Friday, May 23, 2008

I hate the RAIN!

I'm about to head up to Hollywood for my 25th Birthday Bash at Element hosted by 21XL. I know lots of my friends from LA are coming out so its gonna be nuts! I just wish I was off my crutches but maybe if I drink enough I might be able to walk on it. HAHA

It's a busy busy weekend with Element, Wave House, and House of Blues. I have hotel rooms for Element and House of Blues so I'll be living out of a suitcase this week. Last night's Remix event at Belo turned out better than our last event. Everyone there seemed to have a great time. It was pretty packed for a Thursday. Special thanks to Choreo Cookeis who performed... Good luck at Ultimate Brawl this Sunday.

Anyways, I've asked Mother Nature for clear skies tomorrow so hopefully she can deliver. According to we might have light shower in the morning but hopefully the sun comes out after 2PM. I hope everyone can come out. We're still going to have fun regardless. We have tons of give aways from Alphanumeric and Sun Diego. Don't forget we've got beer pong tables set up too! See you tomorrow! Email me: to get on the guestlist.


GUEST LIST: $5 until 5PM


Thanks to Alphanumeric for all the free goodies!

Top Model

This past Sunday I dropped by Guil's house for his mom's birthday party.  She was kinda speechless when she met me b/c when I introduced myself, I said, "Hi!  I'm Toe-Knee.  I'm your other son!"  HAHA  She was surprised with how much Guil and I looked a like.  HAHA  

It was a chill day.  Roseanne, Julz, and Jamie were also there too along with lots of family and friends.
Wifey aka Jamie aka Pnai Bootie... HAHA
Guil with his older brother Giovanni from New Jersey.
Have you ever meet a family of Asians who were all at least 6 foot tall?  It's crazy!  All three of Guil's other siblings, including his sister are at least 6 foot tall.  WOW!  Father x Guil x Brother
Guil's dad is a party animal.  He kept offering us shots of patron and jack... He was one drunken uncle.  HAHA
Fast forward to Tuesday.  Scotty (Victory Nightlife) joined me in Downtown for a few meetings.  My first pit stop was at House of Blues.  We got everything set for this Sunday's Club Massive for Memorial Day Weekend ft. Misa Campo & Melissa Reign.  For more details CLICK HERE to see the flyer.
Afterwards we headed to Onyx and Thin to discuss our upcoming Friday, June 6th "Exclusive" event.  We're going to be working with Z90.3FM because we're bringing in a special guest DJ... More details coming soon!

We also meet up with Rob Zoomy (ZXR | Club Deviate) to discuss our upcoming events.  Here's a peak into Rob's bachelor pad in Downtown San Diego.  I wish I had my own place in Downtown too!
Later that night I meet up with some friends at Bar Basic.  My favorites, Rose (BFF) and Vanessa were celebrating because they finished another semester of their nursing program.  During the semester I never see them because they're always studying everyday.  Therefore once the semester is over they always go nuts!  

Check out Rose showing us her best "Top Model" pose!  HAHA
Scotty x TK
My Favorites!  Wildgirlz 4 Life!
Jen, Alvin, Louie, and Kimtan also came out to join the celebration.
This was suppose to be their "THUG" picture but look at Vanessa she's sleeping... WTF?  HAHA
You can always count on Vanessa to have the best poses ever... 
Once again check out Vanessa and the rest of their nursing program friends.  Congrats guys!
Vanessa again!!!  HAHA
Jager Bombs round for both the celebrants, Scotty, and I!
Our turn!  Cheers!
Aww... This is the last picture of the night!  HAHA  TK x Cheryl
By the end of the night, Rose was so drunk!  It was hilarious watching her in her drunken state of mind.  I love my BFF (since 7th grade) aka GummeeDork!  HAHA

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kanye West @ the 25th Anniversary G-Shock Event

If you weren't fortunate enough to attend the G-Shock 25th Anniversary event in New York last week, you can now catch a glimpse of Kanye West's performance that night. In this video, you can see Kanye perform his hit song "Can't Tell Me Nothing" with half nude girls dancing on the stage. It's a pretty powerful performance so check it. Not really safe for work though.

Source: Hypebeast

I've always wanted a G-Shock watch since I was a middle schooler but at the time it was pretty pricey. But I've been searching ebay and recently found a few OG G-Shock watches for only $40 plus shipping. Not too bad... I might have to look into it. Anyone want to buy me a birthday gift? HAHA

Who's down this FRIDAY?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Warehouse Sale & Afterparty

Hellz Bellz is having a warehouse sale this Saturday & Sunday at 5&A Dime's pop-up gallery. 
Come party afterwards at House of Blues for the official Hellz Bellz Sample Sale Afterparty!

SUNDAY: Club Massive @ House of Blues San Diego
Sunday, May 25th
1055 Fifth Avenue | San Diego, CA 92101


Dress Code: Casual

Presale: CLICK HERE to purchase your $10 presale tickets now, which guarantees your admission and express entry. $10 presale tickets are available until Saturday, May 24th. $15 presale tickets will be available the day of the event. PRESALE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Guest List: FREE for the first 100 guest. Discounted $10 until 10:30PM. General admission is $20. Get there early because doors open at 9PM.

Victory's Annual Memorial Day Massive at House of Blues is the official Summer 2008 Kick Off Event. This is also the Hellz Bellz Sample Sale Afterparty. Featuring the beautiful Misa Campo & Melissa Reign. Live dance performance by UrbanFX. Trust us you won’t want to miss this massive event...

Congrats to Alvin

He just picked up a new Specialized mountain bike from Black Mountain Bicycles in Mira Mesa.  I can't wait until we can all ride together.  I gotta start walking first but I'm working on it.  I miss riding my bikes!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Saturday's fundraiser for StudioFX dance center turned out successful.  For those of you that didn't hear, StudioFX was robbed a few weeks ago.  All their sound equipment (amplifier, cd player, speakers) were all stolen.  We were able to raise a few hundred dollars to help replace some of their equipment through donations and proceeds from the door.  On top of that everyone had a great time! 

CLICK HERE to see all the photos from our StudioFX Fundraiser.

Welcome to Prospect Bar & Lounge in La Jolla featuring DJ Speshul ED (below) & DJ Akrite of Mindz Alike.
Here are a few of the early birds who come for the hosted vodka bar that lasted until 10pm.  Free drinks!!!
D proposed to Lala on her birthday when Prospect was still called Excelsior.  Brownes!!!
The Brothers: David x Ramon x D x TK
Romeo x Dana with their donation boxes... Looks like Romeo has a d**k in a box!  HAHA
Gelen x DJ x Eileen x Cheryln x Rochelle.  I miss these girls!  We all haven't hung out in awhile... Reunion!!!
Everyone loves the crutches... HAHA
Alvin x Ollie serving up the drinks in VIP.
This is how we do... Look at Glenn in the background cheering her on.  HAHA
Reunion. DJ x Eileen x TK x Glenn x Chris x Soft Hands... HAHA
Happy Going Away to Jelen!
Here's Vanessa and Val (Vanessa's sister) with their friends in VIP.
Andrada Sisters: Val x Vanessa the owners of StudioFX.  143!
Alvin x Gelen on the dance floor!
Greg x Scotty of Victory Nightlife!
Sorry 6 footers only... 
TK x Andrea x ???
My favorite picture of the night... Angie Girl and I breakin' it down on the dance floor!
No comment.
Monee x Mahalene x Annemarie
Gettin' low with my crutches and walking boot... Who wants some?  HAHA
Stephanie x Wile
Tarzan x Lora
Crackin'!!!  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported StudioFX.  We appreciate all the donations.
StudioFX raffle for Body Rock Dance Competition tickets... CLICK HERE to purchase your presale tickets now for Body Rock on Saturday, May 31st.
The night ended with us all mobbing to Santana's for mexican food.  It was basically another runion: Wildboyz, Aholla, Picket Fence, the Brothers, TAA, and more... Too bad there were only 2 workers.  It took us 20 mins to just order and another 20 mins to get our food.  I still like the place but they need to get more employees for their late Saturday night crowd.
Santana's is crackin'!!!
Look out for all of this week's festivities to kick off Memorial Day weekend:

Thursday 5/22: Belo Nightclub
Friday 5/23: Element (Hollywood)
Saturday 5/24: Wave House***
Sunday 5/25: House of Blues***

Thursday 5/29: Jade Theater***
Friday 5/30: Deco's Nightclub
Saturday 5/31: Body Rock Dance Competition
Sauturday 5/31: Onyx Room

For more information please check out: