Saturday, May 5, 2007

Into the HEART

Yesterday, I judged at Climax Dance Competition at the Chula Vista YMCA. It wasn't what I expected... It was outdoors, really cold, light sprinkles, dim lights, with a linoleum dance floor. But it turned out to be lots of fun b/c I judged w/ Erik Saradpon (EK Etc. & Formality) and Anna Sarao (The Jedi Master of the Dance Scene).

Props to Mark for putting the show together... I never would have been able to organize an event like that when I was in high school. Great job bro!
Judges table... We got hooked up w/ a $20 gift certificate to Cheesecake Factory!
Angie Girl, Mark Mariano, Anna, Christine, and TK. Angie Girl is the best MC... EVER! She's straight comedy!!!
The Judges!!!
Here's a view from the Judges tables... They did have spot lights but it was pretty dark.
All the competing teams were high school students... There were some very talented individuals. I finally got to see Choreo Cookies perform for the first time... They're ILL! Oceanside represent! I was pleasantly surprised and I'm looking forward to their set at Body Rock.

Afterwards, Anna, Christine, and I meet up w/ Myster, Ollie, and Chris at Seau's in Mission Valley. We were all starving! It was my first meal all day at 10PM. We feasted like KINGS!
Ollie explained to us, "You have to get into the HEART" if you want to get a girl! I'm still working my way into Myster's heart... Thanks for the advice Ollie! HAHA
Tonight is the night!!! Game 7: Rockets vs. Jazz... De La Hoya vs. Mayweather... and of course EXCELSIOR for Cinco De Mayo!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spiderman 3

Edwards Cinemas in Mira Mesa has converted into an IMAX theatre as of today! Althea and I headed over there at 5:00ish and there was already a long line of people for the 11:59AM showing of Spiderman 3. They still have 7 hours till showtime... CRAZY!

The only IMAX tickets left for Spiderman 3 were for 3:15AM. They only had 21 tickets left and I bought 10 of them. As of 8:11PM, I have one extra ticket left so if you want it give me a call... So far we have: TK, Althea, Christine, Ollie, Chris, Allan, Freddy (?), JR, & Anna.

If you're bored tonight come join us in line... HAHA I can't wait!!! I don't even know what the difference between IMAX and the normal digital is but its a $3 difference in ticket price so it better be good! I'm gonna go in my Spiderman suit! HAHA
I know its late but after watching the Spiderman 3 trailer... How could you not wanna go?!

I can't wait to see VENOM!!!


If you guys aren't doing anything tomorrow... I'll be judging a High School dance competition at the South Bay YMCA called CLIMAX: II. I'm filling in for UFX Director Vanessa Andrada... Let me know if you're down! HAHA
Who's down for SPIDERMAN 3 tonight at Edwards Mira Mesa... 3:15AM Showing!

The Wildboyz Movie

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Fresh Off The Press!

After my Body Rock meeting in Downtown yesterday, I swung by SD Custom Printing to pick up Body Rock fliers. The fliers look really good! I love the whole throw back look!

I chatted it up w/ Vaughn (owner) while I waited for the fliers to finish. He told me they do anywhere from 100,000 - 150,000 fliers everyday! Thats a lot of freakin' fliers. He doesn't know where they all go but they're all out there somewhere. On top of that, their printing machine alone cost $250,000... I got to see the whole process. Pretty cool!

Drop by StudioFX if you want to pick up a stack and help us spread the word. Body Rock is going to be B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I'm looking forward to the "Open Circle Battle Royale" b/c of all the drama building up between a few certain teams. You won't want to miss the largest Hip-Hop competition on the West Coast!

FYI: Tickets are available online now at

Thanks to Ollie (Wildboyz & Olliewood Studio) for the wonderful design and Vaughn (SD Custom Printing) for the fliers!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Boogie Wars

Sorry to all my loyal readers for the lack of updates. I've been busy proofing fliers (HOB, Excelsior, & Body Rock), working on fliers (Heat & The Scene), updating myspace pages (TK, Victory Nightlife, & Body Rock), and more meetings!

Victory Nightlife is now on Myspace! Add us as your friend!
This past weekend, I was in Las Vegas for Boogie Wars w/ my other family UrbanFX. Like always... It was fun times!!! I'll leave the pictures to do most of the talking:

Thanks Raelynn for driving... Back seat of the Armada!
UrbanFX Team Picture... I'm the official UrbanFX spokesperson.
FORMALity '02... I miss you guys!
Cast Meeting
Hi 220!!!
Afterparty at our Hotel... Fiesta in Henderson.
Turned out to be a high school dance... All the 21+ headed to the strip after!
In line at Tao at the Venetian...
Bermuda Triangle
My PUSSYCATDOLL... Myster Scherzinger
Jim looks Gangsta or Hot! HAHA
Shots on Christine!
Party foul on Fredo...
Harold is from SPARTA!
Gonzales x Mysters
Drunken Bitches... JK
Party Boyz! HAHA
4AM... On our way to Drais for the After After Party!
We ended up at Drais, which is an after hours club, till about 6:00AM... Some stayed till 8:00AM. Its weird getting out of a club and the sun already up... Fun times!!! Thanks UFX and 143!!!

To see all 90 pictures from our Vegas trip visit my Flickr Gallery: Boogie Wars LV

Here's video from the best performance all night...CHILL FACTOR featuring the Wildboyz OC Jay Chris Moore and friends!

P.S. Congrats to RON aka Bluballz on getting hired at COMMISSARY in Hillcrest.

I just picked these up at Blends today... I wasn't suppose to spend money on shoes but I couldn't resist. $200 retail but I got the homie hook up! Jordan Spiz-ike...