Friday, March 12, 2010

Handsome Men's Club

Rhythm & Recreation at Thin/Onyx

Friday, March 19th Victory Nightlife along with MASA & 220 presents the Fusion Dance Competition Pre-Party at R&R: Rhythm & Recreation.

$10 Presale tickets supporting Fusion include admission & 2 complimentary drinks before 10:30PM. Contact one of the Fusion coordinators below for presale tickets.

Illmatic Showcase presented by Heavy Rotation:
Body Poets
David Ross' Project
Hosted by Alex Mina

Fusion Dance Competition
Sunday, March 28th at RIMAC Arena
CLICK HERE for more information.

CLICK HERE for the pictures from the DG Photography booth.

[Friday, March 5th] DJ Izzace from the Bay Area was in town to lay it down on the video screens with a special VJ set. At 11PM it seemed like it was going to be a slow night, but once 11:30PM hit, it was on and crackin'! Shout out to Dru (Cockstar) who rolled through to hang out with the Swedish woman and pop bottles with us. HAHA

CLICK HERE to view more pictures from Thin/Onyx.

Happy birthday to Ron aka DJ Enron (Mindz Alike)!
I've known Lisa and James since our Middle School days in PQ. HAHA
Damn Yogi is extremely excited in this picture! HAHA No homo!
I couldn't resist... Come to VIP and get a champagne shower! Photo by Brandeezy
I also didn't get to snap a photo of the ice buck I dumped over Guil because it was his birthday too! 143 Julz & Guil!
I'm beginning to think that's Lara's default pose... Cheers!
Mindz Alike: edROC x Mark Marcelo
DJ Izzace movin' the crowd!
Alison x Hannah x Tine x Mikey
Look at these two trouble makers: Steph x Nikki
Oh shit... Thats some abstract photo art right there! HAHA
Ree (Hip-Hop Karaoke) always reppin'!
Rhea x Izzace x Rachel
Of course we brought everyone to La Fachada afterwards for the After Party! Thanks to DJ Rygar (600 Inc), its a requirement for all NoCal DJs to bring the world famous La Victoria aka La Vics' Orange Sauce when they come to SD. HAHA
See you guys next Friday for the Fusion Pre-Party! =)

Spaghetti Night with Teresa Espinosa!

[Sunday, March 7th] Last Sunday we introduced Spaghetti Sundays with Teresa Espinosa! Now, I am sure you guys all know Teresa from ABDC's Beat Freaks, but did you know she also choreographed for the Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, danced for the Onyx Hotel Tour with Britney Spears, and also Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope Tour. But best of all she's an awesome Spaghetti chef! HAHA

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We were all glued to the TV for the Academy Awards. Awsome job LXD! Congrats to The Hurt Locker for topping Avatar at the Oscars. I didn't know Kathryn Bigelow, director of The Hurt Locker, was James Cameron's ex-wife, which he cheated on... Talk about karma!

Anyways, I still haven't seen Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, but I've always been a fan of her's. She just seems like such a funny, genuine, and down-to-earth person. I loved her acceptance speech. Congrats on becoming the 2010 "Best Actress"! Sandra, If you ever read my blog, you should come over for Spaghetti Sunday. =)
Our head chef Ms. Teresa Espinosa (right) along with her assistant & roommate Ashely.
We had a healthy salad, Teresa's signature spaghetti, garlic bread, and even...
Chocolate covered strawberries... Oh shit!
It was a team effort, we even had Grant (Shoeture) help out with dippin' the strawberries. He even laced me up with some Shoeture for my sneakers, but I'll leave that for a separate blog. Thanks again Grant!
Alison aka Friend enjoying her spaghetti... Nice face! HAHA
OMG... They're like so having girl talk right now! Teresa x Mink x Taryn x Michelle x Ashley
Pacific Rim & WOD correspondent, Chris Trondsen came through to with a few friends to enjoy the spaghetti.
I love to see everyone mingling... Little did we know it was about to get super intense with Catch Phrase: Battle of the Sexes!
Oh yeah... It just got extra sexy! HAHA
We found a mutated strawberry that reminded us of a... Nevermind!
Its so on like Donkey Kong! Battle of the Sexes: Boys vs. Girls for consequences. I can't even tell you what the consequences were because it was just so wrong... Who even thought of these consequences... SMH!
We played 3 intense games, first to 10 points. Shit was too hilarious!
Look how intense it is... HAHA!
Obviously JR (blue shirt) has no idea what Chris is describing. HAHA
Fun times!
Too bad the fellas lost all 3 games and had to do the most ridiculous consequences. Sizzle like bacon? Who does that? The last one was the worse but I won't even mention that, we should have won! =(
Men: 8 | Women: 10It was a fun night spent with fun people. It was nice to stay in, watch TV, and play board games. Can't wait until the next Spaghetti Night! Thanks again to Teresa Espinosa and Ashely for everything, and everyone else who came out.

I want a Catch Phrase rematch! ASAP!

Android Homme: Spring 2010

"Shapes and symbols have been a method of communicating and comprehending the unknown since the beginning of time. Android Homme brings you a brand video that utilizes some basic symbols and shapes to outline the process of reprogramming. This piece, directed by Javier Laval, is intended to stimulate and trigger memories from our ancient past to our near and distant future."

Realize. Redefine. Reboot. Reprogram. Android Homme.