Friday, December 12, 2008


I'm so behind on my blog... I apologize to all my loyal readers. Hopefully I'll be up to date by tomorrow from Las Vegas Day 2 & 3, shopping in LA, visiting the Hellz Bellz and Crooks & Castle offices, Segue meeting at the Grubbery, Supreme at Belo with many out of towners, and of course Alvin's birthday bash tonight.

Stay tune ladies and gentlemen! 143! Have a wonderful weekend!

FYI: Segue Mag is back... Check us out at Be on the look out for Segue in 2009...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hellz Bellz: Born Bad

HELLZ: A Crime For All Seasons Presents...

Holiday 2008 "Born Bad" Collection

Inspired by the infamous Vaudeville actress, and sexual liberator, Mae West, our Holiday collection represents for the "Born Bad" femme fatale. With West's racy quotes which sprang, tough-dame style from the side of her mouth, she's been firmly stamped as the personification of Hellz through her story of survival, persistence, independence and unshakable self-esteem. In her life which ended in 1980, at the age of 87, she became both an icon and pioneer for both men and women everywhere.

The collection comes full force with our "Born Bad" style showcasing key items such as the No Frontin' stadium jacket, Night Stalker doleman top, Grotesk skinny jeans and much more... in all it's madness, it's very Hellz!!  Check out the look book

"Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere" - Mae West

Our Holiday 2008 "Born Bad" Collection is available in stores now!!! You can visit our shop list for our online stores and/or to find a store nearest you,

Also, if you haven't already checked it out, you can visit our blog at for the latest news, adventures and all things Hellz. Enjoy!

Lanie Alabanza-Barcena
Creative Director | Founder

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Victory December Calendar

Las Vegas Day 1: Rok - Seamless - Drais

I returned to Las Vegas this past weekend to host a few events with Usual Suspects (LA) and Alex Retodo Productions (SF) at both Rok and Prive.  This was the second time I hosted any kind of event in Sin City, plus it was Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya weekend so you know it was gonna be crackin'!

It'll always be hard to top our 2006 Wildboyz Las Vegas invasion with 64 people, but this was pretty damn close!  It was by far the craziest... HAHA.  

Thanks to Allen for inviting me to host these events with them.  I appreciate the opportunity and I'm looking forward to doing it again.  Lets make it happen!

CLICK HERE to view all the photos from our Vegas trip.
CLICK HERE to view the photos on my myspace page.

I rented a 8 passenger Toyota Sienna for our trip up to Vegas.  It definitely made the trip much more exciting... Party in the Van!
Jen brought her Spring broadband wireless card with her so we had 3G internet the whole way.  We even spent some time iChatting with folks.  Say hi to Alison on video chat!  

FYI: I just ordered one of these broadband wireless cards... Thanks Jen!
Here we are on our way to pick up Sheryl (BFF) near the 91/15 connection.
Jen x Alfredo x Lovelyn got cups to mix drinks for the road... 
We didn't get to Las Vegas until 12:30AM.  We quickly checked into our room at the Imperial Palace aka IP and got ready.  It was my first time staying at IP.  Its not the ideal room by far, but it was cheap so it worked.  Baller on a budget!  I miss the New Frontier!

"Eyes ladies, eyes!" - Alfredo
Why are we matching?  HAHA
We were finally off to Rok at New York New York at 1:30AM... Here's our traditional elevator picture from IP.
Welcome to Rok!
Rob Zoomy (ZXR) x TK of the Wildboyz (Victory Nightlife)
DJ Mega Man
It was seriously an SD/LA/SF invasion... It was cool to see so many familiar faces so far away from home.  SD represent!
All the ladies love Jon Jon!
Round 1: Patron
DJ Rage (ZXR) x DJ Rygar (600 Inc.) mixin' live at Rok!
SD natives Yogi (Xclusiv) and Ashley Robles were also in the house!
Ashley Robles x Lovelyn
Aww... Lovelyn was my first kiss at the tender age of 15.  FYI.  HAHA
Roscoe Umali and the crew!
Trung (Set 4 Life) was also visiting from SF.  I miss you bro!  Lets go to Cha Cha Cha again!  HAHA
We finally united with Chachy at 4AM to head out to Seamless!
We upgraded to a party bus on the way to Seamless... HAHA
I'm not sure what's going on in this picture... What is Chachy doing and why does Fredo look like that?  HAHA
We were all raging in the party bus... Chachy is an animal!  Roar!!!
"All the f**kin' ladies... All the f**kin' ladies!"  - Official theme song of our trip.
Sexy pose!  I know you like the placement of my hand... HAHA
This picture looks bad... HAHA  We're all crazy!!!
We meet up with Mark Bautista and some of the Mira Mesa homies at Seamless.  There were no cameras allowed since it was a strip/dance club.
Afterwards we headed back on the bus and over to Drais for after hours.  Mike Tyson was there but I didn't want to snap a picture b/c he was getting into it with one of the bouncers.
When we left the club at 7AM the sun was already out... Time for some Moons over my Hammies at Denny's!
Sleeping at Denny's... ZzZzZzZz
We stayed up until 8:30AM...

Even though our night didn't start until 2AM, we were still able to hit up 3 different clubs, see many familiar faces, and party like rock stars!  Going out in Vegas is much more fun when you're one of the host.  HAHA  What a night... That was only the beginning!

To be continued...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm going to EGYPT!

I'm officially going to Egypt with Alvin and Richard the first week of January in '09.  We got hooked up with Business/1st Class tickets and we're staying at the 5 Start Hilton.

I can't wait to find out what 2009 has in store for me... Definitely a great way to start off the year.  I love traveling...
I'm planning on backpacking around Europe sometime in 2009 too... Let me know if you're down.  

Thursday: Supreme 18/21+

I'll be hosting the last 18/21+ event at Belo Nightclub this Thursday, December 11th with Rob Zoomy, Dre Vegas, and Mark Mariano.  We packed the venue with over 800+ people last time so come out early and lets party!

18+ to dip / 21+ to sip... RSVP at

BRB... I'm going to Best Buy!

Just a reminder that the Dark Knight comes out today on two-disc special edition blu-ray.  I just picked up my copy at lunch from Best Buy for $24.99.  The blu-ray edition comes with a special bonus digital copy so you can watch it on your computer too.
FYI: I'm Batman!

Video of the Day: Again

Got this off Thomas Phantom's blog... had to post.  (HAHA)

Thomas found the original Xbox 360 commercial of everyone shooting each other with finger guns at the train station.  This is the commercial the old lady in the video I posted yesterday auditioned for.  HAHA.  Now imagine if she was in the actual commercial.. HAHA! 

Original Post:
I just found this video on the Beez Wax blog. Its hilarious... Hopefully that'll keep you distracted for a few more minutes at work. Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

Description: Looks to be an audition for one of the early Xbox 360 commercials (the banned one with everyone play shooting each other). The old lady can't quite grasp the concept of shooting an imaginary gun...

I can't stop laughing... HAHA

Victory Nightlife Photo Gallery Updates

I've just uploaded a ton of pictures from Victory Nightlife's November events from Onyx & Thin, House of Blues, and U-31 to Victory's flickr account.  Sorry for the delay everyone... Enjoy the pictures and start adding them to your myspace and facebook accounts.

CLICK HERE to view photos from 11.07: Exclusive @ Onyx & Thin
CLICK HERE to view photos from 11.26: Club Massive pt. I
CLICK HERE to view photos from 11.26: Club Massive pt. II
CLICK HERE to view photos from 11.29: Soulstice 2 @ U-31

Here's a preview to refresh your memory!  Thank you for continuing to support Victory Nightlife and celebrating the Good Life!

11.07: Exclusive @ Onyx & Thin for Kaycie's Birthday and Leo's Welcome Home party!

Leo is dunzo!
11.26: Club Massive: Pre-Thanksgiving @ House of Blues

11.28: Soulstice 2 @ U-31 hosted by Mindz Alike and DJ Mark Marcelo