Saturday, May 16, 2009

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Upstarts Video World Premier @ Thin/Onyx

The Upstarts are performing live and premiering their new video "Got What It Takes" directed by Garvin Ha this Friday, May 15th at Thin/Onyx. We'll also be celebrating the birthday of Ivan Bagayan... So you know its gonna be crackin'!

[Thin]: Mass Appeal
DJ Teknikscian
DJ Impakt

[Onyx]: The Upstarts x Irons
Iron Mike

Secret Password: "The Upstarts got what it takes!"
IMPORTANT: The password grants FREE admission until 11PM only. 1/2 cover afterwards. We have to start being more strict at the door. I apologize in advance but please get there by 11PM. Thanks!

For more info:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

[Hollywood] Saturday: Traffic @ LAX

Originally I was suppose to host LAX this Saturday in Hollywood but I'll be accompanying Mica (21XL) as her date to her sorority event in San Diego. But for those of you in LA make sure you come out and support Usual Suspects and see Jackie & Misa Campo! Plus, Ivan will be celebrating his birthday too... Don't forget we'll be celebrating his birthday in SD tomorrow at Thin/Onyx as well!

Message me for the guestlist:

Don't forget Victory Nightlife will be hosting Thin/Onyx tomorrow night featuring a live performance by the Upstarts! Click here for more information! See you there!

Re-Tweet x Blog: Beat Freaks on Jimmy Fallon!

Miss Lawn aka Lanie from Hellz Bellz just blogged about the Beat Freaks being on the Jimmy Fallon show tonight. I've re-blogged it below. Make sure you watch tonight and don't forget to come see them at the Block Party at House of Blues this Memorial Day weekend in San Diego.


Since ABDC, the Beat Freaks have gone on to bigger and better thangs dancing their asses off and representin’ for the ladies. Be sure to check them out tonite at 12:35am on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show on NBC.

They’ll be performing a NEW routine with The Roots and thanks to my girl, MissGlaza, the girls will be rockin’ a soon to be released Hellz jacket that I know you’ll lurve!!!


This just in via Rino & LeeJ’s Twitter, sneak peek of the girls before their performance tonite:


Source: What the Hellz

JFlyEddie: "Number 1"

JFlyEddie is the truth! If you're lucky, you can catch him chillin' at Willy's Workshop in Mira Mesa!

You were number 1 in my heart,
Number 1 in my mind,
You better believe,
You will shine,
You will shine in my heart,
You will shine in my soul,
You are as beautiful as a butterfly...

Thats beautiful poetry... (finger snaps)

P.S. Hi!

[Tue] Clae x Blends x 429 x Victory x DnB

Before heading back down to San Diego on Tuesday, I had to make a few quick pit stops at Clae (LA), Blends (Costa Mesa), and Studio 429 (Encinitas).

Thanks to Ben Wang (Clae) for the new Miles' by Clae, which don't come out until Fall 2009. Its the perfect shoe for Summer! This is my 5th pair of Claes this month... =)
Next it was off to the LAB in Costa Mesa to visit Nobu x Nic Nice at Blends to drop off flyers for The Block Party. While Ivan and I were there we grabbed lunch at Habana...
Ivan is celebrating his birthday this Friday at Thin/Onyx! Come celebrate!!!
Blends Costa Mesa: EDC x Block Party x Clae
We arrived at Studio 429 in Encinitas, home of my favorite team aka Choreo Cookies, around 3PM. I met with Tammy, who owns the studio, about our upcoming workshop with the Beat Freaks (ABDC) on Sunday, May 24th. It's going to be the first time the Beat Freaks are going to be in San Diego together. More info coming soon...
Thanks Tammy! I love the studio and can't wait till Memorial Day weekend!
Next it was off to Milano Coffee in Mission Valley for our Victory Nightlife meeting. Thanks to everyone who came out once again... Lets spread the word about the Block Party! I'd also like to thank Gerard and Marvin for coming out to their first Victory meeting. We look forward to having you guys around.
Since everyone was eager to watch the Lakers vs. Rockets game, we decided to all head over to Dave n' Busters for dinner. Let the twittering begin...
Peppercorn Steak
Everyone was twittering and twitpicing the entire time we were there! Shit was hilarious!
I also learned a bunch of new phrases: LSTM = Laughing Softly To Myself... Ladies you guys are going to have to make a dictionary with all these different phrases for me. HAHA
I ended up taking care of the bill... Its a write off for Victory! HAHA... Hope you all enjoyed!
Thank to the entire Victory Nightlife fam for coming out... Lets make it happen! We've only got a few weeks before the Block Party at House of Blues! See you all Friday at Thin/Onyx ft. the Upstarts!

I know you love all the plugs... HAHA

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

[Mon] Chris Cruz's Birthday @ Kress

Ivan and I spent less than 24 hours in Hollywood this past Monday to celebrate Chris Cruz's (Stay Fresh) birthday at the roof top of Kress. I know... I know... Its a Monday. But hey, why not! I had to come up for Chris' birthday since I missed it last year. It was definitely worth it! I think 80% of all the Asians I know in LA/OC were there celebrating Chris' birthday. HAHA Everyone had a great time!

CLICK HERE to see the photos from Kress.

Annie x Sheryl x Melissa x Jamie x Tin
Annie x James x Stacy. Annie works for It Girl Public Relations doing PR and some of their clients include the Jabbawockeez, Vida Guerra, Rashad Evans, and more...
Follow us: @Fun_Girl_Jane x @TKoftheWildboyz x @vanessavaldeezy
Kimme Dee came up from SD also to celebrate too! I can't believe you drove back to SD afterwards... Glad you got home safely!
The birthday boy himself... The one and only Chris Cruz (Stay Fresh)! Happy birthday! 143. 823. 637.
Chachy taken shots with Roach x Jen x Camille... Fun times!!!
How did this picture get in here?
Jen x Roach x TK x Ivan x Chachy
Ben (Clae) x Melissa
Stacy is a baby! HAHA
Vanessa x Karen
Ivan x Carolyn Starr
The roof top was crackin'!!!
I love you Ben! HAHA
Reyes Siblings: James x Melissa
Karen x Mark (Mind Sex)
Prom poses with Jane! HAHA
Afterwards it was back off to Denny's for a late night Grand Slamwich! Yum...
It might have been a Monday but it was one of the most fun nights I've had in Hollywood. Hooray for 24 hour mini get-a-ways! Thanks Ivan for accompanying me up to Hollywood... Fun times bro!

O'Doyle Rules! HAHA

Megan Fox in the new Esquire Mag... Wow!

The June 2009 issue of Esquire just arrived on my doorstep the other day and guess who's on the cover!? Yes, its Megan Fox! She's so sexy... I love her! HAHA You gotta see the photos from the spread... Oh yeah, the article is pretty good too. ;)

CLICK HERE to see the Esquire video of Megan Fox. Its a must see too!

Want to touch the hiny!

She's single too! HOLLA!

Go watch the new Star Trek movie!!!

After a wild night at Highlands on Friday, we spent our Saturday being lazy all day. I was originally planning to head to the Usual Suspects x 21XL BBQ in Cerritos and the Dub Frequency "Nosebleeds and Bee Stings" pool party at the Standard in Downtown LA, but ended up doing none of the above.

However, we did end up watching the new Star Trek movie. Its the best movie I've seen this year! I absolutely loved it... It was action from start to finish. Its a must see for everyone! You don't even have to be a fan of the old Star Trek, but you'll leave being a fan afterwards! Go see it!

What's up with the girl Hulk though? WTF?! You'll see what I'm talking about. Hella random!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Who wears short shorts?

For more information:

Wildboyz invade Highlands in Hollywood!

I headed up to Hollywood on this past Friday to host Stereo at Highlands along with Usual Suspects LA and 21XL Events Company. The Wildboyz were rollin' up to celebrate Leo's 28th birthday and Cheryl's graduation. There were tons of birthdays that night including Twee, Jackie, Ibay, and Ian. Happy birthday everyone! We started off the night with a bit of pre-partying at condo and hotel room. Let the fun begin...

CLICK HERE to see all the photos from Highlands.

Cheers to another fun night...
"Lets go to sleep in Paris, wake up in Tokyo!"
To the Renaissance Hotel for more pre-partying with the Wildboyz fam. This is Rose Veneracion aka Best Friend 4 Life aka Bubble Gum Girl... We've been BFF since 7th grade!
The Carandange siblings: Cheryl x JR x Mirabel... I can't believe JR is 21 now!
Girlz... and me! HAHA
Elevator Picture
Cecile x Vince x Eduardo
Happy birthday Jackie (DBR)!
Chillin' with the Ryan and Ian from the Crowd Creators! Happy birthday Ian!
Rhoda x Rose x TK x Cheryl x Cecile
I heart them!
Wildgirlz 4 Life!
Viets in the house: Twee x Kimtan x Cecile
It was Twee's birthday and she rolled through with an entourage of ladies!
JR x Twee
Helen Ly... I still have your present! HAHA
HAHA... Nice poses Melissa!
Who's ready for a shot!?
Not more Patron... =(
Happy birthday Ibay! 143. 823. 637.
Reserved for all the birthday celebrants...
I love Jan x Myron of 21XL!
Melissa x Rhoda
Little Red Riding Hood aka Misa Campo!
Brandon (TM) x Melissa
Sheryl aka BFF x Alison aka Friend x TK
JR was lovin' it on stage! HAHA... Welcome to the Good Life!
The stage was crackin' with friends... I love it! SD in the house!!!
Gangsta bitches! HAHAH
Brandon x Rob Grimes in the building!
Thats hot!
Our turn... HAHA
Verna x Vince x Crystal
Where to next!?
Thanks again to everyone who came up to Hollywood to celebrate! I love you all! Fun times... Lets do it again!

Maybe tonight? HAHA... I'm rollin' up to Hollywood again in a few hours for Chris Cruz's private birthday bash. Anyone else want to roll!?