Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lights Out Prom inspired Photo Booth!

Our High School Prom inspired photo booth pictures from Lights Out at the Room (Hollywood) have been posted. We hope everyone had a great time bumpin' and grindin' the night away to your favorite old school R&B hits.

Special thanks to Made Jewelry and Happy Ending Chocolate for the give a ways, Mr. Linus Shentu for the amazing photos, our beautiful host aka my Prom dates: Rhea, Jenilee, & Mink, the men behind the scenes: Doug Wu & Ben Wang, and of course everyone else that came out! Lets do it again soon!

CLICK HERE to view all the photos!

I miss you, SoSuperSam!
Our hostesses: Rhea x Jenilee x Mink

Lanie (Hellz Bellz)
Why hello there Ms. Reyes!?
Allen (USLA), why did you have to ruin my picture with Misa Campo (Babe Bvld)? HAHA... Just kidding (sort of)!
The Familia!
Here's a collage Mark Marcelo put together that I stole from his blog.

Go check out the rest of the photo booth pictures here.

Friday, August 14, 2009

[Friday] Ladies Night @ Sway (San Diego)

Its Ladies Night at R&R: Rhythm & Recreation this Friday at Sway Nightclub. All ladies get in FREE before Midnight, plus one complementary drink before 11PM.

Not only is it Ladies Night but we've got LA & SF invading! The birthday boy aka [LA] DJ Zeb (Stay Fresh) will be spinnin' live alongside [SF] DJ Rayzarackus (Hvy Rsnl), with of course our resident [SD] DJ Mark Marcelo (Mindz Alike).

You know this one is gonna be crackin' so RSVP at now!

10 Deep Fall 2009 Coming Soon

With football season around the corner, schools prepare to re-open, political showdowns begin and with the onslaught of fall, the real bruising begins. 10.Deep, salutes the losers, outcasts, miscreants, naysayers, and problem children who drive change in our culture. In their Fall ‘09 Lookbook, Proud to be a Problem, 10.Deep reclaims the streets of New York in preparation for their upcoming delivery. Check out the tailer for a a quick preview!

-10 Deep

I wish I was in this video but they didn't have a videographer the first day of the shot. I can't wait to see the photos. I hope my shots make the final release. If not check it out anyways because 10 Deep has some ill stuff coming out for Fall 2009.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are: Trailer 2

I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

[Day 2] Palms Pool x Venetian x Tao x XS

[Saturday, August 8th] We kicked off our Saturday by heading to the Palms pool for the 2nd Slight Dangerous event. Afterwards a few of us headed over to the Venetian to meet up with the Wildboyz. Followed by a complimentary dinner at Tao with Cyrus before getting ready for our event at Tao. The night ended with bottles at XS. It was a fun filled 24 hours!

CLICK HERE to view all the photos from Vegas!
CLICK HERE to get Jomo's Vegas Day 1 Recap.

Who's ready for the pool party?
The Palms pool was pretty crackin'! Many familiar faces everywhere. Cyrus and the Slightly Dangerous staff had a cabana next to the DJ booth. I only stayed for an hour before heading out to Venetian.

Pam x Monica x Maya
Toby x Rob Zoomy (DV8). Happy birthday Zoomy!
Katrina x LorAnne x Nikki x Dale x Veralyn
Victory Nightlife x TAA x Mindz Alike = Family
All of our VIP tables were always packed with lovely ladies... Very nice! HAHA
James aka Crazy Guy x Stacy x Farrah x Mark aka Chach
It was then off to the Venetian where we packed 7 people into Guil's 4 seater Honda Element. After slapping Julz in the face, he got me back with a punch to the balls, which left me in pain on the floor. So I had to take advantage while he was stuck in the trunk! I love you Julz (Disclaimer: No Homo)!
The Wildboyz got a really nice suite at the Venetian, but they packed over 20 people in it. HAHA
While roaming the Venetian, I ran into the Brothers aka Maihan x Erico x Rhea x Quincy x Peter.
Later that evening I meet up with Cyrus and some of his family for a nice dinner at Tao. We got a complimentary $600 credit for dinner, which was absolutely delicious. I was thinking about having the $88 kobe ribeye steak again... We also met with the Tao's management group that was going to be running the event.
Thanks Cyrus!
After dinner I headed to XS at Encore to see if my connect could take care of all the Wildboyz. Unfortunately, I could only get the girls through but we all had to wait inline. I waited with everyone for a while then decided to head over to Tao since we were getting bottle service at XS later that night.
Tao was crackin'! It was actually my first time there. I heard its always packed but it was seriously so packed that it was uncomfortable.

I knew hella people that were going to Tao that night but my phone died and I couldn't meet up with anyone. =(
Victory Nightlife: Hannah x Tine x Jay aka Jayallthetime
Nicolette x TK
Judy x Brandeezy (5&A Dime) x Kev Mighty (FYS)
Luckily we had a VIP skybox so we could avoid some of the crowded madness, plus sitting next to a bunch of beautiful like Twee, Monique, and Lisa is much better than being pushed around in a crowd of sweaty dudes. HAHA
Cheers to the Good Life!
At 1AM our entire VIP area at Tao left to mob over to XS... Hi Ellen & Monique!
Everyone get on the party bus!
We had almost 30 girls on the bus and lets say it was getting a bit crazy on the stripper pole in the back.
The excitement is building...
I love XS! It seriously the best club I've ever been too! I was happy when we got inside because coincidently all the Wildboyz were all posted up near our VIP table so I got to hangout with everyone all at once.

Rhea aka Brother's Girlfriend x TK. I think we called my brother like 3 times! HAHA
Allan x Fatch aka Mr. Mira Mesa
Each of our bottles were gone in less than 3 minutes... Seriously!
I love these people! Happy birthday Rose aka Lady in Red!
Wildboyz 4 Life!
Wildgirlz 4 Life!
Eventually they moved our VIP area to the dance floor. I ended up getting pretty drunk by this point dancing on the platform while my homie next to me made it rain! HAHA
At this point is when I think I started falling asleep, which means I'm drunk! HAHA
I don't even remember how I got back to the hotel but I snapped this photo of us all crammed in the limo.
Fun times Las Vegas! We still got 2 more days here!

To be continued...

All You Can Jet for $599!

Jet Blue is selling an All You Can Jet pass for unlimited travel from September 8th to October 8th for only $599. Who's down to do some traveling with me? Although I fly on United, if you get this pass we can just meet up anywhere in the United States. I've been wanting to go to Miami, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, etc. Lets do it... Remember you only live once! ;)

CLICK HERE to learn more about the All You Can Jet pass!

I found this on @loveLiss's twitter! Thanks!

Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion & Architecture

Via: Slamxhype

[Day 1] Slightly Dangerous Las Vegas

[Friday, August 7] The anticipation has been building up for several months, but Slightly Dangerous Las Vegas was finally here! Both the Wildboyz & Victory Nightlife fam were all mobbin' out, plus hundreds of others from SD, LA, and SF. 5 events all in the same weekend... Damn, its about to get WILD!

The Victory Nightlife friends & family got 5 upgraded rooms at the Fantasy Tower at the Palms. Since the Palms was Slightly Dangerous' official hotel, we had over 25+ rooms there total. Our first event that Friday was at the Rain inside the Palms, so we had a pre-party in my room! Holla!

CLICK HERE to view photos from Slightly Dangerous.
CLICK HERE for Brandon's (5&A Dime) LV recap.

And it begins...
The Veneracion Sisters: Holly x Rose aka PartyGirl18 aka Birthday Girl!
Celebrating the good life with the Victory Nightlife friends & family!
We killed that handle of Crown with the quickness... Cheers!
The Wildboyz coming through from the Venetian to Room 14208!
The last time the Wildboyz all rolled out to Vegas was in 2006 when we took over the New Frontier with 60+ people. This time everyone came out to celebrate Rose aka OG BFF's birthday!
Reminds me of High School... HAHA!
Room 14208 was crackin'!!!
??? x LorAnne x Veralyn x Guil x TK x Dale
Make sure you check in at the Slightly Dangerous booth to pick up your wristbands for the weekend! We had over 500+ people come out from all over for Slightly Dangerous!
Welcome to Rain at the Palms!
Rose x Rhoda x Cheryl x Verna up in the VIP cabana enjoying complimentary cocktails!
Wildboyz 4 Life (plus some random chick that jumped right in front of me... WTF?)!
Awww... This is a nice picture of Cecile aka Sister Bear and I! Viets baby!
Josephine even flew in from San Jose for this event! So happy you could make it Josie! 143! Oh yeah, and that's Steven (TAA) by the way! HAHA
Verna x Josie x Cheryl x Vanessa x Rose x Rhoda = Wildgirlz
The Carandang Sisters: Cheryl x Mirabel
My Nig aka Verna!
Viper in the house!!!
Couples: James & Stacy x Darwin & Lala
I miss Kim! Lets go do hoodrat shit together soon... I miss those days!
OC is in the building!
Shots with Cyrus (Slightly Dangerous) x Andy x Twee (Cockstar) in the VIP!
Alexia Lei x Nikita Esco. Give me back my bow tie Alexia!
This is the mastermind behind Slightly Dangerous Las Vegas, Cyrus. Be on the look out because he's always making moves. Thanks for including me in your plans... Lets make it happen!
Las Vegas' very own Ms. Tracy Nova!
I was going back and forth from the Wildboyz to Victory to the VIP cabana the entire night. I was pretty much sober the whole night just trying to make sure everything was running smoothly, and it did.

I left Rain at 3:30AM to eat at the Palms 24 hour cafe with Jhet, Fels, Mark Marcelo, and Kim.
Wake up Fels or else I'm going to eat your spam and eggs...
Overall, the first night was a success. Everyone with wristbands got into Rain without a problem. People were having the times of their lives. I loved it!
To be continued...