Saturday, April 19, 2008

The party continues TONIGHT...

Deco's last night was crackin'! I didn't have my camera so I didn't take any pictures. But I know a few of our friends did so hopefully I'll have pictures to post later.

Special thanks to DJ Rygar, It's Design Related, Hustlin' Back Words, Roscoe Umali, and everyone else who came out!


FYI: Its not a good idea to go to the club on crutches and drink at the same time... I totally ate it last night! HAHA

Friday, April 18, 2008

Live from the Apple Store Fashion Valley...

Hey everyone!  Its gonna be another crazy weekend.  I have friends from out of town in town so I'll be playing host on my crutches.  

Here we are at the Fashion Valley Apple Store.

We got SF, NJ, NY, Japan, & SD in the house!  See you guys at Deco's tonight for Friday Night Shakedown ft. DJ Rygar!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Live from the Apple Store at UTC


I found a clip from the Armory signing with me filming for JabbaTV.

April 20th @ the San Diego Sports Arena

Who else is going this Sunday?  I can't wait!  I have an extra ticket...


I want to go to a NEW PLANET!


I stopped by Commissary SD yesterday to visit Joe (TAA) and Julz (Mindz Alike) after my visit to the doctor's office.  We ended up having a small pizza party.  Thanks Julz for the 2 slices of pepperoni and sausage pizzas.  I owe you!  

We were just chillin' until I got a parking ticket for exceeding my meter time by -1 min. I was like dude I'm crippled and you're still gonna give me a ticket?  My car was parked right in front of the store.  There's no such thing as a grace period?  I was only late by 1 min.  He said we gotta get there before it reaches 0.  What an a$$hole!!!
We also stopped by Blends to visit Edwin and Kieth.
I was suppose to go to Sushi Deli with some of the Wildgirlz but that didn't end up happening so I went to the Guild with Edwin, Joe, and Julz.  Check out the new upstairs lounge at the Guild.  It would be a perfect spot for an intimate 20-30 person dinner party.  Maybe for my birthday...

While we were eating dinner Kieth (Blends) texted Edwin this message.  We all laughed b/c Kieth doesn't really talk like that. HAHA But I guess he sounds more ghetto when he texts people.  Crackin'!!! (Sorry Kieth... Edwin made me do it! HAHA)
Julz chompin' on his Kobe Beef Sliders w/ a side of fries.
After dinner I met up with Aldryn's (Inv.sible Ink) to help him out with Jabbawockeez orders.  Not only does Aldryn work on both and, but he also has to edit photos & video, respond to thousands of emails, handle merchandising and shipping, and still work his normal job.

Here he is sorting through thousands of t-shirt orders.  Hang on people your Jabbawockeez t-shirts are coming.
Here are Don and Rob helping out with emails and printing packaging slips.
I'm the official stamper!  HAHA
Alright everyone have a wonderful day... Its Thursday which means the weekend has started!  HAHA

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fusion Dance Party! HAHA

Sunday was the 9th Annual Fusion Dance Competition at UCSD Rimac Arena presented by 220 and MASA.  I accompanied KJ, who was judging the event, in my wheelchair.  When we got there tickets were already sold out and there were hundreds of people waiting outside in the hot sun.

KJ and I were on our way to the venue when we ran into Mr. Danny Batimana (Founder/Director of Team Millennia).  We <3>Aiko x Jaffar x KJ x Emerson (?) x Angie Bunch
The set up!
Here is Jed (Backside Boyz/TM) rockin' the TM Varsity tank tops!
Nolan & Shelly (220)
TK x Lorie (220 Alumni)... Lorie hasn't danced in 5 years but she came back to perform in a special 220 Alumni set.
Funks SD x Funks SF x Chill Factor x Mavyn x TM x SGBM
The judges: Jaffar x KJ x Sherman
Let the show begin... CADC killed it with their "Little Red Riding Hood" theme.  They end with Little Red Riding Hood killin' all the wolves, including the Big Bad Wolf, with an AK-47.  It was hard!  HAHA  Great job CADC!!!
TM (Fullerton)
220/220 Alumni (SD)
NSU Modern (UCLA).  The guy in the middle had form fitting golden daisy duke shorts... It was pretty funny.  They were definitely a crowd favorite with their ending routine.  HAHA
Choreo Cookies (Oceanside) = My Favorite!
It was now up to the panel of judges to decide who takes home 1st place for Fusion 2008.  But before they made the announcements they showed this hilarious spoof of the America's Best Dance Crew judges ft. the 2 host of the show and a special guest... Angie Girl!  You gotta watch it!

1st Place: Choreo Cookies (Oceanside)
2nd Place: Studio One (Florida)
3rd Place: CADC (Irvine)

Congrats to all three teams that placed.  I'm really proud of Choreo Cookies.  They were already an amazing team before and now with Keone on their team its straight bananas!  Congrats!
After the show we headed up to Jun's (TM/Chill Factor) house in Oceanside for a house party with the rest of TM and friends.  It cool to catch up with people I haven't seen or spoke to in awhile.  

KJ x Michelle x Emily x Wabz
Check out this 6 week old Husky puppy... So CUTE!!!
Stop playing on my crutches Wabz or you'll end up like me... Crippled!  HAHA
Thanks for the hospitality Jun.  Great job to the wonderful staff at Fusion and all props to all the teams that performed.  Lets get ready for BODY ROCK on May 31st!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lots of updates...

House Warming

After all the madness it was nice to come through to Raelynn's house warming party to chill with friends.  Congratulations to Raelynn on being a home owner at the young age of 24.  I hope to join the club soon.  I've been shopping around for condos in Mission Valley.  If anyone knows of any great deals please let me know.  I'm interested in getting a 2 bedroom condo.  Who wants to be my roommate?  HAHA

CLICK HERE to see all my photos from Raelynn's House Warming Party.

I went to the party with my walker, which I had everyone sign.  Here's the Local Hero himself, Edwin (Blends), aka SD's Finest!
Red cups everywhere!
KJ x Sean x JR
Even my other favorite Mexican, Krissy (SGBM) was in the house!
Hi Harold (UrbanFX)!
Ross (UrbanFX) is no longer a baby!  HAHA  Kinda...
KJ is a ladies man... HAHA
I'm glad you were able to put my walker to use Alvin... HAHA

Shhhh... Secreto!  HAHA
Josephine & Alfredo (UrbanFX)
Mira Mesa represent!  BOO!!! J/K
UrabanFX OGs... Alfredo x Jimrod x Charmaine... 143!
Sup Ivan!
Rae x TK
We both wear our hearts on our sleeves... HAHA  Can you guess which tattoo is real?  HAHA
JR squared
Rolando (Victory '96) on the turntables... 
Rose (BFF) showing off her latest dance moves.
Don't concentrate too hard Rose!  HAHA
Suz x TK with the patented two finger nose pose with a bonus thumb to the eye. 
Splash Mountain!!!
Alvaro's After Party!  Every time you go to Alvaro's in Saber Springs you're bound to run into old high school friends.  75% of the time it happens every time.  We ran into Robert and G this time around.
Even Rachel and Sue meet up to grab some Mexican food.  Here's Rachel posing on the walker... SEXY!  HAHA
Sue x TK
Josephine was calling Sue, "Vodka 1" and Rachel, "Vodka 2" the entire time... Strange!
Thank you for visiting Disneyland.  Please go to gate A to view your picture...
Yet another fun filled weekend full of festivities, friends, and fun times!