Saturday, February 2, 2008


I woke up early Friday morning to go to the DMV with the Lagunas'.  Eduardo (JR) had to renew his ID since his birthday is coming up on February 15th.  We waited for at least an hour... I was thinking about renewing my ID as well b/c I still have my 16 year old picture on it still.  I love that picture!  It was when I was in my prime.  HAHA
Look at JR's fucked up thumb... Shit is nasty!
Hit up Costco afterwards for the necessities... Kirkland White Tees (Size L)
Later on that night my new BFF Joe (Blends/Bo Boys), Rachel, and Sus came down from the 951.  We had a quick dinner at Neighborhood.
Neighborhood Burger.

Briana aka my favorite bartender at Onyx.  Thanks to everyone who came out to our Grand Opening of our monthly Friday spot at Onyx and Thin.
Shaun aka Handsome and some of his ladies!
Favorites and Iggy.
The *NEW* Party Girl 21!  HAHA
6 Foot Triplets.
NYR is coming back in 2008.

Moe & Jen Zarabi!
Good luck to Eileen in Japan!

Mark gettin' low low low low low low low...

We ran into V-Rod, Andrea, and others at our favorite late night chinese spot... Hong Kong in Hilcrest!

Birthday week continues... Don't ask me why my shirt is off.  HAHA

No Homo.

TONIGHT: I'll be hosting Prospect in La Jolla for Angie Girl's 22nd Birthday!

Also, Mr. Bluballz and Hektik will be spinnin' at the new Jade Theater for the Grand Opening of its new club, The Buddha Lounge.  

Stop by if you can... If not please be safe and don't drink and drive!  143!

If you want to see all the pictures from my Friday night: CLICK HERE

Friday, February 1, 2008


Monday:  Since Leo was leaving for the Air Force Tuesday morning, we have a few people over to hang out and play some Call of Duty 4.  Leo's gonna be gone until November for boot camp and tech school in Texas.  We're gonna miss him but we'll see him soon!  Have fun bro and be safe!

Tuesday: I stopped by the Zarabi house in Little Italy.  Check out Moe's awesome mullet wig.  HAHA

Dinner at Hong Kong with the Zarabis' and Rob Zoomy.
Wednesday: The Killer Bees won their basketball game!  YAY!!!

Thursday: The Viets, Kimtan and Cecile came over to do their taxes at my house.  Mr. Laguna eventually came over.
Afterwards Edwin and I went down to Keith's (Blends) place in Little Italy for his 31st birthday.  It was a chill kick back with a few friends.  Keith and Jenny have a dope place! 


Keith and Jenny have a really nice place... I want my own place now!

After Keith's we stopped by Kim's surprise birthday party.  Happy Birthday Kim!!!
Don't forget tomorrow is the Grand Opening of our monthly event... EXCLU21VE at Onxy and Thin.  Shit is gonna be crackin'!!!  See you there!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

America's Best!

If you guys haven't heard yet, MTV has a new show called America's Best Dance Crew. Here's a summary off the show of their site:

After scouring the country for the top street and studio dance crews, we found 12 of the very best groups to grace our stage. With their dreams on the line, these crews need to impress our panel of judges, including JC Chasez and choreographer Shane Sparks, host Mario Lopez and, yes, American Idol's Randy Jackson, 'cause after the first dance-off, only the elite eight will stay in the competition. And, in the end, only one team will be crowned America's Best Dance Crew, winning a crazy cool cash prize and a coveted touring contract.

Show your support for Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern as they represent our dance community and the west coast! If you missed it, here it is on youtube.

Monday, January 28, 2008

As seen on the Hundreds...

TK & Ollie of the Wildboyz!

Source: The Hundreds

Longest weekend ever...

CRAZY!!!  Is pretty much the best adjective to describe this past ASR weekend's festivities.  I've never spent so much time in Downtown.  I felt like I lived in the Gaslamp from Thursday to Sunday.  I don't even know where to begin but I'll let the 342 photos on my flickr account do most of the talking... Here's a quick cliff not version.

Ollie and I hit up ASR and Agenda early Thursday.  San Diego really is "America's Finest City!"

ASR Trade Show @ Convention Center
Agenda Trade Show @ Civic Center
Felt 1 (Armory) and Toddy Todd (Z90.3) spinnin' at Agenda.
Complimentary limo service from ASR to Agenda.
Be on the look out for us in 2008!
Dinner at Neighborhood (G & 8th).  You gotta try the Neighborhood Burger.  Its seriously GOOD!
Walk towards the glowing light...
We all mobbed around Downtown from Aubergines for the Vice Mag party, to the usual Red C, Heat, Onyx, Thin, and Jade rotation.  Too much walking!

Every time I set foot into the Hard Rock I feel like I'm in Vegas.
Room 844 please!

$100 Hard Rock Robe...
Voss Water = $8
The new Hard Rock x Wildboyz x Victory callabo robe coming out in Fall '08.

Hotel pimpin' in the Hard Rock... NOT!
No comment...
What a beautiful morning!
Blends SD
Zanzibar for breakfast... Eggs benedict!
5&A Dime
Back to Agenda where BJ Penn (UFC) was signing autographs at the RVCA booth.
I've got some Size 12 Creative Rec's coming in courtesy of Josh and Jake at Creative Recreation.  THANKS!
Unfortunately I let my camera battery at home charging so I don't have any pictures from Leo's Bon Voyage Party at Deco's.  But let me tell you, Deco's was hella crackin' on Friday!  We were way over capacity by 11:15PM.  Some people had to wait over an hour to get in.  Happy Birthday to Eunice, Jamie, Yogi, and bon voyage to Leo.

Here we are after at Broadway Pizza with KJ doing what he does best... DANCE!
Room 844 After Party.  Ben (Blends), Dante Ross (10 Deep), and others... There were at least 30 people in our room including, Nick Diamond (Diamond Supply), Josh (10 Deep), and even Fergie's manager.  

Dante Ross said he wanted me to be in the next 10 Deep catalog... Holla!!!  HAHA  I've always wanted to be sponsored by 10 Deep.

Rei De Gado.

Tim (Hoey Inc.) & Ollie (Wildboyz)
Pre-party at Julie and Ren's in La Jolla.

My sisters: Anna, Lisa, Justine, Kim, and Cindy... HAHA

Hoey & Sprigle

My arm looks awkwardly long!
I don't remember much after Onyx but I do remember going to our favorite late night restaurant... Denny's!  
Lisa is the downest girl I've ever met...
Fuck you BEN!  HAHA

Slumber party.

Although I was ridiculously tired from ASR weekend, I still managed to go to VIBE 13 at UCI.  I'm glad I went because I feel so disconnected from the whole dance scene but it was refreshing to see everyone.  
6" Club

View from the Judges booth...
Everyone's favorite Miguel!
Mariel Martin from Funks SF... I think I love her!
She seriously has no spine!  Check out this routine to "Go Head".

Oceanside!  Look at the lower left corner of this picture... No homo!
I miss our crazy red head BRE!
Vinh is the best dancing/hottest Vietnamese dancer... Only b/c I don't dance anymore... HAHA  He's also considered 1 of the top 5 hottest dancers on myspace...
And the winner is...
Team Millennium!  Congrats to the Trinity family!
Emerson trying to look straight... Homophobia is so gay!  HAHA
Congrats to SD's very own Choreo Cookies on taking home 3rd place!  They repped SD without any props or gimmicks, just choreography!  Check them out at House of Blues February 17th!
I'm BACK!!!!
UrbanFX = 143!
You know you gotta have the matching undies and sneakers...  HAHA
Elm (Boogie Zone Brain Child) has an alternate personality on stage!
Everyone loves Miguel!  
Portillo Brothers!
After the show we all cruised to Dave n' Busters.
Formality '02
Formality, Hi-Fi, and Chroeo Cookies.
Blacken Chicken Pastas.
Many people don't know that KJ is also a chiropractor. 
My favorite Mexican... KRISSY!
Umm... I guess everyone wants to watch STEP UP 2.  Actually you should because the Jabbawockeez are in it!

Oh what a weekend!  I must say I haven't had that much fun in a while!  I do miss dancing and performing... I have an itch to dance.  I'm thinking about it but I do know if I can add another commitment to the list.  

Shout out to Blends and the B0 Boys.  Check out their blog:

VIBE results:
1.) TM
2.) Kaba Modern
3.) Choreo Cookies

FYI: That blog post took me like a few hours... HAHA

If you're bored at work you can view all my photos: