Saturday, January 27, 2007

We've got DSL

That's right! We've got DSL... Nintendo DS Lite that is!!!

Thursday 01.25 - Myster and I started off our days by eating at the *NEW* Quiznos Sub next to Willy's Workshop. It was their first day of business and you could tell they were still learning. There was about 8 people behind the counter making just two sandwiches. It was kinda entertaining. We both ordered the Cabo Chick (highly recommended) and they forgot to put lettuce and guacamole. It took them a good 10 mins to make our sandwiches but it was there first day so its ok... But if it happens the next time I expect a FREE sub. HAHA

Cabo Chicken Sandwiches... YUMMY!
Later on that night we watched the Wildboyz Purple Haze Basketball team get their first HAHA Since they're sponsored by Victory & the Workshop I had to throw that in there. But yeah we finallly got our first WIN! After words, JR, Cecile, and I went to Walmart and Target to go game hunting for our DS. We eventually ended up at Apple Bee's in Mira Mesa w/ the rest of the gang.
I bought 4 games that day!
Check out the Nintendo DS Lite Crew... We got our own table!
Friday 01.26 - Today was officially Nintendo DS Lite Hunting Day. Our adventure begins at Seoul BBQ in Clairmont were all 5 of us (Myster, Rae, Cecile, JR, & I) all got Bulgogi lunch specials!

Check out the two non DS owners (Myster & Rae) they're SAD... On the other hand we have Cecile a proud owner of a White DS... Look she's HAPPY! (We really didn't plan to take the picture this way its just how it ended up... I swear!)
Hardcore Gamers!
This is what all the car rides looked like...

We even had time to stop by UCSD so Cecile could drop of her homework and for us to visit Alfredo at "work". He's the Graphic Supervisor or something at UCSD. All he ever does is chat online... I never see him working. This pic was taken on his iMac in his office.
After searching everywhere for the DS... We ended up at Target Mira Mesa where they did have a DS... But a PINK one. EWW! HAHA But JR & Cecile came up on a Nintendo Wii. The last one! Its JR's birthday gift from Sister Bear aka Cecile... Now thats a dope gift! Doesn't that look like a Target ad?
We searched and called all around SD but all we found were two pink DSs. We knew we had a good chance if we went back to the Costco I got mine at but I wanted to pay w/ credit and Costco doesn't accept credit. BOO!!!

We were left w/ no choice but to buy 2 of the last 3 at Costco. Our search had finally ENDED!
Happy Squirrel!
So now both Mysters have one. Myster female aka Althea has a white Nintendo DS that matches her white MacBook... We both put Apple stickers on our DSs... Baby MacBooks.
The DSL Crew is now COMPLETE...
We basically had a Nintendo party at my house... DS & the Wii. Mario Kart DS is fun w/ 5 players... All you need is one game and we can all play on our DSs. See how much fun it is! I'm tellin' you guys... YOU SHOULD ALL GET ONE TOO!

Nintendo DS Game Library:
-New Super Mario Bros.
-Mario & Lugi Partners in Time
-Mario Kart DS
-Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!
-The Big Brain Academy
-Tetris DS

Most wanted DS Game:
-Advance Wars DS

We were out from 1-8:30PM searching high and low for a DS... We completed our mission and came up on a Wii. Christine also picked up a pink DS in Irvine that night. We'll be flossin' our DSs at Vibe on Sunday. I spent about $500 the last three days on Nintendo DS systems and games... But fuck it! You only live once so lets play!

Don't forget tomorrow is Excelsior... Its not too late to get on the list so email me at

COMING SOON: Awesome & Totally 80's @ House of Blues Sunday February, 18th

This post is dedicated to the Neglerios' and the loving memory of PRINCE.

-Ollie Neglerio

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

DS Lite

I just picked up a Onyx (aka Black) Nintendo DS Lite bundle package today from Costco for $165.99. It came w/ the DS, the New Super Mario Bros, and a few useless accessories.

I figured that I'd be on the road a lot in the next few months so it could keep me company. Also, Laguna, Cecile, Ronald, Anabel, Willy, and Shalihe already have one and they keep telling me to get one. I guess its a couples thing... HAHA I use to have a Sony PSP but I quickly got tired of it b/c it was basically a port of normal PS2 games. Since I already had a PS2, what was the point of getting a downgraded version of the same game on a PSP. On the other hand, DS games are different, creative, fun, and simple. Its more about the games w/ the DS.

So far I like it... But I'm still debating if I should return it b/c Costco has a really lenient return policy.


The Nintendo DS Lite is really cool looking though...

Fatch's Birthday Week

Its basically been Fatch's Birthday all week long...

Friday 01.19 - We all came out to support Jay from 5&A Dime at Landlord Jims. Our very own DJ Bluballz aka Ron was a guest DJ. I know its a small place but there was a constant flow of people throughout the night. Ms. Raelynn Tayao had a bit too much to drink... It's the most drunk I'd ever seen her.

Cutest Couple '07
Myster looks extra *PRETTY* here... ;)
Sunday 01.21 - The BBoy Bounce w/ J-Razcal at Skate World. I didn't take many pictures b/c we were skating the entire time but it was tons of fun. Although my knees are badly bruised from our race... I ran into a hidden ledge on the wall... Not fun! Here's a few pics...

What if I was really this tall?
Some of the fellas (Photo by: Christank)
(Photo by: Christank)
Wildboyz Skate Team

Happy Birthday Fatch! We still have one more party to go this Friday at La Jolla Brew House. So if you missed out on Roller Skating come celebrate w/ us this Friday... Just email me at if you wanna get on the guestlist.
Monday 01.22 - Was an eventful day. I was actually up to see the sun for more than 10 hours. I usually average only 5 hours or less. HAHA I finally book my plane ticket to Vietnam. I'm leaving February 28th with an open return date that is good for 6 months. I also got a multi-entry visa so I can go to Singapore, China, and Japan. I always knew this day would come but now that I have an actual date... I'm getting nervous. Its going to be a huge change! Anyways I don't wanna get to emo...

TK's Going Away Party: Saturday, February 24th @ Excelsior... SAVE THE DATE!

Althea and I caught a matinée showing of Pursuit of Happyness at Edwards. I heard it was a wonderful movie but I was avoiding it b/c I know I'm gonna tear up. Father son movies make me miss my dad, but I'll see him next month. This was such a heartfelt movie. I recommend it to everyone. It reminded me of how much my mom has sacrificed for my brother and I. Go watch it!It was weird b/c we got out of the movie and the sun was still up. So the Mysters went to Hilltop Park to watch the sunset. The picture below is desktop worthy... Let me know if you want it for you desktop... I'll email it to you! HAHA
I asked Althea out on those benches nearly 7 years ago. Wow... 7 years!
Love you Myster Baby!

Its so weird to not have to go to school anymore. I've been trying to keep busy by going to the gym, emailing, phone calls, reading (no really... I've been reading), brainstorming, and just getting myself prepared for the next chapter in my life.

Anyways, this Saturday we have Concrete @ Excelsior. Check out the new flyer I designed... Its simple.