Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bedroom Intruder Halloween Costume

Its amazing how Antoine Dodson went from living in the projects to now a YouTube sensation with his own Halloween costume, paparazzi following him, to rollin' around in a limo, and purchasing a house for his family. The power of the internet.  Its crazy... So hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband too!

CLICK HERE to see him on TMZ.

The Classified™ Final: Case Closed

Confidential celebrates its final Classified™ party this Saturday, October 23rd in grand fashion.

Dress Code: Formal - I'm coming suited up! ;)

For the final event, all guests are encouraged to come in formal or semi-formal attire. Guests in Classified™ attire will receive complementary champagne and other gifts including select House of Blues Halloween Block Party tickets courtesy of Victory Nightlife, DJ Mark Marcelo, Confidential, and all the guest DJs, musicians, and talent that have graced this event.  THANK YOU!

Vertu Constellation Quest: $27,000

Via: Vertu

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

GPPR: "Dossier No. 32148" Trailer

Men’s contemporary clothing brand GPPR, otherwise known as: “ Gentleman, Philosopher, Pervert & Rebel” Launches their Spring 2011 collection: Dossier No. 32148 - A direct tribute to the modern day Renaissance man. Influenced by the men who have become the backbone of our society, “Dossier No. 32148” is infused with an eclectic assortment of prints, textures, and tailored cuts while the classic appeal of the traditional Americana lifestyle is evoked.

Whether you’re an artist or artisan, prophet or profiteer, nobody or somebody; GPPR seeks to convey the feelings of renaissance men across the board, in an effort towards a positively active and united global front.  Here is a glimpse at GPPR’s upcoming short video series, “A Gentleman by Day, Philosopher by Night, Pervert by Choice, & Rebel by Fate”

GPPR collaborated with creative agency, the Social Trust, and photographer, Chaz Cruz on this teaser trailer for the upcoming Spring 2011 "Dossier No. 32148" collection.

Vice Sunday's at Lavo!

[Sunday, October 10th] We brought the party to Vice Sundays at Lavo to celebrate DJ Vice's birthday.  The place was packed with familiar faces, a dance battle with the Jabbawockeez & Super Cr3w, a Hennessy Black birthday cake, lots of Patron, and tons of fun fun fun!

Round 1 with Monique May x Platinum (VH1) x TK x Mike Fal (mL)
Angela x Nancy getting down in front of the DJ booth!
Vice Sundays are crackin'!
Chris (Jabbawockeez) x Nancy x Angela x DJ CLA x DJ Vice
I'm bringing sexy back... ;)
Thanks for the shout outs Vice!
Is that a Hennessy Black birthday cake?! 
Time of my Life!
Doknock (Super Cr3w) rockin' the freestyle cypher!
I don't even remember what I did when Vice called me out, but I know I busted the signature splits! HAHA Shout out to Jabbawockeez x Super Cr3w x DJ Vice!
Go Vice... Its your birthday!
Thanks again for all the hospitality!  I seriously had the TOML once again!  Time for some Pho Kim Long for the after party... :)

Photos via my iPhone 4, Nancy, & Lavo Las Vegas.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Coachella Miniturized...

I grabbed this tilt shift video from Coachella 2010 that my boy Ollie (Wildboyz) shared on Facebook.  I love the miniature effect... Dope video!

Will Smith's Wisdom

Take a few minutes out of your busy day and watch this motivating video... It might change your life! Thanks Will!

Converse All-Star Leather D-Ring

Via: Highsnobiety

Happy Birthday Kita!

You stink! :)

P.S. 143!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Aviator by J. Panther Luggage Co.

I’d say this is the perfect day bag to cary your essentials; a notebook, iPad, bank cards, passport, pencils and phone. What more do we need in a day?

Via: J. Panther Luggage

Day 1: Vegas for Shaun Evaristo's Birthday

[Saturday, October 9th] After the Bassnectar concert on Friday at House of Blues in San Diego, I headed back to Los Angeles that night in record time. 1 hour and 20 minutes. Got some rest, then took a road trip with Nancy (Getatnance) to Las Vegas to celebrate both Shaun Evaristo (Movement Lifestyle) & DJ Vice's (Skam Artist) birthdays.

We met up with Shaun and his entire birthday entourage of 30 at Brio for dinner.  Birthday Patron shots!
Reunited with Mike Fal (Wildboyz Daly City) plus Ryan and Aggie!
Who do you know rolls to the club in a super stretch PINK Hummer!? HAHA
Time to get this party started...
Happy birthday Shaun Evaristo!!!
First stop, XS! With that many dancers at the club, you know we broke out into a circle...
Go Shaun its your birthday... We gonna party like its your birthday!
Lyle Beniga (Movement Lifestyle)
Second stop, Surrender to meet up with Cyrus (The Joint Collective).  Ran into the homie Tony Tran (Kaba) who made a guest appearance at the Jabbawockeez Mus.I.C. show.

Third stop, Tao to visit the birthday boy DJ Vice!
Angela (I'm with the Deejay) x Nancy x TK
Happy birthday toast to everyone's favorite DJ!
We closed out Tao and jumped into a party bus en route to the after party at Rino! HAHA  But I think we all had more fun on the party bus... Vice even made the bus driver do a few more laps because everyone was wildin' out! Fun times!!!

Photos courtesy of my iPhone 4 &

Video: Slightly Dangerous 2010

I think the video says it all... Time of my life!