Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tomorrow: So Real Cru @ 5&A Dime

So Real Cru is coming to San Diego for the first time.  Come meet the entire crew at 5&A Dime for the in store meet and greet starting at 5PM.  Then for all you 21 and uppers, be sure to come out to Club Massive: Presidents Day at the world famous House of Blues.  

Limited $10 presale tickets are still available at through, the HOB box office, or at 5&A Dime.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th @ the Purple Lounge in Hollywood!

RSVP here.

Last night was crackin'!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Its Pinky and the Brain...

In past month, I've had a few different people tell me they had a dream about me, other than the usual dreamers like Myron and Chachy.  HAHA.  But today Sammie IMed me and told me about her dream.
Basically we're going to take over the world like Pinky and the Brain... I guess I'll be Pinky since I'm tall and skinny.  HAHA.  But I thought we'd put it out there into the Universe so it'll happen!  Be on the look out for us in 2010.

I'm on Hypebeast... HAHA!

I was just scrolling through my usual links today and noticed a picture of myself on Hypebeast for 5DTV.  HAHA

Check it out:

Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman???

I just watched this clip on the dF site from Joaquin Phoenix's recent appearance on Letterman. Its pretty fun!

I can't tell if this is funny, uncomfortable or just straight up weird (probably all three). As most of you may know, Phoenix is 'retiring' from acting to pursue 'rapping.' This dude is about to be the Britney Spears of 09... WERD!

Source: DubFrequency

So Real Cru on MTV Remote Control Blog

So Real Cru visited the set of ABDC season III last week.  MTV was able to catch up with Mark, Andrew, and Brian to see what they've been up to since the show.  Thanks to Brian for mentioning their up and coming House of Blues performance in San Diego.  Good lookin' out bro!

Make sure you get your $10 presale tickets here to see So Real Cru performing live for the first time in San Diego.  But if you're under 21 you can come see them at 5&A Dime for the meet and greet starting at 5PM.  See you all then...

CLICK HERE to view the video on MTV Remote Control.
FYI: I'll be at the live taping of the next ABDC episode doing press for 5DTV.

TONIGHT: Come out to Level 3 in Hollywood (18+/21+) for the ABDC Party hosted by Myron of 21XL & Toe-Knee of the Wildboyz aka me!  HAHA
I know... That was the longest flyer ever in life!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a friendly remind about this Sunday...

CLICK HERE to check out the Club Massive: President's Day ft. So Real Cru event on Facebook.

Limited $10 presale tickets are now available at, the HOB box office, or at 5&A Dime.  Get them now to avoid the massive lines an guarantee yourself admission.  It's gonna be crackin'!!!

Spread the word on myspace, facebook, and on all your blogs!  Thanks!

For more info:

Come meet So Real Cru Sunday afternoon at 5&A Dime on 8th & G. 

Jason Mraz at House of Blues SD

Last night a few of us headed out to House of Blues to watch the Jason Mraz concert.  While we were waiting for the laggers, aka Joe & Cindy, we ran into Jason Mraz.  He was just about to take the stage, so we weren't able to chit chat with him but we did snap a quick picture.  He was really nice!  
The Crew: Annabelle x Steve x Alvin x Althea x Cindy x Joe
It was a sold out benefit show, with part of the proceeds going to one of the members of Unwritten Law who recently lost his house in a fire.  
Steven (TAA) x Annabelle (Bumsville)
Happy early birthday Sister aka Cindy!  I'm sorry I won't be in town for your birthday dinner, but I'll take you and Kim out next week for make-up birthday dinners.  HAHA
Jason Mraz is a very talented individual.  It was a great intimate show...
We ended up kickin' back in the Legends Lounge, hanging out, and just listening to Jason Mraz.
I really like this photo of Steven!
Check the Red Wings!  What you know about boots!?
After the concert, some of us ended up going to Hong Kong to eat Chinese food.  For some reason I couldn't stop smiling... HAHA
Happy early birthday Cindy!  143!

Cabin Fever @ Mammoth '09 aka Spam & Eggs Weekend

This past weekend I headed up to Mammoth for Cabin Fever with Usual Suspects LA. We had a beautiful 3 story cabin.  There were also other groups of friends up there the same weekend with their own cabins, but everyone was busying doing their own thing.  I wish we all could have meet up and partied!  

Anyways, it was my first time to Mammoth and my first time going snowboarding.  I was super excited but a bit nervous at the same time.  All I knew was that I was probably one of the best dressed snowboarders since I was sponsored by DC.  HAHA

CLICK HERE to view all the photos from Cabin Fever @ Mammoth.

Thanks to Keith (DC Life) who hooked me up with a stealthy black outfit, and a dope white snowboarding jacket for me to keep.  Thanks bro!
We left Friday morning for our 6 hour excursion.  I drove most of the way while everyone was knocked out, but luckily for me I had DJ Mark Marcelo's "The After-Party: 90s Bedroom Mix" to listen too!
I saw the end of this rainbow but there was no pot of gold at the end.  =(
6 hours later, we were 3 miles away from Mammoth Lakes!
Samantha aka Sammie x John aka Ibay greeted us when we arrived.  This is a cute picture of them!  Aww...
"Hey Ibay!  Did you want to jump into my king size sleeping bag?" -TK

"I was just thinking about it..." -Ibay
A short trip to the market turned into a 2 hour journey.  Its a long story but basically we had to get chains so we weren't slipping and sliding on the roads.... Blah blah blah...  Luckily for us, Carlos is McGyver!
Finally we made it back to the cabin to find the rest of the crew had just arrived.  
So Super Stus: Sammie x Alfredo x Harold
We played Mad Gab the first night.  Shit is hilarious!  For example, "Up Racked Hick Gulch Oak" is "A practical joke"... Its hard to explain, but its a fun game!
It was a spam and eggs weekend... HAHA.  Thanks Sherlie!
Shots of Crown!
Welcome to Cabin Fever!
1st time snowboarders: Harold x TK
Chief (Usual Suspects LA)
SD we represent: Shanara x TK x Alfredo x Harold
Lebron James #23
Lets get going already...
So Super Sam x TK of the Wildboyz
Stu x Stu
Welcome to Mammoth!  I was pretty nervous since it was my first time, just getting off the lift was a bit tricky because I didn't know what to expect.  I didn't fall, but Alfredo did!  HAHA.  My first time down the slopes took a minute and a few falls, but I was quickly getting the hang of it. 

I saw little kids, probably 10 years old just bombing down the slopes, going off jumps with no fear.  I kept thinking, "Where is the fear!?  Where is the fear!?"  Geez... They were all really good, or really fearless!

After my first run, I started gaining confidence.  I started carving and bombing down hills.  But I got overly confident and tried going off a jump on my 4th run and ate shit!  I landed on my tailbone and just laid there for about a minute.  Man, that shit hurt!  HAHA
Don't fall!
Alfredo x TK 
Ibay x Sammie
Hi Loraine & Chief!
Lunch time!
Check out the crew: Ian x Magic x Alfreod x Sam x Harold x Shanara x Ibay x TK x Chief x Carlos x Loranie x Abel (with Allen behind the camera, he's always behind.  HAHA)
Beat Freak (wannabes... HAHA): Sammie x Loranie
I love snowboarding!
Valentine dates: Shanara x Alfredo...  Its gonna be a fun weekend!  I can't wait!
Once we got back to the cabin, Shanara, Harold, and I jumped into the hot tub to rest our muscles.  Check out the extension...
WTF x 2!?  HAHA
De Car Tour 2009
Let the party begin...
Happy Birthday Abel!
While some of the other guys played poker downstairs, we played a hilarious game of Kings Cup.  We were all getting ignorant, sorry if we left you drunken Facebook videos... HAHA
Rules: No using names, no pointing, no cussing, every time you drink you must remove the little green man off your cup, clap you feet, say "Hummmanu Hummmm", and drink with your left hand.  It was ridiculous!
Guess who got the 4th and final King!?
Afterwards, we started doing witchcraft.  I don't know about this...
Ashy (toe) knees!
Where is West?
I still don't believe it!
Thats cute!  Ian, what are you whispering into Magic's ear?  HAHA
HAHA... No homo!  I love Allen (Usual Suspects LA)!  We're just playing Taboo!  I was checking to make sure he doesn't use the Taboo words... 
We got into an intense game of Taboo... Guess who came back and won!?
Our team!
Loranie sealed the deal with her 7 card round.  Good job girl!
Time for some more poker!
We ended up staying up till 5AM.  I was in and out of naps, getting drunken phone calls, and going on Facebook.  

The next morning we cleaned up and headed to the Breakfast Club down the street.  We were all tired of spam and eggs.  It was time for some real food!
Table #1
Table #2
It was definite fun times.  I wish we could have meet up with everyone else in Mammoth, but its all good.  Thanks Ibay for organizing Cabin Fever.  I'm really glad we all went.  Lets do it again soon!  

Supposedly I won the award for "Cabin Fever", but I'm not sure if thats a good thing.  I wish I could show you why, but those pictures are inappropriate.  HAHA.  See you guys back in SoCal!

Here's a nice picture I snapped on our way back to SD.  I see the light...
Time to get ready for another exciting and adventurous weekend in LA!