Monday, June 14, 2010

The Weekend, actually Last Weekend!

[Friday, June 4th] We kicked off June aka the start of Summer at R&R: Rhythm & Recreation by celebrating Tiffany Domingo's birthday!

Of course we had everyone's favorite DJ aka DJ Julz (Mindz Alike) in the mix to get the party started... Good thing he's just a DJ and we don't have to see that face all the time! HAHA JK You know I love you Julz!
Hello Kitty in the VIP!
These two aka Loving x Jacqueline had me drinking Patron shots before 11PM... SMH!
Tiff with her entourage in VIP...
Happy birthday Tiff from the Victory Nightlife fam!
Sparklers, cake, & Belvedere... What more can you ask for!?
How about DJ Edroc on the tables!? Now thats what I call a birthday party!!!
Drinking on the job... SMH! HAHA
No comment.
The Mindz Alike Dynamic Duo: Julz x Edroc
WTF!? Wow... Seriously? Charlissa (Manger) x the Twins!
See you guys this Friday, June 18th for the official "Comedians of Chelsea Lately" After-Party hosted by Jo Koy!

[Saturday, June 5th] Its been a minute since the Wildboyz have all gotten together to have dinner and just catch up over a few drinks. Since my close friend Alex Mina was celebrating his birthday that night at Raw Mana Sushi inside Seau's, I thought we'd come early and enjoy a few Victory rolls before I had to headed out to Confidential. Plus, I had to show Alex love!

Trust me... The Victory Roll is as good as it looks! :)
Shout out to Mr. Mention aka Ron aka the DJ formerly known as Bluballz. He actually ran the Rock n' Roll Marathon the next morning. That's f**kin' crazy! Proud!
Wildboyz 4 Life!
Spent part of the night chillin' outside in the smoking patio catching up on life.
Somethings never change... TJ is still willing to do anything for $$$. HAHA Love this guy... He tried to eat all the wasabi and ginger... FAIL!
It was then off to Confidential for our weekly Saturday spot! Thanks to Larelle (Sk8 Mafia) x Megahn for coming by to make a special surprise visit!
I gave our resident DJ Mark Marcelo aka your girlfriend's favorite DJ a break so I could get on the tables... I think I may have found a new career! Be on the look out...
Umm... I guess we took "Getting Low" too literal! HAHA
I don't even remember this picture... Who is that!? HAHA
Happy birthday to Angie (Hellz)... Do you want another Jameson on the Rocks!? :)
Bathing Ape aka Alyson reppin' NJ!

[Sunday, June 6th] I was back up in LA for the 1 Year Anniversary of Sundays at Guys & Dolls hosted by JL Production. They just recently renovated Guys & Dolls by including 2 large projector screens and additional VIP platforms in the middle. Not only was it crackin' on Sunday, but it was seriously a 5:1 ratio, and every girl looks like its her birthday! JL always comes through with the baddest!

One of my best friends Chris Ocampo (Wildboyz) decided to make a trip up to LA to check out the scene. Lets just say he wasn't disappointed... HAHA!
These gogo/strippers are talented... They've got some crazy tricks!
Alexis (TM) x TK
Of course it was #morebelve in effect with Bee Nguyen in the building!
Congratulations to Jerry Lorenzo, Javier Lavel, & the rest of the JL fam on their 1 Year. See you guys next Sunday!!!

What a weekend... I think I'm partying... I mean "working" too much! ;)