Thursday, June 17, 2010

Champagne Life in the Hollywood Hills

[Saturday, June 12th] After leaving the Nike "Write the Future" Futsal Tournament finals at the Montalban, I headed up to the Hollywood Hills with Neran and Ant to meet up with Dao-Yi and Max from Public School NYC for a BBQ. They were both in town setting up the Sean Jean "Shop Future" pop-up shop off of West Sunset Blvd.

I had to come correct with the Veuve champagne. #champagnelife
I snapped this picture while I was driving through the Hills. Love it!
The house they rented for their 2 week stay in LA was incredible. Wait until you see the view...
Absolutely breathtaking!
Neran contemplating life and how sore he was going to be in the morning after playing in the futsal tournament. HAHA
We could certainly get use to this... Lets make it happen Ant!
Since the BBQ wasn't ready yet, we were all going in on the chips and salsa.
Look at this pool...
I need me one of these infinity pools. It almost rivals Paul Shore's pool....
The view once again...
Thanks again to Dao-Yi and Max for the hospitality. I hope to see you guys in New York soon!