Saturday, February 10, 2007

Save the Cheerlearder

Friday 02.09 - Tonight we went on a biracial (Viets & Filipinos) double date to Potstickers in Carmel Mountain w/ the Lagunas... JR & Cecile. Dinner was actually really good! We had the entire restaurant to ourselves. Played a little Big Brain Academy 4 players while we waited for our food. Good times w/ "the less cool half viet half amazing couple". HAHA
We stopped by Payless Shoes so Myster could find cheer shoes for her Rugby gig at Petco Park tomorrow. Unfortunately the shoes Myster wanted were sold out but the Laguna's both bought a pair b/c it was buy one get one half off. Afterwards some of the homies rolled down to Altitude on top of the Marriot in Downtown for Vanessa's Birthday. Lots of familiar faces...
Last weeks Birthday Boy... Darwin Browne
The view of Petco Park from Altitude... No cover and no dress code... I love it!
UFX Ladies... Where's the birthday girl???
Some of the fellas...
Vanessa & Orrie
Vanessa and the Mysters
Willy Santos... Pro Skater... USA...
We were suppose to go to Landlord Jims but we ended up at Visions. It was my first time there and the place is really nice. Bar in the middle w/ VIP rooms surrounding the exterior. Tons of plasmas too. Here's RaeLeo getting their freak on...
Uhh... How come Christine is the only one smiling?
Fun times in Downtown tonight! Happy birthday Vanessa!

143! I love my Cheerlearder Myst!

Friday, February 9, 2007


My house has officially been turned into "Megacade". Some of the homies have been coming over every night for NBA 2k7 on Xbox 360 and Wii Sports on Nintendo Wii. Here are a few pics from the past few days...
NBA 2K7 Champ!
Ollie, KJ, and I dropped by Buffalo Exchange in PB on Wednesday to sell some clothes. I ended up getting $120 cash for selling 7 pairs of shoes, a few shirts, and a sweater. Its the most cash I've gotten at Buffalo. But Ollie ended up making $200 in cash! Ballin'!!!
KJ's finally back from Disney's Cheetah Girls Tour... Even he's been playing the Wii. Here he is breakin' a sweat boxing. He's the current boxing champ with a record of 16-1 (by decision).

Yet another night at Megacade... Too bad TJ party fouled by spilling beer on my bed... FUCKER!
Even as I'm bloggin' at 03:42 AM... Chris and Allan are bowling on Wii Sports.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Sunday 02.04 - We had our usual Wildboyz Super Bowl party at Ollie's house. This year it was a Super Bowl Party/Farewell to Prince (Ollie's Dog) Party. RIP Prince.

All of us were rooting for the Colts except for Josephine. It was actually an exciting game... I'm pretty sure you guys all watched it... In the end, Payton Manning lead the Colts to VICTORY! Congrats Mr. Manning!
Of course everyone brought their Nintendo DS to the party!
Gangsters: JRaz x Local Hero
Here's an angry BEAR's FAN... HAHA
After the game we ended up watching American Idol on DVR. You guys gotta watch how ridiculous this guys audition was... We were all crackin' up forever! Excentric!

Since we were all so inspired by that guy and his dancing... We decided to sing karaoke! Here's Ollie showing us his Panther pose.
This shots for PRINCE!
I think Josephine had the time of her life!
Chris serenading all of us w/ "Lady in Red"
By the end of the night... Ollie was KNOCKED OUT!

Even his sister got in on the fun!

We all ended up giving each other tattoos.
Check out the awesome Dragon I gave Jenny for Chinese New Year!
I even hooked up TJ w/ his countries flag and his symbol...
RE II YA... No homo
TJ was so drunk! He fell on top of kitty litter and got buns to the face!
Freshmen Year OGs

Monday 02.05 - Wii... So OJ and I were playing for the 2k7 Championship when his bro Olan called and let us know that Best Buy just got a few Nintendo Wiis. So we jumped in our cars and raced to Best Buy. Ronald aka BluBallz even meet us there and all three of us picked one up. I got the Wii, an extra control, and Zelda. I've spent so much on Nintendo products this past week... First the DS and now the Wii. The DS was so last week... Its all about the Wii now! Everyone should join us and get one too! HAHA
Here's our lovely model... Myster showing off the goods!
We finally got our NBA 2K7 Championship belt... The title will be on the line every night so if you think you got what it takes to take on the CHAMP... Bring it! Unfortunately tonights CHAMP was Chris Ocampo (4-0)!Sorry I'm too lazy to rotate these pictures!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Paging Dr. Nguyen

This week was a pretty chill one. I had to play nurse to my number one patient... Ms. Althea DeguzmAn for most of the week. She's showing symptoms of the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, so I got her Nyquil. Its the best sleep you ever got with a cold… medicine. FYI. HAHA But check out how big the liquicaps are. I am not sure if you can really tell from this pic but they're pretty big!Get well soon Myster!

Friday 02.02 - I went to the Willy's Workshop to pick up these new Dinosaur Jr. Dunks. I also got a pair for KJ Gonzales, who's currently in Hawaii on tour w/ Disney's Cheetah Girls. While I was at the shop pretty much half the Wildboyz stopped by... You can always find a few of the Wildboyz at the shop... Its basically what the Max is to the crew of Saved By The Bell. Plus, more than 3/4 of us work there... Including me but thats just in case of emergencies or if they need someone 6'3" to get something off the higher racks.
So what did we do on a Friday night??? Play Mario Kart DS in my room!
Josephine even came over opened up a beer and studied... HAHA Thats my bro, Drew and his girl Jen. Jen is actually playing Brain Age on her DS. FYI: My Brain Age was only 26 years old a few days ago... What's your Brain Age?
Congrats to Josephine for getting a perfect 10 on her quiz!
Some of the fellas playing Dos for Dollars in the kitchen.
Here we are at 5:24AM still playing Mario Kart w/ Ollie doing what he does best... SLEEP!
Saturday 02.03 - When my mom got home from work on Friday she told me she wanted to get a MacBook. Being an Apple lover... I was surprised and excited for her. My mom's always wanted to learn how to surf the internet and email but she's never really had the time. So today my aunt and cousins met up w/ my mom when she got off work. Here's a few pictures of the salon she works at... RE:VIVE in Mission Valley (click to visit their website). Its located on Friar Rd. and Frazee... Right across the street from Robin's Brothers. If you need a "Nail Technician" you have better luck going somewhere else b/c my mom's booked throughout the year. Seriously!

Here's my mom holding up her new white MacBook at the Apple Store in Fashion Valley.
I spent most of the evening hookin' up my mom's MacBook w/ music and pictures. We also had Mac tutorial. Its funny b/c she gets excited over the most simple things. Just minimizing windows amazes her. On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the best and 1 being the worse, my mom's computer literacy is -2. Today I showed her how to surf the net... She loves it!

Tonight was a weird night b/c once again we didn't do anything... Nothing! Everyone was just kinda in their own bubble at home or around and about. Demi and Denzel were over and I just played around w/ Denzel.

Look at his FACE! GRR!!!
Apple's Photo Booth

Tomorrow is the SUPERBOWL and we're having a party at the Neglerio's! I'm rooting for the Indianapolis COLTS!

Congrats to Ojay and Alvin for becoming members of the Nintendo DSL Crew! Happy Birthday to Vanessa Relieve and Darwin Browne.