Thursday, June 17, 2010

Comedians of Chelsea Lately Show After-Party!

This Friday, June 18th join us for the official after-party for the "Comedians of Chelsea Lately" hosted by Jo Koy at Thin/Onyx!

In addition we have DJ Anit (Hawaii), DJ Rygar (London), & DJ Rayzaruckus (San Francisco) mixin' upstairs at Thin, along with DJ Cros-One (Armory) and DJ Edroc (Mindz Alike) reppin' downstairs at Onyx. Here's your chance to get up close and person with one of the funniest men in showbiz!

CLICK HERE to RSVP (complimentary admission before 11PM).

Its still not to late to get your tickets to see the "Comedians of Chelsea Lately" featuring Jo Koy, Josh Wolf, Whitney Cummings, and special guest Chuy!

More info at:

"Random Asian Singles" on Chelsea Lately Show... You might recognize everyone's favorite Allen Palos (Usual Suspects) on the show! HAHA

CLICK HERE to get your tickets to the San Diego show on Friday at Humphrey's!

Champagne Life in the Hollywood Hills

[Saturday, June 12th] After leaving the Nike "Write the Future" Futsal Tournament finals at the Montalban, I headed up to the Hollywood Hills with Neran and Ant to meet up with Dao-Yi and Max from Public School NYC for a BBQ. They were both in town setting up the Sean Jean "Shop Future" pop-up shop off of West Sunset Blvd.

I had to come correct with the Veuve champagne. #champagnelife
I snapped this picture while I was driving through the Hills. Love it!
The house they rented for their 2 week stay in LA was incredible. Wait until you see the view...
Absolutely breathtaking!
Neran contemplating life and how sore he was going to be in the morning after playing in the futsal tournament. HAHA
We could certainly get use to this... Lets make it happen Ant!
Since the BBQ wasn't ready yet, we were all going in on the chips and salsa.
Look at this pool...
I need me one of these infinity pools. It almost rivals Paul Shore's pool....
The view once again...
Thanks again to Dao-Yi and Max for the hospitality. I hope to see you guys in New York soon!

Nike "WTF" Futsal Finals at the Montalban

[Saturday, June 12th] I headed over to Hollywood to watch the USA vs. England World Cup match up at the Nike Sportswear Montalban Theatre. Its a private event with FREE drinks, FREE food, a gigantic movie screen to watch the game, and hundreds of screaming USA fans decked out in red, white, and blue face paint! What more can you ask for? Plus, it was also the finale for the Nike "Write the Future" (WTF) Futsal Tournament on the rooftop.

CLICK HERE to see more photos from the Nike Montalban Theatre.
CLICK HERE to read my blog from June 3rd's Futsal Tournament.

Look who I ran into while on my way to meet up with producer Danny Lee (Calico Works) at K24... Dennis x Sam (Sosupersam)! So cute!!!
We didn't make it over to the Montalban until the 2nd half. The energy inside was ridiculous! People were chanting, they had air horns, the American flag, it was electrifying! Plus, we were watching the game on a giant movie screen. Thanks Nike!
The game was so intense... Look at everyone! HAHA
England 1 - United States 1... We'll take that!
Emily x Ant x Peter x Neran
It was so packed... Crackin'!
Aww... Arsen (Hall of Fame) x Baby Arsen x Lena (Nike)
While all the soccer fans were clearing out of the theatre, others were getting ready for the Nike WTF Futsal Tournament on the rooftop. The homies from 2nd Sucks needed an extra player, so they asked Neran to fill in. My first reaction was, "I gotta see this!" HAHA I've never seen Neran even jog, let along run. SMH!
Ant (Creative Contraband) reppin' USA along with these crazy drunken fans!
2nd Sucks: Kenny Mac x Arsen x Jerry Lorenzo x Jay x Neran
All the final teams:
The first match up was between 2nd Sucks and Blends! Since I had friends on both squads I was torn...
Yes that's really Neran on the soccer field... HAHA! Shout out to Nicky Savage who scored a goal for Blends!
Blends ended up winning 2-1. Better luck next time fellas... Right after the match Neran went straight to his cigarettes. HAHA!
Everyone loves Emily (SA)!
I spy Peter Benedicto!
Security: "I'm sorry but I can't have you drinking on the stairs"
Mark (Belvedere): "Its my liquor license."
Security: "I'm sorry sir."

Mark 1 - Security 0.
It was another beautiful day in LA!
I heard Soda Pop's, who catered the event, have the best sandwiches in LA! Who wants to roll with me to get a Chicken Parmesan sandwich?
Tresha (TS), who was in LA for a graduation, also stopped by with Eric to check out the event.
And the winner of the "Write the Future" Futsal Tournament is...
The Final Thrid!
Emily x Kiluh B x Mink (Crooks)
Thanks again to Lena and the entire Nike staff for all the hospitality. Who wants to roll with me to the Montablan this Friday, June 18th at 7AM for the USA vs. Slovenia? Hit me up!

After spending the majority of the afternoon enjoying the beautiful Southern Cali sun, it was time to head to the Hollywood Hills for a BBQ at with the guys from Public School NYC...

Happy Birthday DJ Echo at Bar 210

[Monday, June 7th] Its been a minute since we've done Mink Mondays at the crib. Everyone's just been really busy focusing on their hustles. But don't worry we're bringing it back soon...

Since I missed DJ Echo's (SKAM Artist) birthday party at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, I rolled out with Mink to meet up with Chris Cruz (Stay Fresh) at Bar 210 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for Part 5 of his birthday week! HAHA

CLICK HERE to view more photos from DJ Echo's birthday.

Round of Belvedere to start the night...
Shout out to my fellow Gemini's: DJ Echo x Chris Cruz x Monique May
Even DJ Lady Sha and her Boo came through too!
SKAM Artist
DJ Eric Dlux x DJ Vice x DJ Clinton Sparks
Happy Birthday Echo!

It then off to K-Town with K-Town's baddest bitch aka Mink to get our 5th meal grub on...
I shouldn't be eating this much food this late but it was seriously so good!
Speaking of SKAM Artist DJs, make sure you check out their "Vegas Takeover" video.

"When that perfect hand come along, you bet, and you bet big! Then you take the house!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

[LA] Prom Night for Maryss & Rino's Birthday!

We're taking Maryss from Paris & Rino to Prom for their birthdays this Friday at Marbella (Hollywood) featuring your favorite 90s DJ, Mr. Mark Marcelo along with John Magic and A_Ron!

World Premiere of "The Project Natal Experience"

Thomas Phantom just sent me this video from Sunday's World Premier of "The Project Natal Experience" for Xbox 360 imagined by Cirque du Soleil. You'll see Jenilee Reyes and I getting interviewed outside after the show at 3:41... Check it out!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cirque du Soleil x Xbox 360 = Kinect

[Monday, June 14th] This entire week, thousands of hardcore video gaming geeks from around the world, including myself, will be taking over Downtown Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) at the LA Convention Center. Its seriously every kids dream... I can't tell you how excited I am because this is actually my first E3!

If you've been keeping up with my blog, you'll remember I recently went to the Project Natal Xbox 360 preview event in Venice. If you don't, click here and I'll refresh your memory. Anyways, this past Sunday, on the eve of E3, Xbox put on the most extravagant show imagined by Cirque du Soleil to bring the controller-free gaming and entertainment to life by introducing Kinect for Xbox 360.

“Creating and producing this customized experience for Microsoft took four months of preparation work for the creation team and required 76 artists and no less than 200 technicians. The magnitude of the event is greater than any other taken on by Cirque du Soleil Events.” - Martin Dignard, Production Director

Thank you once again to Jessica Lange (Xbox) & Lady Sha (Lioness LA) for inviting me out to witness the future of entertainment. I got a chance to go to both Sunday and Monday's festivities and let me tell you, I was absolutely blown away by how much they put into this entire experience. Microsoft definitely didn't hold back.

[Sunday Crew]: Angela x Mark Marcelo x Jenny Kita x Jenilee Reyes x TK

Don't worry! We didn't join a cult, although it felt that way when we first walked into the Galen Center, but these intergalactic space ponchos were required for all guest... You'll see why in a second.

I was so busy enjoying the show on Sunday, I only snapped a few pictures from my iPhone. However, during Monday's show JD McElroy (Chris Brown) put his Canon S90 to use and snapped some amazing photos from the show & after-party.

CLICK HERE to view all of JD's photos.

Purple = VIP
[Monday Crew]: Michael x TK x JD x Mink x Chachy
Welcome to Pandora....
Can you see why it felt like we were joining a cult? HAHA
Mel x Ben Wang (722) x TK
They had these incredible 25 foot HD projection screens that were the length of a football field.

Introducing the Kinect for Xbox 360.

Tinkerbell made a guest appearance flying around the Cinderella Castle and the auditorium... I wonder what Disney and Xbox have planned for us...

Dance Central is by far Jenny Kita's favorite game! We were breakin' it down to No Doubt's "Hella Good" during the Sunday show. They even had the camera crew's on us, so look out for us to be on MTV today (Tuesday, June 15) at 3:30PM ET for a commercial-free special broadcast.

Mink x TK x Ben x Mel
I still don't know how that girl was walking upside down and bouncing a ball at the same time?
Turns out our intergalactic space ponchos all light up... We're all officially part of the Kinect Cult now!
The World Premiere Kinect for Xbox 360 Experience was absolutely amazing! Its crazy to see how technology has evolved over the past few years. I'm just scared I'm never going to leave my living room after I get Kinect for Xbox 360.

It was off to the after-party at Loft 7 in DTLA featuring DJ Lady Sha on the rooftop. There was FREE valet, FREE drinks, FREE food, great music, good friends, and Kinect for Xbox 360. What more can you ask for!?
DJ Lady Sha is the only DJ I know that can get away with playing Dipset at a Microsoft event! That's gangsta! HAHA
Shout out to the Hellz Bellz crew for meet up with us on the rooftop.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, its time for me to head out to E3! I'll be Tweeting and TwitPicing from the convention so make sure you're following me: @tk_nguyen

CLICK HERE for the official Cirque du Soleil x Xbox Press Release.
CLICK HERE to learn more about Kinect for Xbox 360.
CLICK HERE to view JD's photos from the event.