Friday, April 11, 2008

Kobe jumping over a Aston Martin?

To Add even more Hype, no pun intended, for the Nike Hyperdunk….Kobe jumps over an Aston Martin while wearing the shoes. These are going to be worn by members at the Beijing Olympics, debuting as the lightest and strongest shoes created by Nike.

I'm not sure if that's real or not but if I wasn't crippled I could do the same thing... I use to do it all the time in high school all the time! HAHA

Jabbawockeez @ Plaza Bonita Tomorrow!

The guys will be signing at Shiekh Shoes at Plaza Bonita Mall tomorrow at @ 1PM.  Be there!

I want one...

Does anyone want to spot me for one of these Sarcos XOS Exoskeltons?

I came up on this article on Engadget about an exoskeleton that provided superhuman capabilities. This would totally come in hand right now.  Screw the walker... I want a XOS Exoskeleton.  Imagine how cool it would be to have one of these bad boys. I'd be like the real Iron Man... HAHA.  Check out the pictures and the video below or if you want read the 6 page article about it in Popular Science.

Please add this to my birthday list coming in May... HAHA

Stay tune everyone for!!!
Aldryn (inv'sibleINK) is currently in the lab working hard on both sites.  Be on the look out for JabbaTV coming to a city near you!!!

Flashing, Flashing... Lights, Lights!

Last night we had a photo shoot for the Jabbawockeez for both and  Its the first time we got all 10 members of the crew together for a photo shoot.  I recently took down my photos of the crew in New York because we're moving them to the Jabbawockeez site.  So please hang tight as we build the new Jabbawockeez photo gallery.

Here's Saso, Cross1 (Armory), and Eddie in the studio before the shoot.
Delmo was also on hand to provide some direction and to just hang out.  Delmo and I took a Mac vs. PC picture that I'll post soon.  It's pretty funny.
Here are a few sneak peaks from the photo shoot.  They should be posted on the site soon so check back for updates.
Figment of your imagination...
The line up...
Here's the Boogie Monstar himself, Joe Larot, rockin' his RAD t-shirt.

Here's a tribute to Armory featuring Cross1 himself... HAHA.  This one is a classic!
The fellas reppin'!
I can't wait to see the final pictures.  I'll let you know when they're up on the official Jabbawockeez website.  

-The Jabbawockeez will be performing on KUSI Morning News today shortly after 8AM.  

-They'll also be doing an in store signing at Armory at 5PM.  Get there early b/c the line will be out of control.  Armory is located at 1539 Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach.  For more info check out:

-Jabbawockeez will also be celebrating the good life at Aubergine for the San Diego Welcome Home party!  This event is an exclusive 21+ party only.  Presale Tickets are already sold out... Just make sure you get in line early!  Good luck and see you there!

Fusion is this Sunday!

04.03.08---Fusion is a student run event hosted by UCSD's student organization MASA (Multi-Asian Student Association) and San Diego's hip hop dance team 220 (Second to None). What began 9 years ago as a small competition has grown into the largest hip hop dance competition on the West Coast with over 2,500 viewers from all over California. Although always innovative and fresh, we have not lost sight of the goal we set forth 9 years ago to bring together different communities through hip hop dance and cultural exhibitions. With this in mind, we hope to continue to raise awareness about Asian-Americans in hip hop today.

Fusion Hosts

Eli and Larsen

Emerson Aquino (Funkanometry SF and 220 Alumni)
Angie Bunch (Founder of Culture Shock)
Kj Gonzales (Super Galactic Beat Manipulators)
Sherman Shoate (Culture Shock SD)
Jaffar Smith (UrbanFX and Funkanometry LA)

Competing Teams
Barkada Modern
Choreo Cookies
Common Ground
KABA Modern
NSU Modern
PAC Modern
Studio One
Team Millennia

Exhibition Teams
220 Second to None
Culture Shock San Diego
Funkanometry San Diego

Cultural Acts
Jing Martial Arts Institute

Take I-5 North.
Exit La Jolla Village Drive and go left (west).
Follow La Jolla Village Drive (which becomes North Torrey Pines Road at the top of the hill) to North Point Drive (5th light PAST N. Torrey Pines).
Turn right onto North Point Drive.
Pass the Visitor Information Center (on your right).
Turn right onto Hopkins Drive.
Turn right into the Hopkins Parking Structure.

You can find me in my wheel chair behind the judges table. HAHA

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gumball: 3000

I'm so jealous of Jay (5&A Dime) and the rest of the crew that were invited to do the Gumball: 3000. This was taken directly from the 5&A Dime blog.

We had a visit the other day from our friend Maximillion Cooper from the Gumball 3000 Rally. If you haven't seen or heard of the Gumball Rally, you should definitely check it out. The concept is simple, take a car (expensive or not) and drive it balls-out across the world, then stop at certain checkpoints and party like it's 1999. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the rally, so it will be the biggest and best yet. With stops in S.F., L.A., S.D., Vegas, China and even North Korea. This is also our first invitation to go and with it only five months away all we need now is to figure out what kind of car we are taking.

Since the rally is stopping in San Diego, there is a good possibility of a Gumball 3000 pop-up shop too. Stay tuned for more info as we work things out.

We want to thank Max for being so cool to us and also inviting us to be part of this amazing event. Can't wait to step foot on North Korean soil.

I remember Willy (Birdhouse/Workshop) telling me crazy stories of the time he went with Tony Hawk and the Birdhouse skaters.  Its kinda like the Amazing Race with over the top parties at each pit stop... Someone sponsor me to do the race!  Its only $50,000 per person.  HAHA

Operation Jack Wheelchair

Tuesday night 3/4 of the TAA Crew aka 6 Footers set out on a mission to steal/borrow a newer wheelchair.  Our goal was to get a wheelchair that featured comfortable seating for one, adjustable leg rest, anti-lock breaks, and precision steering.  

Here we are checking out all the local hospitals.  Apparently my left foot smelt funny so we had to add an air freshener adapter to counter balance the odd odor.
We found ourselves outside a local hospital Emergency Room, which will be kept nameless. We received inside information about wheelchairs being kept outside the E.R. so Agent G walked over nonchalantly and started to wheel it towards our car. Agent J was waiting outside the car with the trunk open, while I was patiently waiting inside the car. Once Agent G got half way he started to haul ass...

Here is Agent J and Agent G tossing the wheel chair in the back of our get away car...
Joe... I mean Agent J ended up smashing his hand in between the wheelchair as they tossed it in the trunk.  We're almost in the clear...
Check out my new wheelchair... HAHA  Only problem is that I think its a child's wheelchair because its pretty small.  Its better than the one I had before, but its a bit tight.  However it does offer leg rest, which are small too but it works.
Don't worry we're going to return it once I get better... 

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I've always wondered who and how many people view my blog.  So the other day Alvin introduced me to, which is a free invisible web tracker that offers configurable hit counters and real time detailed web stats. offers a feature called "Recent Visitor Map" which uses people's IP address to find out where they viewed my page from.  Here's a map of the people from around the world that have viewed it.  

Its crazy to see that people in Europe, Asian, and Australia have viewed my blog too.  Thats pretty cool!

Thank you guys for the support and I hope you come back to visit again soon!

1st Annual

Despite my crippledness, I was still able to roll (literally) out to V. Enteratinment's 1st Annual Dance Awards in LA this past Sunday.  Luckily for me, I had three lovely ladies escorting me and wheeling me around in my wheelchair through the night.  HAHA

This is the first dance award show of its kind and since Body Rock and UrbanFX were both nominated I had to be there.  Congrats and thank you to V. Entertainment for organizing the event.  Its wonderful to have a show like this to acknowledge some the teams and individuals in our dance community.

CLICK HERE if you want to see the rest of my pictures from the award show. 

Since I was in my wheel chair we got escorted in first.  I also got VIP seating in the front row center because there was a handicap spot.  Anyways, here's a view of the crowd outside before doors opened...
My three lovely escorts: Jen aka Tila, Artheta, and Anna (Consensus Entertainment).  The four of us make up the producers of Body Rock Dance Competition, which is nominated for Best Dance Show.
Lizzy (Charger Girl/Pac Modern) will be moving to Tokyo, Japan for 7 months to perform for Disneyland Tokyo.  Congratulations... I'm gonna come out to visit!
This is the leading lady herself... Kissa!  She's the producer and the visionary behind the award show.  Thanks Kissa!
Khai & Elm (Boogie Zone) are both sponsored by H&M too.  HAHA
KB & Ben (Jabbawockeez)
Joey (Boogie Zone) x TK
The UrbanFX crew showing some love.  143!
Vanessa x TK
Good job to Lovelyn, who performed in Jay Chris' Groove Movement.
Jabba Family: KB, Ezekiel, & Cher... SO NICE!
Fish n' Chicks from MTV ABDC
Congratulations to Arnel Calvario for winning the Lifetime Achievement Award.  

Arnel Calvario, a Culture Shock dancer for eight years and an occupational therapist at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Arnel has dedicated his life to helping challenged youth, and through his directorship at Culture Shock, he had combined two of his loves: helping kids and hip hop dance. He is also passionate about increasing awareness of the history and culture of hip hop dance and utilizing this culture as a powerful vehicle to bring positive messages to diverse communitites. Arnel's past dance experience includes founder/dancer/choreographer of UCI's Kaba Modern, foerm hip hop dance instructor at USC, Irvine Valley College, Chapman University, UC Irvine, Cal State Long Beach, 24 Hour Fitness, Zeal Studio, and Bally's. He was also a dancer/choreographer for KM Legacy, DVS, and Chill Factor. Arnel currently sits on the Culture Shock LA Board of Directors.
Arnel gave a wonderful and inspiring speech that received a standing ovation from the entire audience.
Congrats again Arnel!
Once my foot is healed I might be doing a guest appearance with Chill Factor... HAHA
WOD Trio... What you can't see in this picture is both Stacy and Myron are sitting on the arm rest of my wheelchair.
Congrats to Kaba Modern and Mike (ABDC) for winning Best Competing Team.
Congrats to Elm and the Boogie Zone Breed team for winning Best Exhibition Team.
Here I am after the show with baby Ezekiel in our strollers. HAHA I like his stroller better b/c he has a moon roof and a trunk.
After the show a few of us went out to eat Italian food at Pinocchio's.  It was a perfect end to a fun night.
Thanks again to Jen, Artheta, and Anna for taking care of a 6'3" crippled boy.  I love you guys!

Also, thanks to the entire V. Entertainment staff for a wonderful show.  I can't wait for next year's award show.

Hey BABY...

Juli is a baby... But we all love her!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ecko Ecko Ecko

Good Afternoon!

I just uploaded pictures from our visit to Marc Ecko Enterprise in New York.  I'll write about it when I get back home but for now enjoy all the pics.

CLICK HERE to view all the pictures from Mar Ecko Enterprises.
Here's a photo of the guys cyphering inside Marc Ecko's office...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Jabbawockeez on Young Hollywood

Wow... I know there have been a lot of people who have been checking out my blog but even the people at Young Hollywood have checked it out. They recently left me a comment with a video from the finale of ABDC. Thank you for the video. Check it out:



Also, please feel free to leave comments because it shows me that people are actually readying and enjoying my blog. Thanks!!!

Crown & Cookies

This past Friday was Victory Nightlife's monthly event Exclusive @ Onyx & Thin in the Gaslamp.  We celebrated the launch of Made Jewelry and the birthdays of Ollie Neglerio and Ronald Vallar.  Let the celebration begin...

CLICK HERE to see all the photos from Onyx & Thin.

Here is the entire Made Jewelry staff and I downstairs at Onyx.  Made Jewelry is a collection of handmade jewelry using sterling silver and gold filled or gold plated ear wires, natural stones, Swarovski crystals, rare charms, vintage plastics, and other one-of-a-kind materials that the designers come across. Each piece is designed with an uncompromised style that empowers freedom and movement. The materials and components of each design constantly change based on availability – making our original pieces limited in quantity but unsurpassed in quality and uniqueness.  Support Made Jewelry and check them out at:

Thank you to Abigail, Debbie, Rodney, and the entire staff for hosting an event with us!

The birthday boyz Ollie & Ron aka DJ Bluballz both celebrated with a pre-party at Commissary SD.
Suz x Annaballz x Rhoda x Josie
Crown x Cookies
Cheers to the Good Life!
After the pre-party I had to go to "work" at Onyx and Thin.  The line was ridiculous.  Alfredo (UrbanFX) looks mad b/c he had to wait in line... I love you bro!  HAHA
Willy Santos (Birdhouse/Workshop) & the Birthday Boyz
Hoey Inc. x Carpe Diem
Stephanie & Chris = Ocampo
Alvin (WBZ) x Kieth (Blends/Commissary) x April (BFFGF) in VIP at Thin.
The fellas at the Fizix and Earthbound Radio... Family!
Thin was crackin' like always!!!
Wildboyz representin' 
Toast to the Wifey!  HAHA
Awww... I miss Des and Anthony aka DJ Akrite (Mindz Alike)
Patron for the 4'11" Alyson aka Bathing Ape... HAHA
UrbanFX: Romeo x Lora x D x Shanara x Harold... 143!!!
I miss this guy... TJ Retuya aka Prom King '01!
DJ Bluballz hard at work on the 1s and 2s...
It was another successful night at Onyx and Thin.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I couldn't be more pleased.  Thank you to those of you that came out, drank, danced, and mingled the night away.  We appreciate your support!

Unfortunately, I wish the night could have ended differently because as I was closing up I leaped over the railing that lead down to Onyx and ended up landing awkwardly on my left foot.  Thinking back I could have easily walked around, which would have taken about 5 seconds, but I felt confident in my athletic abilities because I've done it numerous times.  Boy was I wrong!

As I limped down the rest of the stairs on my right foot, I end up rolled my right ankle at the bottom of the stair case.  Not fun!  HAHA  What an idiot!  Both of my legs were in a tremendous amount of pain at this point.

I was hoping I just sprained both my ankles but after a night of icing both legs, I went to the Emergency Room the next day to have it check out.  I was escorted by Kimtan, my personal body guard, and Josephine, my personal ambulance driver.  Thanks guys!

Here I am icing my legs the night of the incident.  Right foot & left ankle... =(
Here's Louis helping me out the car into a wheel chair.  Thanks for the lucky penny!
Josephine and Kimtan are troupers because they waited for me for over 3 hours.  They have some interesting stories about the numerous people who came into the ER... Ask Josephine.  She's a great story teller!
After a few X-Rays I came out with ice packs on both feet.
Turns out I fractured my right foot and sprained my left ankle.  I have an air cast on my right and a split on my left.  The doctor says I'm going to be out for at least 4-6 weeks.  

On top of that I have an old man walker because my right ankle isn't strong enough to support me on crutches yet.  Geez... I'm crippled!  But it could be worse!  I'll just have to take it easy for a few weeks.  Gil is getting me a pimped out wheel chair form his work.
The timing could have been any worse because I want to be on the road with the Jabbawockeez but I'll have to put that on hold for now.  Hopefully I'll be full recovered by mid May and still be able to join the guys on tour.  Don't worry Jabbawockeez fans I'll be back soon...