Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sexy Boy Special at HOB!

What better way to close out the House of Blues Block Party than with some dudes body rollin' in their boxers... HAHA! Thank you to Sexy Boy Special for allowing Mark "Porky" and I to make a cameo at the end... Fun times!

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Shaun Evaristo ft. the Sh!t Kings @ HOB!

Thank you to my good friend Shaun Evaristo for coming down to San Diego and blessing all of us with this amazing performance featuring the Sh!t Kingz (Japan), Paul Ross (Formality), Keone Madrid (Choreo Cookies), and Dana Wilson. Its incredible when you can actually see the music coming to life through your movements... Simple put, Shaun Evaristo is the Sh!t... Kings! HAHA

Edited by Garvin Ha.

Happy "21st" Birthday Jenilee Reyes!

[Wednesday, May 26th] We celebrated Jenilee's "21st" birthday with a surprise dinner at Terroni followed by an after party at Purple Lounge at the Standard. The surprised festivities were planned by the two worse surprise birthday planners ever in life aka Neran x Kristen. HAHA I guess its the thought that counts. Well at least Jenilee acted surprised. :)

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Jenilee's "21st" birthday.

I loved the ambience of this place Italian spot... Good choice Neran!
Bee Nguyen's daughter, Kiarra, recently started her own custom greeting card company. For just $1, you can have the perfect greeting card for any special occasion. Let me know if you're interested and I'll refer you! HAHA
I wonder what could be in that box....
She loves it...
Cheez-Its! :)
Neran x Tiffany
Antoinette x Tom
She's so cute... I'm talking about the baby! HAHA
Kristen Brockman is one crazy fun white girl! HAHA
We were feastin'!
So freakin' adorable!
Don't forget to make a wish...
Happy "21st" birthday Jenilee!
Before heading over to the Purple Lounge at the Standard, I stopped by La Vida to wish Teresa (Barney's) a happy birthday as well. Shout out to the Barney's Co-Op crew!
Tea Bags aka Teresa aka Birthday Girl!
It was my first time at La Vida and I must say I love the layout of the venue because the dance floor is inside and the VIP tables are in an outdoor patio area. On my way out, I saw over a dozen paparazzi waiting outside because Justin Timberlake was supposedly coming... Maybe I should have stayed. HAHA
But it was off to Avalon for Carnival: Choreographer's Ball to support Shaun Evaristo & the Sh!t Kingz... It was also crackin'!
Let the show begin...
Props to Shaun Evaristo, the Sh!t Kings, Keone Madrid, and Paul Ross for an amazing show!
Don't forget about Dana Wilson too!
They shut it down at Carnival... AMAZING! I couldn't for everyone to witness this performance first had at the House of Blues Block Party.
Great job! See you guys Sunday for my birthday event!
Time to head over to Purple Lounge!

Kristin x Jenilee x Nancy
HAHA... If I could only show you the next picture! ;)
DJ Lady Sha x Killuh B x Tiffany
All the ladies love Carlos aka Quix!
Aww... I miss Mink (Crooks)
JD was kickin' back and straight loungin' in the hanging chairs... I need one of these in my room!
These two are trouble!
Harold x Kumar
Happy birthday Jenilee!
It was a good night...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Party of the Year = Bill of the Year

@tk_nguyen: Just found my reciept for my bar tab. #FML! That's with 6 comp bottles which aren't included! #partyoftheyear

FYI: They didn't have Belvedere at HOB so we couldn't get #morebelve

"Party of the Year" photos by

Many thanks to Kim and the family for coming through to House of Blues. They've definitely been keeping busy and I can't wait to see their latest videos... 143!

CLICK HERE to view event coverage on their Facebook page.

This is my new favorite picture! :) TK Nguyen x Hannah aka the Assistant! We're gonna takeover the world... Muahahah!