Saturday, August 29, 2009


Friday, August 28, 2009

We're back at Guys & Dolls Lounge this Sunday!

Last Sunday we hosted an event at the Guys & Dolls Lounge in West Hollywood. Since then I've seen this new Hollywood hot spot mentioned on TMZ twice already this week. We'll be back hosting once again this Sunday so RSVP now at because you know its gonna be crackin' with celebrity guest and maybe we'll make it on TMZ too (again)! HAHA

[Sunday]: Just in case you missed out this past Sunday click here.

[Wednesday]: Chris Brown was there spotted there hours after his sentencing for his Rihanna assault partying it up. Click here for the full story.

[Thursday]: You'll probably hear about this new story today but Brody Jenner (The Hills) got into an epic fight outside with Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild) after Francis allegedly assaulted Brody's girlfriend Jayde Nicole. Click here for the full story.
Sup with this dudes assaulting women? Geez... Anyways, hit me up if you want to come through this Sunday to Guys & Dolls in West Hollywood. FYI: They're really selective at the doors so please make sure you come with at least a 2 to 1 (girls to guy) ratio... Everyone must look fly too! HAHA

Trust me its tons of fun... You'll never know who you'll see!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

[SD] World of Dance Pre-Party @ Sway

Come party with Victory Nightlife & 21XL Events Company for the World of Dance Pre-Party at Sway Nightclub! We'll be celebrating the birthday of our very own DJ edROC aka Edric (Mindz Alike) with $6 Patron shots until Midnight!


You can find me in SD all week at:
[Wednesday] Bar 923 for Edric aka DJ Edroc's birthday (Mindz Alike)
[Thursday] Voyeur for Scott's birthday (One People Project)

[Monday] Special VIP Event @ Level 3

Monday I stayed in LA for a special VIP event at Level 3 for Do-Knock (Super Cr3w), Tiffani Grant (Fanny Pak), and Cindy Minowa (Kaba) birthday celebrations. There were even performances by Fanny Pak, KM Legacy, Lydia Paek, Do-Knock, and more... The place was packed with dancers from all over. It was great to see everyone... Fun times!

CLICK HERE to view more photos from this VIP event.

What am I doing partying (I mean "working") on a Monday? HAHA
I got a chance to catch Lydia (Quest/Boxcuttahz) perform her last two songs... Great job! Be on the look out for her because rumor has it she just got signed!
Awww... I feel like I haven't seen Stacey (World of Dance) or Jeff in forever! I'm so happy for the two of them!
Culture Shock LA: Eddie x Lauren... Come back to SD and visit me again!
Thanks to my fellow Vietnamese brother Tony Tran (Kaba) for the shots of Patron!
Jazyme x David = 2 of my all time favorite performers/people!
Lawrence (Kaba) x Jed (TM)
Jun (TM) x Stacey
More Patron with: Eric x Melissa x Tony x Bui x Kevin (?)
Vietnam represent: Tran x Bui x Nguyen
So normally Stacey, Myron, and I take our patented WOD Tripod photo but since Myron was busy all night playing host... This was all we could get! HAHA
At least he turned around for this one! HAHA 143!
Happy birthday Cindy (Kaba)!
Melissa Reign (Babe Blvd) is always at Level 3 but then again, so am I! HAHA
Kaba Modern VIP Table
Yuri (Kaba) x Melissa
Tony breakin' it down...
Aww looks like Mica (21XL) and Myron are having a heart to heart... How cute!
Brandon (TM) x Alexis (TM)
It was then off to the North Hollywood Dinner where it quickly turned into a photo frenzy...

TK x Draya x David Ross x Phlex x Melissa x Frankie
The fake laugh...
The dramatic look...
Fun times!
At this point I've been partying 6 out of the past 7 days... My liver and my bank account hate me right now!

WTF? How did this get in here!?


Avatar Movie Trailer

I know I'm a bit late, but James Cameron's upcoming new movie Avatar looks amazing!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[Sunday] Entree @ Guys & Dolls Lounge

Sunday I headed right back up to LA to for the opening night of Guys & Dolls Lounge in West Hollywood hosted by JL Production. JL Production is known for their crackin' events were their ratio is always at least 6 to 1 (Girls to Guys) with special appearances by athletes and celebrities. They also do My House (Hollywood) on Tuesdays with the Collective. So I was excited when Ben Wang and I were asked to be guest host for the evening. I didn't expect it t get as crazy as it did...

CLICK HERE to see photos from Guys & Dolls.

Its an upscale venue with a legal capacity of only 200 but we packed at least 300+ in there!
Let me buy you a drink...
Melissa S. was in town from New York and came out with her girl Veronica. I want to go back to New York again...
I apologize to those of you that couldn't get in. They were being extremely selective at the door due to the limited capacity. I wish I had a picture of the front around midnight because there was almost 3 times as many people.
Karen x Melissa... For some reason you guys both look like bobble heads! HAHA
The ladies of Boom Kitty: Britney x Althea x Himerria and their choreographer David Ross also come through after their performance.
I got the first round of Patron for everyone!
Cheers to new and old friends!
I took of course another Patron shot with Melanie & Alexis!
Misa Campo (Babe Blvd) also come through along with the birthday girl Talia Sunset! I guess that means more Patron...
The place was way over capacity by 11:45PM... I felt like I was in Vegas!
More Patron?
I can't remember the last time the three of us took a picture together! The Trio: Chachy x Melissa x TK
Some of the celebrities that were in the house included Tyrese, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kwame Brown, Drew Gooden, and a few others...
For some reason all the VIP hostesses were all tall beautiful women and all the bar backs were short Mexicans that looked like Oompa Loompas. Strange...
You guys were so last weeks BFFs... HAHAHA! (Inside joke)
For sure this was one of the most wildest parties I've ever been associated with. There were just a ton of beautiful people there having a great time.
It was then off to Bossa Nova once again for some late night eating! At this point this is pretty much what I was seeing after all those Patron shots...
Al Pesto Pasta = Al Pesto Pasta
Damn my bar tab came out to $300 (originally I thought it was $240 but I forgot I got another round earlier in the night) and its only Monday? WTF!?

[Friday] R&R: World of Dance Pre-Party @ Sway Nightclub
[Saturday] World of Dance @ San Diego Convention Center
[Saturday] World of Dance After Party @ Thin/Onyx
[Labor Day Sunday] Block Party: Farewell to Summer @ House of Blues

[Saturday] Inglorious Basterds

After 4 days of straight partying, I decided to just relax at home, order some Pizza Hut, and playing Xbox 360 with Alvin (Alvinisms). Later that night a few of us headed to Edwards Mira Mesa to watch Quentin Tarantino's newest movie "Inglorious Basterds" starring Brad Pitt. Overall it was a classic Tarantino film with humorous violence and just random shit! The film has an awesome cast. There were a few parts however that dragged a bit but its definitely worth seeing if you love his other movies.

Rating: A-