Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday at Confidential is Classified™


Music provided by:
• Mark Marcelo
• Drewbyrd (Dom Kennedy's DJ)

Celebrating the birthdays of:
• Phil Smith
• Hiyasmin Vargas
• Moe Zarabi (Victory Nightlife)

This event is subject to capacity.

VIP table service highly recommended. Call 858.382.5298.

Stay classy San Diego!

Friday, December 11, 2009

3 Year Old Plays Jason Mraz

The homie Ian (dF) posted this video of a 3 year old Asian kid playing Jason Mraz. His lyrics are a bit off though... HAHA!

Christmas Wish List Item #6:

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman: $3,699
Product Story:
Who doesn't recognize the Eames lounge chair and ottoman? It lives in museums like MoMA in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago, in stylish interiors everywhere, and as a tattoo on a devotee's arm. It has been the subject of documentary films and books. It even has its own fan website. Calling it a classic is an understatement. It's the quintessential example of mid-century design—elegant and profoundly comfortable too.

[LA] Bon Voyage Rygar pt. 4 @ Guys & Dolls

[Sunday, December 6th] It was off to Entree at Guys & Dolls on Sunday with the SD x SF fam to continue DJ Rygar's Bon Voyage Tour.

CLICK HERE to view photos from Guys & Dolls.

Pre-drinking at the condo before heading out West...
Aww... Thanks Melody for the Patron shot!
Hennessy x Coke for everyone!
There were a few celebrities in the house including Drake (below), Amare Stoudemire (Phoenix Suns), Jason Richardson (Phoenix Suns), & others...
Loving x Lovelyn x Jenny
Rygar x Mink
Hannah x Julyne
Check out Joanna in the Crooks & Castles' VIP booth next to Drake and his entourage.
Julyne came up on a few $$$ after someone made it rain! HAHA
Tresha x TK x Christine
Get it ladies...
Oh shit! Meet Christine's new crush, Sean! HAHA
DJ Orator
Our honorary 4th roomie... Mink! Come over for Mink Mondays because she'll be cooking Korean food! YUM!
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I don't have a rhyme, so fuck you! HAHA
It was off to Kitchen 24 afterwards, where we ran into Neran (Diamond) and Jenilee Reyes! So random... But great way to end the night!
Time to introduce San Diego...
and the Bay Area...
to the After School Special!
Fun times!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Wish List Item #5:

Trek x Lance Armstrong District Carbon: $3,359.99
The One and Only:
We took District to the next level and gave it an OCLV Carbon frame handcrafted in our Waterloo, WI factory. Throw in the deliciously quiet ride of the carbon belt drive and the Pro Fit geometry of the Madone line and you get a bike that is unlike anything else available.

Via: Trek

Jomo: Lunch at ESPN Zone, LA Live

[Sunday, December 6th] Thanks Jomo for the guest blogs!

After the drunken debauchery at J Lounge, we had a massive slumber party at the new Echo Park location, including a random visit from Alvinisms himself, aka Edward, aka Jacob, aka Stomp the Yard star Columbus Short. After everyone woke up at random times, going back to sleep, and then finally getting up, we got ready to get lunch. Pictures courtesy of TK.

We decide to hit up ESPN Zone next to Staples Center so that we could catch the Charger game and the rest of the amazing games happening that day. I wish I had tickets to the homegame against the Phoenix Suns that evening.

Big decisions to make... what to eat?!

I'm not sure what everyone was talking about. I was kinda out of it the whole morning. All I really remember is Mark's clever tweet:
@markmarcelo: Anyone else like Payton Manning commercials? Thesbihonest.

Tresha goes cuckoo for ketchup and Tabasco on her sliders.

Toe-Knee takes advantage of the free wi-fi. (Which required a minimum of $10/hour/person for a meal; what kind of stipulation is that?!)

Okay everybody say grace... GRACE!

Tailgate Appetizer special!

Chicken penne pasta.

Chicken strip salad.

16 heads deep starting from the left going clock-wise: Mark aka Chauchy, Julyne, Angelina, myself, Mark, Bin, Jenny, Lovelyn, Loving, Guil, Scott, TK (Missing In Action), Christine, Tresha, Alvin, Hannie.

Thanks again to Toe-Knee, Mark, and Mark for letting us all crash you new apartment. I hope you enjoyed all the leftovers.

Wait what's different/wrong with this set? Who is this random white guy in our picture?! Just kidding. 143 Scott.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jomo: [LA] Bon Voyage Rygar pt. 2 @ JLounge

[Saturday, December 5th] It's the 3rd leg of DJ Rygar's Farewell Tour before he leaves for med school in London. Congrats homie. We also celebrated Toe-Knee, Mark Marcelo, and Mark "Chauchy" Villa's moving into their new apartment in Echo Park with a giant slumber party. Basically more excuses to party hard with the homies.

Since J Lounge was only a few miles away, we decided to take a few cabs there so that we wouldn't have to worry about having designated drivers. Time to get f*cked up and ignorant!

Toe-Knee for letting me jack your pictures!

The Welcoming Committee.

Pre-Party Weapons of Choice: Jameson and Crown Royal.

Black coats and blue button-downs. That's how TAA rolls. wait that's not Joe Iggy.

Klev Meister strikes again. BARACK-O-B!!

The unofficial house warming party.


On to J Lounge.

And it is already crackin' on the dance floor!

Alison x Sheryl x Jomo.

Bin is only happy and drinks when he's in Los Angeles. (
See him in SD).

Benjamin Playmore in the house with a big smile. I wonder why...

Angelina x Julyne x JD.

Middle finger x Hannie x Jomo.

The lovely Loving and Lovelyn.

Rishi x Maxine x Allen (
Usual Suspects LA) x TK (Victory Nightlife).

Tresha x Fels x Jomo.

Ladies! Sheryl, Lovelyn, April, Loving, Julyne, Alison, Hannie, Angelina.


Fels x Tresha x Christine.

TK x Alley Cat!

When did we order food?! Getcha grub on.

Tiff x TK.

Mel x TK.

Indo (Muse LA) x Chief (Usual Suspects). Homo heart.

Ibay (Usual Suspects) x TK. Homo pose.


Ben looks sincerely happy in this picture.

I haven't seen Scott (
One People Project) in a while. Good to see you too f*cker!

April x Kathleen x Tiff x Tep.

Bin x Jenny. See how happy this guy is?

UCSD Alumni: Mark, Claire, Jomo.

Oh why thank you.

Twee x TK.


The man of the week, Ryan aka DJ Rygar! The Bay, to SD, to LA in 3 days. Good luck in medschool smart guy.

2 shots of Henney: $20.

Friendship and that face: Priceless.

Dirty dogs to end the night!

Thank God for cabs and a place to crash in L.A. I think we all got too faded to drive anywhere. Sorry I used your planter as a bathroom guys... Good times everyone!

Via: Jomo's Blog