Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday: Quiet Riot @ Stone Rose

Thursday morning Mark, Stacy, and I conducted Mission: Birthday Surprise for the newly turned 21 birthday celebrant, Melissa Reyes!

CLICK HERE to see photos from the Stone Rose @ Sofitel.

We started off the day by heading to Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock for breakfast and to pick up 2 dozen cupcakes.
Grilled Steak Sandwich
Stacy x Mark
We had to get balloons next, but ended up getting random shit like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", party hats, streamers, and a whistle.
Stacy and I were bustin' up at this poorly crafted Spiderman pinata.
Purple x Teal
It was then off to Ralph's to buy all the necessary ingredients for Stacy's birthday dinner.
But what's a party without party hats and a handle of Crown Royal from Costco!?
We decorated the spot and set up the dinner table for the birthday girl... Check out Chachy already eatting. HAHA
Thanks Stacy for cooking these tasty sliders!
Unfortunately we took all the pre-party photos on my Canon 40D but my friend is using it so I haven't uploaded the pictures yet. You should see the Pin the Tail on the Donkey pictures... HAHA! I'll blog about it later.

So lets fast forward to Quiet Riot at Stone Rose inside the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. I was my pleasure to be hosting along side the Collective: Doug Wu, Bee Nguyen, and Arsen. Too bad I was completely donezo by the end of the night... Not a good look when you're one of the host but it was a good party! The guy to girl ration was awesome! Lots of good looking people. We even had Amare Stoudemier (Phoenix Suns), Torii Hunger (Anaheim Angles), and Pleasure P (Pretty Ricky) in the house. I'm looking forward to our next collaboration.

This is a nice picture of Stacy x Melissa... Too bad Chachy had to ruin it! HAHA J/K!
311 Roomies: James x Melissa x Chachy
Mabel x Adam x ??? were on there way out when I got there. Thanks for stopping by for a short moment!
Neran (Agenda) x Peter
DJ Mark Marcelo (Victory x Mindz Alike) was mixin' live!
Peter x Melissa x Scott (OPP)
Party Animals: Crazy Guy x TK x Chachy
Everyone's starting to look pretty faded... HAHA
Sharing is caring... Crown Royal!
Patty x Jay
Happy 21st Birthday Melissa! Now open wide... HAHA
Melissa x Jomo
Hellz Bellz in the building! Too bad Lanie was too sick to come out...
Melissa x Erwin (Barney's)
Don't be shy West! HAHA
Anjolie x Melissa
This is a pretty cool picture I stole from Jomo's blog... Its like EMO! HAHA
Honestly, I hardly remember the cupcakes coming out. I'm not sure what happen but I got so drunk...

Make a wish!
Supposedly the cupcakes were a huge hit! Stacy and Alysha love it!
Here's my failed attempt at feeding Mel a cupcake, which ended up in her lap. Sorry for partying fouling... HAHA! GRRR!
Crown Royal x 2
Bri x Brett (OPP)
Damn even Jon aka Playa Pimpin' (Blends) came through to party. To bad I was knocked out in the VIP section... FML!
Its all a blur....
Sheryl x Chachy x Angie x Jamie
Although we got hooked up with a "buy 1 get 1" bottle special, it still came out to $442! FML!? HAHA... Its all good! Although I don't remember everything, as long as the birthday girl had fun and everyone else, its all good!
Hi BFF! I don't remember talking to you at all!
Peter x Alysha
So here I am straight knocked out in the VIP section with Mark Marcelo... I'm like seriously curled up all comfy status. WTF!? On top of that, our VIP section was in the middle of the club.
Thanks to everyone that came out, especially those of you from SD. Also to Mark and Chachy (two different people) for taking photos while I was "sleeping" on the couch. There are actually more photos from that night but they are a bit too crazy to post! Lets just say it looked like a crime scene from CSI. HAHA

Happy 21st Birthday Melissa! =)

Overall it was a successful event and I'm looking forward to the next Quiet Riot party! I apologize for being so drunk at my own event... It happens to the best of us! See you all soon!


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