Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ABDC Season 5: Disco Challenge Pre-Interview

[Tuesday, March 9th] They took it back to the 70s this week at ABDC with the Disco challenge. Maryss from Paris (Beat Freaks) joined us backstage to conduct a few pre-show interviews for Pacific Rim Video. I couldn't be more excited... I love her! I thought I had lots of energy, but damn, Maryss was dancing all over the place. My good friend Shaun Evaristo (Movement Lifestyle) also came threw to watch the show too. Shaun and I ended up sitting in the audience along with Lando & Lydia Paek (Boxcuttahz).

This week's Disco challenge was a lot of fun to watch, but it was so sad to see two groups go... =( You'll have to wait until Thursday to tune into MTV to see what happens. Here are a few pictures and pre-show interviews.

Maryss from Paris x Shaun Evaristo
If you didn't know I'm now official Poreotix's 7th member!
See I fit right in... HAHA!
We busted a Soul Train line with Jungle Boogie backstage. Check out the video below... Too much fun!
The entire Hype 5-0 crew looked as if they just walked off the set of "That '70s Show"! Loved the outfits!
Here's a preview of their performance... Ouch! HAHA

Pre-Show Interviews with Angelica, Maryss from Paris, & TK:


[Blueprint Cru]:

[Jungle Boogie]:

After the taping a few of us headed out to Pho Citi in Burbank for a late dinner. I got a Pho Tai, Vietnamese Sandwich, & a Vietnamese Ice Coffee... Grubbin'!
WOD x Pacific Rim
Lando x Lydia Paek
Funny story. The other day my lil' cousin Demi hits me up on AIM freakin' out because she found out I'm friends with Lydia Peak (Boxcuttahz | Quest). Apparently Lydia is her idol. She was totally flippin' out, it was so funny.

So while I was headed to ABDC, I call Lydia to tell her about my cousin. She doesn't pick up but right as I walk backstage there she is doing press for I told her about Demi, so we both decided to call her to say "Hi!" All Demi kept saying was, "Are you serious? Oh my god! Oh my god!" HAHA Don't worry Demi, she's be coming back down to San Diego soon.

Here's a video of Lydia singing "Happy Birthday" to DJ Justyle and I last year. 143!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's cool that you know her! Tell her that her and Andrew Garcia make a great team - her singing voice is amazing!