Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conquering Black Mountain!

I forgot to mention that Alvin and I rode our mountain bikes up Black Mountain on Monday. Not Black Mountain Road... the actual f**kin' mountain. HAHA. I haven't been up there since my High School days (I believe the last time was with Alvin too). It took us over an hour to get up to the top, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We did have to walk parts of it however because my legs were burning! The view from the top was so peaceful and amazing. It reminded me of why I need to get off my computer sometimes and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The ride down was lots of fun... Just straight downhill the entire way!

Come join us next time... Whenever that is! HAHA

Here is Alvin's blog from conquering Black Mountain...

This is the view from the top of...BLACK MOUNTAIN!

No matter how tall...We're all small.

Toe-Knee's "We made it nucka!" face.

Do you understand why I love the outdoors yet?

Best friends. Uber homo picture. Hahahaha! No homo though!

You'd think we were talking about something deep. But it was probably about pu kang kang.

Join the crew next time! No homo again! Hahaha!

Gotta get a quazi-healthy dinner afterwards.

Oh my, its Ollie and I's high school cars reunion. I miss off roading!

TK and I have matching mancessories. Now that sounds homo. Ha!


Loverrlyn said...

insert friend is HELLA FUNNY!! Cant wait for your pics from last night.. haha... once u go black you never go back TK... remember that! HA!