad we got to catch up... Good luck in Korea!!!

Aimee x TK
Aimee brought her dog Buddy out to say hi too!
Later that night, Ben (Clae) invited me to join him on a party bus with Pleasure P from Pretty Rick to head to the Flo-Rida Myspace Music party. He said there were 30 girls on the party bus and he was the token Asian guy... HAHA! Ben's the last person I would ever expect to be on a party bus, let alone on one with Pleasure P. HAHA As much as I would have loved to join him, I had to finish up my final paper for class. I got it done...

I ended up heading to Crimson to meet up with Ben and the Never Odd or Even fam. The place was empty when I got there, but it slowly filled up. Once Ben arrived with the party bus the place was crackin'! Lomar Odom (Lakers) and Zack Randolph (Clippers) were there too. Zack Randolph ended up getting a DUI that night... Sucks!

Khai x Phantom x Anika x Feng (Quest) x Johanna x Luis
I spy Lomar Odem and Pleasure P!
I kept getting text messages from Ben while he was on the party bus... "This shit is crazy!" HAHA... I can't believe he rolled through with all these people. Pleasure P was even squirting champagne into the crowd. I swear I was in a music video at one point... Shit was crazy!
Pleasure P's tab ended up coming out to almost $3,000... WTF? Thanks though for the drinks...
At one point, Ben and I were the only Asian people in the entire spot... It was different but fun!
Afterwards it was back on the party bus for Ben, but not after a good old LA dog! HAHA
It was a random fun night in LA yet again...

Women = ???

I found this on April's blog the other day (via Erwin)... I thought it was really clever and true! HAHA

Friday, April 10, 2009

Victory: The Block Party (Teaser) x Exclusive

[HOUSE OF BLUES] Victory Nightlife is unveiling our newest event at House of Blues San Diego this upcoming Memorial Day weekend called "The Block Party". We're creating three different parties with three different musical platforms all wrapped into one BLOCK PARTY!

Upstairs: Electro • Mash Up • Dance

Main Stage: Mainstream • Top 40 • Hip Hop

Legends Lounge: 90's Hip Hop • 90s R&B

We're uniting a diverse group of party promoters from all over Southern Cali for this one time special event... Don't miss it! Plus, its for my 26th birthday!!!

For all you bloggers please help us and repost this teaser up. We should have the finalized line and flyer within the next week. Thanks!

[THIN/ONYX] Next Friday, Victory Nightlife will be hosting Exclusive @ Thin/Onyx once again. We've got a treat for all of our event goers. Hosted sake & sushi bar from 9-10PM. Yes, that means FREE! So through early but you must RSVP at

If you're not coming for the hosted sake & sushi, you can get in FREE before 11PM or 1/2 off cover afterwards with the SECRET PASSWORD: "Arigato Mr. Roboto!"
Spread the word!!!

Third Wheel

Being third wheel sucks! HAHA... Just kidding!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Behind the Scenes

Here's a sneak peak from our photo shoot earlier this morning for a new magazine called 92West. My good friend Chaz Cruz was our photographer... I love his work! I can't wait to see the finished photos. Thanks to Desiree, Dominic, Tina, Michelle, and Annabelle for everything.

I am now at a Pizza Hut in Santa Ana about to pick up Twee (Cockstar) to head over to the Hollywood Hills for an exclusive party hosted by Ludwig featuring a special grand piano performances by Otto Ehling.

Jay (5&A Dime) and 5DTV are heading up to film. We'll also be shooting at their Spring 2009 Release Party tonight at their showroom in Downtown LA. It should be another eventful night.

Saturday: World of Dance Pomona 2009

Its been a long and exhausting few days that have brought me from SD to LA back to SD now to Pomona. After a few hours of sleep and a few wake up calls later (thanks Lora & Tarzan), I was back on the road head to Pomona. Call time was 11:30AM but I didn't end up leaving my house until 11AM. I didn't get there until 12:30PM...

CLICK HERE to view photos from World of Dance Pomona 2009.

I can't believe its already been a year since our first World of Dance Pomona event. The biggest change this year was the addition of the Celebrity Meet & Greet, which was a bit hit! We brought in over 6,000+ people (compared to 5,000+ last year). Overall the show was a success and by far the longest dance show ever... 3:00PM - 12:30AM.

I could go on and on about the show but I'll try to keep it short. I was a floater the entire time, trying to make sure everything was running smoothly and that everyone was having a good time! I also covered the event and conducted interviews for Vimby. Thanks Willy P!

Anyways, lets get to the pictures... I love going to these dance events mainly because I get to see everyone, like Mr. Mike Fal (The Company)! FYI: He's party of the Wildboyz Daly City crew.
Welcome back Lizzy (Chargers Girl)! She's been in Japan for the past few months dancing for Disneyland Tokyo.
Sneak peak at the closed Beat Freaks rehearsal... They told me they missed me! I missed them too...
DJ Zeb is the official World of Dance Tour DJ!
Andrew "Goodfoot" x Pat Lam. So Real Cru were the 1st World of Dance Champions in 2008.
Lani x Verna both came up to support their younger brother JR who dances for Tru Definition.
The Stage Managers: Harold x Raelynn
Joey (21XL) x RJ (21XL) manning the tables.
Check out my VIP parking... HAHA! I didn't know where to park so I just drove straight to the front and parked next to Myron. I guess being Myron's bf does have its benefits.... HAHA
Jazmyne (CSSD) x David Ross (The Project)
Room 1: Choreography Room was crackin' like no other...
The Meet & Greet was insane too! There were so many fans dying to get a chance at meeting their favorite dances from America's Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance, and other shows. I got a chance to interview everyone for Vimby, so hopefully that'll be posted soon.

Behind the scenes with Beat Freaks!
I got a chance to catch up with the talented Jenny Kita (Harajuki Girl), whose also an UrbanFX alumni too! Hopefully we can do lunch in North Hollywood soon!
Jason x Alexis of TM7
Ailyn (So Real Cru) is always sick! Get well soon...
Fanny Pak x Quest Crew
Congrats to JR Robles and Tru Definition for placing 3rd in the Junior Division.
1st place went to APT from the Bay Area!
Check out the madness in between the 2 rooms.
Jay Chris (6 Footers) x Tony (TM) x TK
Room 2: Bboy Room featured some of the world's best bboys and bgirls... I got to check out a few battles and they were pretty intense. Its amazing what some of these bboys can do.
One of our headlining acts were Beat Freaks from Season 3 of America's Best Dance Crew... I really like this photo!
Shorty can bust head spins for days...
Beat Freaks x Hellz Bellz
Aww so cute! Lizzy x Victor (Quest)
Kellie came out to enjoy the show. She actually texted me from the audience saying I look super tall on stage... I look super tall because you're super small! HAHA Glad we could catch up... See you soon!
Lydia (Boxcuttahz) x Matt (21XL) x TK
The Ringmasters made a surprise guest appearance... They had crazy hat tricks!
Choreo Cookies is my favorite team! I love them! SD represent baby!
This was my 3rd time seeing Bboy Jalen, whose 7 years old, perform. He never seises to amaze me. He was featured on the Myspace home page for the past few days. Check out the clip here.
Our other headliners were ABDC Season 3's Champions, Quest Crew! They killed it! Check out Victor bustin' his gnarly bboy poses to the beat... The ladies were lovin' Quest! Me too... No homo! HAHA
Guess who was crowned Body Rock Pomona Champions? Thats right... My favorite team aka Choreo Cookies! Congrats guys!
It was the WOD Tripod 1 Year Anniversary: TK x Stacey x Myron
These are the main people behind World of Dance: Myron x Dave Gonzales x Robert x Stacey
The Core Staff! 143!
We were all extremely exhausted afterwards. I didn't ended up leaving the Pomona Fairplex until 1AM... Its was a long ass day! I stopped by the Sheraton (?) Hotel afterwards where Verna and members from The Company and APT were staying. I stopped by hung out for a bit and head to Hollywood.

Much love going out to the Bay Area family: the Company x APT. Apparently many of them read my blog! Thanks for the support guys!

Check out their blogs: Mike Fal x Pat x George

Mike Fal x Aggie x TK x Pat
Uhhh ohhh... I just forgot her name again... I promised that I'd blog the picture of us too! Help me!
Verna and her family were ready to start the party. Too bad I was too tired and headed back to Hollywood. Thanks for coming out Verna!
Man, that was a long ass blog! Thanks to everyone who help with World of Dance! The next stop for the World of Dance Tour is New York on June 13th. I wish I could be there but I'll be in San Diego for Body Rock Dance Competition. I wish my teleporter was working again...

Can't wait to see Sthanlee and Rolando's professional photos from the event. I'll post the Vimby footage once they get it up too. Have a good night/day!