Thursday, December 3, 2009


R&R: Rhythm & Recreation is San Diego's Friday night multi-room, multi-genre concept party at the award winning Thin & Onyx Nightclub every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.


Thin--Fashion Show by Jeka Kasje:

Onyx--Hip-Hop Karaoke w/ Ree & Wordbond:

Photo booth sessions by:

*Avoid cover by bringing a new, unwrapped toy or RSVP at:

Celebrating the Birthday of: Darrell Mazon
& The Going Away Bash of: DJ Rygar (M.D.)

VIP bottle service and other inquires:
*Early arrival required. Subject to capacity.

CLICK HERE to view our Facebook event page for all the details!

CLICK HERE to view photos from our last photo booth by DG Photography.

See you tomorrow! =)

It's coming together...

We don't have internet yet at the new LA spot thats why I haven't been online in days. I'm going crazy... I am currently at Corner Bakery in Burbank using their wi-fi before going to Bed Bath & Beyond and Ikea to get more stuff. The place is coming together very nicely. I'll have more photos soon!

I love my new tempurpedic mattress!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Day in LA w/ my iPhone!

People are always putting Colossus and Wolverine in sexual positions...
FML! I got a parking ticket after Kitchen 24 and one when I woke up the next morning... All in less than 12 hours! =(
I love Korean food!
Downtown LA
Random visit to the Santee Alleys... Any one want some color contacts?! HAHA
Is that Kellen (Agenda)? HAHA
I wonder what they're filming...
Quiet on the set.
The Downtown LA Public Library.
Doing work...
Portait of me by Mink...
Chicken Katsu for dinner in K-Town.
Have a nice day! Hopefully you can come join me for a random day in LA too...

After School Special at Kitchen 24!

[Thursday, November 19th] I know... I know... I'm behind on my blogging but I've just got so much going on. Anyways, a few Thursday's ago we hosted our 4th Lights Out High School event aka "After School Special" at the Room. It wasn't our most crackin' event there but it was probably the most fun! I can't remember the last time I danced all night! Thanks to everyone that came out to support us once again!

CLICK HERE to view pictures from After School Special.

Lets get this party started...
Thanks once again to Nance for coming out to celebrate her going away again before heading back to Amsterdam! I miss you already! Shout out to Shaun Evaristo x JD x Jasmine and friends!
Why you trying to match me, Mink!?
Aww... Alice always takes care of us! =)
San Diego + Farrah in the building! Thanks to Hannah (Victory) x Julyne x Angelica x Tine (Victory) for coming up! Happy birthday Farrah!
Who are these two? Incase x Hellz
Who wants a drink!?
JD x Nance x Jasmine... Jasmine when we gonna go get coffee?
Lights Out HS: Mink x Mark Marcelo x Rhea x Ben Wang
Happy birthday DJ Lady Sha! Seriously, DJ Lady Sha killed it with her 90s set! I was lovin' it!
Lets dance...
Chachy breakin' it down!
Oh shit! HAHA
Twins: TK x James aka Crazy Guy
I heart my assistant Hannah!
Happy birthday to Joanna too!
You know its a must on your birthday... Open up girl!
I posted this picture not because of Chach but check out Farrah and I... HAHA!
My brother from another mother... Khai Nguyen!
Tine x Angelica x Julyne... I hope you guys had fun in LA!
Shaun Evaristo x Feng (Quest)
Patron time! =(
My favorite couple of 2009! Rhea x Peter
Wheel Barrel!
I even busted the splits, but then that split my new APC denim jeans! =(
After the After School Special it was off to the After Party to get the After School Special!
Fun times!
Bro moment... I love you, man!
Why do you guys look all booed up!? HAHA
Mica (21XL) came through to join the party!
The perfect ending... Thanks Kitchen 24!
Thanks again to everyone that came out and celebrated with us! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves! Look out for the next Lights Out High School event...