Saturday, December 19, 2009

Runyon Canyon

[Tuesday, December 15th] Since I finally have my own place now in LA, I need to get into a rhythm and start being more active again. So on Tuesday Mink, Mark Marcelo, Jenny Ting, and I headed up to Runyon Canyon for an afternoon hike to enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather.

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I don't think Mark got the memo but we were about to do some serious hiking, he looked as if we were about to go out. HAHA

Follow the leader...
We could actually see the ocean in the distance because it was such a clear day!
You can do it guys!
We continued our healthy lifestyle by paying California Chicken Cafe on Melrose a visit.

My favorite salad of all time: California Chicken Salad

I like this billboard!
It was back to house afterwards, for some productive time with Allen Palos (Usual Suspects) and Jerry Meng (3Steps Ahead). I love Google Documents!
We're going hiking again on Tuesday if anyone else wants to join us! =)

Alvinisms: KJ & Krissy Wedding Part I

Mr. Alvinisms just posted a recap of Part I of KJ & Krissy's wedding... Check it out:

Ollie, Kimtan and I went to the reception hall early.

To set up the photobooth...and model a bit.

But we got to the wedding just in time for the fun and everything.

FOB status is the best.

Some of the girlies waiting the be the next bride.

Will it be JR and Cile?

Me, Allan, and JR illin in the back.

Ollie and TJ trying to look hard.

KJ before he walked down the aisle.

Josh Jr aka Popozapo getting ready. Cute!

This is too cute man.

I've seen Toe-Knee dress up almost like this in some of his events.




Small, quaint, and lovely wedding.

I caught the Local Hero lurking in the back.

You may kiss the bride.


This is half the family I believe.

There's the newlyweds.

WBZ family chillin in the cut.

Rose and her sexy face. Hahaha!

Black Mountains best singing duo.

Little Willy and...

Big Willy.

Maybe TJ and Ellen will be next. Nice photobomb Troy!

Groom and groomsmen.

Nice Toes.


The groom and his mommy aka Auntie Mickey.

Watch Fatch's face change from serious too...

Happy uncle! Hahaha!

Time to roll out to the reception. Next post!

See you there Krissy!

Movie Trailer: Iron Man 2

I wish I was Toe-Knee Stark...


It's always funny to see a grown man karoake. Especially when it's our good friend Joe Iggy. Street cred is now out the window. Sorry buddy.

Via: 5&A Dime Blog

Joe aka Iggy is officially suspended from the TAA crew for the next 2 months... Not cool! HAHA

Friday, December 18, 2009

Playmore Holiday Party @ Villa by Linus Shentu

Here's a preview of a few photos from our Playmore Holiday Party at Villa Lounge in West Hollywood. Photos courtesy of Linus Shentu.

To be continued...