Wednesday, October 20, 2010

GPPR: "Dossier No. 32148" Trailer

Men’s contemporary clothing brand GPPR, otherwise known as: “ Gentleman, Philosopher, Pervert & Rebel” Launches their Spring 2011 collection: Dossier No. 32148 - A direct tribute to the modern day Renaissance man. Influenced by the men who have become the backbone of our society, “Dossier No. 32148” is infused with an eclectic assortment of prints, textures, and tailored cuts while the classic appeal of the traditional Americana lifestyle is evoked.

Whether you’re an artist or artisan, prophet or profiteer, nobody or somebody; GPPR seeks to convey the feelings of renaissance men across the board, in an effort towards a positively active and united global front.  Here is a glimpse at GPPR’s upcoming short video series, “A Gentleman by Day, Philosopher by Night, Pervert by Choice, & Rebel by Fate”

GPPR collaborated with creative agency, the Social Trust, and photographer, Chaz Cruz on this teaser trailer for the upcoming Spring 2011 "Dossier No. 32148" collection.