Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Victory™ Roll at Seau's

Ladies and gentlemen, join the Victory Nightlife family this Tuesday at Seau's in Mission Valley for the unveiling of the Victory™ sushi roll.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Download: "From the Westside with Love"

Dom Kennedy's newest album, "From the Westside with Love" has just hit the world wide web and already has over 10K downloads. Don't sleep on it because this is the last time Dom is giving away an album for free.

CLICK HERE to download Dom Kennedy's "From the Westside with Love"

[SD] 03/27: Saturday at Confidential is Classified

We'll be celebrating the birthdays of Terry Kang (Bumsville) and Joe "Iggy" Ignacio (TAA)!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kid Cudi: "Soundtrack 2 My Life"

I love how this was pieced together using various clip from his recent tour. Get it, soundtrack to his life, using video from his life... HAHA

This video is a bit older, but its one of my favorites. Plus, Vince (Wildboyz) just pointed out that the girl getting the champagne shower from Cudi & Drizzy is our homiegirl from high school, Yumi.

Pacific Rim Ninja Interviews!

[Backstage Ninja Interviews]: We try conducting ninja interviews backstage with Poreotix & Blue Print Crew... FAIL!

[Ninja Interview Part I]: We did a few ninja interviews on the streets outside of Warner Brother Studios with Vogue Evolution along with Steve Terada of Quest Crew. Straight comedy!

[Ninja Interview Part II]: The madness continues during our street ninja interviews. I think I'm getting hit on at the end... HAHA!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jabbawockeez presents "Mus.i.c (muse-i-see)"

Congrats to the Jabbawockeez on their upcoming Las Vegas show at the MGM Grand. They're actually rehearsing for it right now in LA. All I know is its going to be an unforgettable 90 minute show. Get your tickets now and I'll see you there!

Currently Reading:

I just got this new book in the mail today from Amazon from the same author who wrote, "Its Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be". Paul Arden, describes himself as "author of the world's bestselling book," skillfully demonstrating one nugget of wisdom to be found in his latest: "Great people have great egos; maybe that's what makes them great."

I'll let you know how it is... You should read his first book if you get a chance. Great read!

I want these Spizikes!

Releases May 8th:
Releases June 5th:
Via: Hypebeast

Guys & Dolls w/ Usher & Tyrese

[Sunday, March 21st] After a relaxing Sunday afternoon in San Diego, it was back up to Hollywood for another fun filled night of debauchery at Guys & Dolls. But first I stop by Opera to congratulate the Stay Fresh family on their 4 year anniversary. 143!

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Guys & Dolls.

These two trouble makers aka Talia Sunset & Mink meet up at my house before rollin' out.
First stop was Opera, where we ran into fellow Cheese It lover, Melissa Reign.
Much love to DJ Zeb (Stay Fresh) on their 4 years! I love this guy! No homo!
Melissa Reign x Maya Michelle x Talia Sunset x Mink
Hater! Maybe Melissa was mad that we were leaving... You should have came with us!
Mink, Talia, and Maya came with me to Guys & Dolls to meet up with all the usual LA party folks.
Once again everyone was mesmerized by the dancers working the pole... You gotta see these girls because they've got some crazy tricks. Very impressive!
It was so crazy because while I was chillin' on the floor, I bump into Usher who was making his way over to his VIP table. It was so packed, we were should to should, so I said, "What's up Usher!" He looked over and gave me a "What's up tall asian kid" head nod. HAHA

Next thing you know, I look over and him and Tyrese are ordering $1,000 bottles of champagne.
Neran was going in too! I think he lost his mind, poppin' 2 bottles of Hennessy VSOP. You know those bottles aren't cheap! Its only for the privileged! HAHA
Usher x Mink... HAHA! True story!
Shout out to Jerry Lorenzo (left) from JL back to back with the homiegirl Mink. Oh yeah, and Usher too!
Guys & Dolls on Sunday is the place to be! You never know who's gonna be there...
You trippin'!
Mik (Passport) holding on for dear life! HAHA
Neran could pass for an Indian Usher... Not! HAHA
DJ Orator was playing a few Usher tracks and it was crazy because it seemed like everyone was just starring at him as if he's going to break out into a dance number. I was hoping he'd roll in on some Heelies. That would be comedy though!

Damn ladies don't you wish you could be that guy in the brown shirt with Tyrese and Usher?
It was another movie night at Guys & Dolls. Time to head to Kitchen 24 for our 4th meal!
We meet up with Mega (Black Scale) at K24... What should I order?
Talia and Maya split the After School Special!
Mink x Mik
What a night!? I can't believe I was partying right next to Usher. If you know me, you know I am a huge Usher fan. The Bumsville Bitches, my female roommates back when I lived in Downtown San Diego, would always get made at me for bumpin' Usher every morning. What can I say, I love R&B music! HAHA

Who wants to roll next week to Guys & Dolls?

Sunday Brunch at El Camino

It was another crackin' weekend in San Diego to say the least. The Fusion Pre-Party at Thin/Onyx was a tremendous success. We were almost at capacity by 10:55PM. Special thanks to MASA and 220 for coming to co-host with us. Saturday was packed too! We had everyone at Confidential doing the electric slide for Alfredo's birthday. It was straight up a scene right out of a movie. Fun times. Unfortunately I was so busy I didn't get a chance to take any photos, but I'm having people send me a few so I can blog.

[Sunday, March 21st] I headed to El Camino (formerly Airport Lounge) in Little Italy for the first time for brunch with the usual crew. The venue's decor reminded me of a Tarantino meets Desperado movie scene, its awesome! I seriously thought Danny Trejo, everyone's favorite tattooed long haired bad guy from all the movies, was going to be sitting at the bar when I walked in. It was nice to just kick back on a Sunday afternoon and catch up with folks while sippin' on a $3 mimosa out of a glass boot. I miss San Diego!

CLICK HERE to view photos from El Camino.

TAA x Mindz Alike x FYS in the building!
Everyone rolled through on their fix gear bikes, including April (PGN). I miss riding around through Downtown San Diego...
Kev Mighty (FYS) x Nanceely
El Camino has $3 mimosa's for brunch! Who wants to knock boots? ;)
El Camino's outdoor patio is about to be crackin'... ;)
I know Danny Trejo is in there somewhere...
I love all the artwork along all the walls.

Iron Mike x Yuki
Bert aka Profile is always snappin' flicks for his blog.

The brunch at El Camino is pretty on point too!
My breakfast burrito was delicious!
Don't worry Mark, I won't leave you! HAHA
Check please!
I didn't get the memo about the red shirts and black hats...
Danny (Alphanumeric) was putting in work helping our waitress with all the finished Tecate and shot glasses.
I wonder what Yuki and Danny are pointing at their teeth for?
It was great seeing everyone before Mark Marcelo and I headed back up to LA. See you guys all on Saturday back in San Diego at Confidential. 143!

I love Mila Kunis!

I was just flipping through the new April 2010 issue of GQ with Shia LaBeouf on the cover when I came across one of the loves of my life... Mila Kunis! I just found out she's with Macaulay Culkin. Did you know that? Luck mutha f**ka!

You gotta see these photos:


CLICK HERE to read the entire article online.