Saturday, March 21, 2009

TONIGHT: U-31 in North Park!

5DTV: Mustache is for Lovers!

5&A Dime just had there Mustache is for Lover's party at the Office last Saturday. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go because I was hosting Red Circle, but they just posted a video recap from the event. Look out for more mustache parties to come... I wish I could grow a mustache sometimes, but I can't grow facial hair... Or arm pit hair for that matter. HAHA.

I'll be at the next one for sure...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

04.04: World of Dance @ Pomona Fairplex

World of Dance is the largest West Coast urban dance competition taking place at the Pomona Fairplex on Saturday, April 4th. Come check out the top two crews from Season 3 of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew: Beat Freaks and Quest Crew both performing live!

With focus on uniting today's Fashion and Independent Street Wear with the art of Freestyle Dance and Urban Choreography, World of Dance is the largest touring event embracing Urban Dance Youth Lifestyle.

Desirable Brands both Large and Small will witness hundreds of participants, the country’s top Dance Troupes, and thousands of spectators woven together in a performance festival setting, awarding today’s top dancers with the most prestigious acknowledgements and apparel sponsorships. The 2009 World of Dance Tour promises to deliver an unparalleled experience to both participants and spectators in an effort to build a reputation as the West Coast authority in Urban Dance Culture.

For more information check out:

I'll be there!

Friday: 80s/90s with DJ edROC & Julz @ ONYX!

Secret Password: "I love Zack Morris!"

The password is for FREE admission before 11PM and half off afterwards. See you Friday! You know its gonna be crackin'!!!

Just added to the birthday list: Mr. Alfredo Vilano

Dirty Mondays vs. One People Project

After a meeting with House of Blues on Monday, I meet up with some of the homies at Willy's Workshop to head up to Encinitas for Dirty Mondays. Everyone was crackin' jokes when I got there because I was already bright red from the mojitos I had at the meeting. We packed 7 people into the 4Runner and headed north...

Last time I was at the Saloon, Scott (One People Project) asked if I wanted to co-host an event there with him and Gabe Vega. Sure, why not? I thought it would be refreshing to party somewhere outside of the Gaslamp with a totally different crowd. We had the place crackin' by 10:30PM...

CLICK HERE to see my photos from Dirty Mondays
CLICK HERE to see Mikey's photos from Dirty Mondays.

Chillin' in the parking lot...
Dirty Mondays vs. One People Project
Flo aka Uncle Junie (5&A Dime) opened up the night!
Team Stripper Money Reunited: Jenn x Meg
Patron time!
Kimtan (open your eyes) x Jenny x Joe x Steven x Josie (open your eyes too) x Mark Marcelo... Whats wrong with you Mark?
I like this photo...
Gelen x Scott (One People)
You're host for the night: Scott x TK x Brett
Joe Iggy with dreads... HAHA
Mikey x Brett
Gabe Vega with the birthday celebrant! Thanks again for everything Gabe! Lets do it again...
TK x Thania aka Queen of the Jungle... HAHA
??? x ??? x Jessi x TK... I met Jessi in New York through Irv. Its crazy to run into her in Encinitas. HAHA Small world...
Ended the night with a California Burrito at Filiburto's... So delicious! Thanks to everyone that came out on a Monday. We'll be doing it again soon... Thanks to One People Project and Gabe Vega once again for bringing me on board. Till next time...

I'm on Asiance Magazine... HAHA

Sthanlee (Pacific Rim) sent me this link the other day on Facebook from Asiance Magazine, which is the "Magazine for Asian American Women". They used the picture of Melissa and I from the Fast and the Furious Premier, but what's funny is that we're up there with actual celebrities like Jamie (MTV's Real World), Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and others. On top of that, they only put my name under the photo, but its Melissa the one who's actually famous. HAHA

I thought it was funny, and kinda cool...

CLICK HERE to visit the site.

Which reminds me, I'll be featured in an upcoming San Diego magazine in May. Its all a work in progress but I'll keep you all updated. I'm excited!

Saturday: Red Circle hosted with Rob Zoomy

Saturday I drove back down to SD to host Red Circle along with Rob Zoomy (DV8). We had the place packed by 11PM, but its not that big of a spot to start with. But everyone came through to celebrate Jenny Ly aka Ms. China, Razo (Victory Nightlife), and Allen Reyes aka DJ Rage's birthdays.

CLICK HERE to see the pictures from Red Circle.

Before the rush of party goers came, Rob and I snuck over to THIN/ONYX were they had catered sushi from 9-10PM. Holla at your free sushi! I was starving!
Welcome to Red Circle...
Julz (Mindz Alike) held it down for the first part of the night!
We got our own VIP section with 2 bottles of Ciroc Vodka. Talk about multitasking... Here I am pulling the signature move on Karen while collecting money from the friends. HAHA
Crackin'! We were at least 40 deep...
Chachy x Karen x Sheryl x TK
Vanessa x Theresa x Josephine x Jenny (Birthday Girl) x April
Even Dwen and Mike came out too!
Orange County in the house! Densen x Angelo x Chach
Scotty x Jenn x Terry stopped by too after coming from the 5&A Dime Mustache Party.
Ride or Die.
The ladies love the mustache... HAHA
Gettin' down on the dance floor with Ashley. Not sure what kind of dance move that is... HAHA
Lovelyn (CSSD) x TK
Tricksters: Cindy x TK... We're both Vietnamese but you probably wouldn't have guessed.
TK x April aka BFF's GF
TAA: Tall Ass Asians
Everyone loves Zoomy!
Rage (Birthday Boy) x Ashley Robles
Jomo snapped the perfect picture of my reaction after looking at the bill... DAMN! Thanks to the friends that helped pitch in. HAHA
F it! Drink your sadness away! HAHA
"Why are you sucking on the bottle you dirty mother f*cker!?!?" - TK
Freddy ended up riding home with me, but before we headed back to PQ we killed 1/2 a bottle of vodka that Zoomy still had. Then made our way over to Thin/Onyx for another round of drinks... HAHA.

We were going to meet up with everyone else at Santana's but I wasn't in any condition to drive so we just got Mexican food in Downtown and headed to Bumsville.

I got a hilarious video of Freddy slowly melting away into a deep slumber while waiting for our food.
Back at Bumsville. We were going to spend the night but Freddy said he would keep me awake if I drove home....
Thanks Fred! This fool knocked out right when we got into the car while still holding half of his uneaten burrito.
Thanks to everyone that came out! Happy birthday to Jenny, Razo, and Allen! We'll be back at Red Circle this Saturday so come through!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When the HELLZ are you going to make guy clothes?

Saturday morning I headed over to the Hellz Bellz sample sale at Archrival in Tokyo Town with MelRey. There was a pretty long line of shoppers outside dying to get their hands on these exclusive Hellz samples. I wish they made clothes for guys already. I'm still waiting Lanie! HAHA.

A Crime for all Seasons...
Miss Lawn... Check out her blog:
Shopping shopping!
Here's the line outside of Archrival.
While all the ladies were shopping, I played hall monitor with my ferocious side kick, Sneaker (Imee's dog).
Melissa x Imee x Rino (Beat Freaks) x Lanie x Rino's Sister
Everyone definitely came up at the sale. It was back down to SD for me afterwards... Fun times once again in LA! See you soon!