Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vice Sunday's at Lavo!

[Sunday, October 10th] We brought the party to Vice Sundays at Lavo to celebrate DJ Vice's birthday.  The place was packed with familiar faces, a dance battle with the Jabbawockeez & Super Cr3w, a Hennessy Black birthday cake, lots of Patron, and tons of fun fun fun!

Round 1 with Monique May x Platinum (VH1) x TK x Mike Fal (mL)
Angela x Nancy getting down in front of the DJ booth!
Vice Sundays are crackin'!
Chris (Jabbawockeez) x Nancy x Angela x DJ CLA x DJ Vice
I'm bringing sexy back... ;)
Thanks for the shout outs Vice!
Is that a Hennessy Black birthday cake?! 
Time of my Life!
Doknock (Super Cr3w) rockin' the freestyle cypher!
I don't even remember what I did when Vice called me out, but I know I busted the signature splits! HAHA Shout out to Jabbawockeez x Super Cr3w x DJ Vice!
Go Vice... Its your birthday!
Thanks again for all the hospitality!  I seriously had the TOML once again!  Time for some Pho Kim Long for the after party... :)

Photos via my iPhone 4, Nancy, & Lavo Las Vegas.