Saturday, August 30, 2008

Check out DOM KENNEDY at HOB this Sunday!

Saturday is your last day to get $10 presale tickets for Sunday's Club Massive at House of Blues.

CLICK HERE to purchase your presale tickets from ticketmaster or go straight to the HOB box office on 6th Ave to avoid any online charges.

If you haven't heard Dom Kennedy's hit single "Watermelon Sundae" check out the video because he'll be performing this Sunday.  This is the perfect Summer jam... Shit will be crackin' on Sunday!!!

For more info check out:

I'm going back to Cali... (Thursday)

Wednesday night Chachy picked me up after work from LAX.  I took him out to eat Vietnamese food as a token of my appreciation.  HAHA

James (aka Crazy Guy), Chachy, and I ended up having a few shots of Hennessey that night to celebrate the good times, which lead to me passing out on the living room couch.  I basically took a quick nap and decided to drive home at 5AM back to SD... I didn't get to PQ until 7AM that morning.  

I've been drinking way too much this entire week... I was thinking it was Monday because I just got back from what seems like a Vegas weekend to find out it was already Thursday, which means its the weekend and its back to party boy!  HAHA

College Life partner in crime... Mark aka Chachy!
When I got back to PQ at 7AM, I hung out with my mom before she headed out to work then took a 4 hour nap before cruisin' over to Sushihana and Willy's Workshop with Vince.

Shalihe ordered me another piece of luggage.  Now I have a 3 piece matching set for my jet setting adventures around the world.  I now have a large size check in roller, check in roller, and a handy dandy travel bag.  Thanks Shalihe!!!
If you didn't know, Willy and Shalihe are expecting their first child together in December.  While we (Chris, Freddy, Vince, Shalihe, & Willy) were at the shop we decided to do a mock draft for names for their baby boy.  We decided to throw all the Wildboyz names into a hat, including a few wild card names (ie Xavier) into the mix.  
You gotta rub the belly for good luck!

The three names that were picked were: Wilfredo, Kimtan, and Freddy

I personally think Toe-Knee is a fantastic name.  HAHA

Of the three names we decided to a real draft to come up with a name for the baby until he was born.  

The winner was: Wilfredo

Therefore everyone must now refer to the baby as Wilfredo Jr. III until Willy and Shalihe have their baby... HAHA
After spending a few hours at the shop it was back to Bumsville for me.  Its been weeks since I've hung out with my roommates.  I think I've only been in San Diego for about 7 days this whole month of August.  What can I say... They miss me!  HAHA

Since it was already Thursday, we decided to all go out eat dinner and cause some chaos in the streets of SD.  Annabelle, Michelle, Nick, and I headed over to our favorite Downtown spot Neighborhood for dinner.

Annabelle x Coca Cola
Even Flo (UNIV) stopped by and had a beer with us.
Edwin, Vince, Arik, and Neil stopped by as well...
After dinner we headed back to Bums to meet up with George for a few drinks... I know what you're thinking... Damn more drinks?  OMG!  I know... I need to chill!  HAHA
Our first destination was Bar D where Julz, Profile, and Irons were spinnin' on the 1s and 2s in celebration of Alyasha's birthday.
Thanks Torren for the Manhattan... 
Annabelle x Iron Mike
We left Bar D at around midnight to head back Downtown to Onyx for Hip Hop Karaoke hosted by Armory Massive.  Jon Jon and his entourage were there celebrating his sixth 21st birthday.

Friend x Anika x Eunice... Eunice use to teach me the ways when I was younger... HAHA Figure 8 baby!
I miss Charm (UFX Alumni)!
Kim x Jon aka Mayor of Oceanside were also in attendance... No pictures please!
Happy birthday Jon Jon!
Birthday dance!
I've been out everyday drinking for a week straight... But I'm not complaining because its my "job" to have fun!  I love my roomies... Bumsville Bitches & the Bachelor!  HAHA

The weekend has just begun!

Las Vegas (Monday - Wednesday)

I left for Vegas Monday afternoon along with Tristan (Virgin America).  Since there is no direct flight from LAX to Vegas, we have to fly to SF then connect.  Its a bit out of the way but free is free so I'm not trippin'!

CLICK HERE to see photos from adventures in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and San Diego.  I didn't take many in Vegas...

While we were in SF our flight was delayed on the runway because of thunderstorms in Vegas so we ended up having our own party in the back of the plane with a few of our favorite flight attendants... HAHA

I think we ended up having a bit too much fun because of few of us couldn't go out afterwards...
The crew: Sisters - Patricia & Kristina, Anthony, and B. 
We were rockin' out and bumpin' the jams!
After a few shots of courvoisier and we were all feelin' nice!  HAHA
That was the most fun I've had on the plane... Thanks VA!
Once we touched down in Vegas, Guil and the crew picked up Tristan and I from the airport.  We headed straight to the Rio buffet to meet up with the guys from Avant Garde and Blends.  I love buffets!

That night we headed to the Palms for one of the many industry parties:
-Stussy @ Moon
-Crooks n Castle @ The Hef Suite
-Dime Piece @ Ghost Bar

I love the Magic industry parties because not only is it FREE if you're on the list, but its also includes FREE drinks!  HAHA

Here's the crew of the Fizix (Rick, Sasha, Nelson, & Mike) in line for the Stussy party.
I ended up checkin' out the Crooks n Castle party at the Hef Suite, which turned out to be pretty awesome!  I think just being in a $40K a night suite made it that much better.
Emil (Crooks) x Jon (Blends)... Props to Emil and the rest of the crew on there success!
There were lots of people at the party including the Jabbawockeez who were showing off their new clothing line, JBWKZ, at Magic.  I've seen them every night since Friday in Hollywood... Fun times!
Check out the view...
We only stayed at the Palms for part of the night.  We decided to hit up Revolution Lounge to meet up with DJ Earwaxxx because the line for the Stussy party was insane...
DJ Earwaxxx will be spinnin' at House of Blues this Sunday!
4 Life!
Julz x Guil
Cindy x Joe (Avnt Grde)
We called it an early night and rested up afterwards at the hotel suite.  Thanks Jabbar (Avnt Grde) for letting me crash there... Tuesday I spent most of the day catching up with friends online and on the phone.  I was still recovering from the weekend festivities...

Tuesday night we headed out to Rain Forrest Cafe for dinner with Scott and Brent from One People Project.

We were suppose to be eating on a budget but I ended up spending $80 on myself.  I was so pissed... HAHA
I spy Brett and Scott (One People Project)!
Hi Jackie!
We mobbed over to Mix at the MGM for the New Era, Fiberops, Hellz Bellz, and others party.  Thanks Bam (Hellz Bellz) aka Smallie Biggs for getting us in.  
I spy Aly (Alphanumeric | Fiberops) on the cover of the new Antenna Mag.
Yet another amazing view of the Vegas Strip...
I cruised over to Jet at the Mirage to meet up with Ben and the rest of the guys from Dub Frequency and Blends for the Vapors party.
Jerri Lee x TK
Idha is new DC Public Relations Director... Welcome back to SD!

I took at $12 cab ride to Cathouse afterwards to meet back up with the crew to find out we were callin' it a night... I was pretty trashed that night because I woke up on the bed in my undies with DJ Mark Marcelo in the morning... HAHA!  What a night...

Wednesday was check out time.  We hit up Redmond's favorite spot... Sonic!
Here we are on our way to drop me off at the airport, stuffing 7 people into a 4 seater.  HAHA
I didn't even go to Magic or Pool like I was suppose to but I definitely had a good time.  Thanks again to the crew at Avnt Grde, TAA, and Mindz Alike for everything.  Damn... Vegas twice in 3 weeks is a bit too intense for me.  HAHA

Now its back to Hollywood...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hollywood (Friday - Sunday)

I can't believe its already been a week since I was in Hollywood.  I wish I could spend more time on my blog but I've been busy getting ready for Sunday's Club Massive at House of Blues.  Here's a quick cliff note version of my 3 day extravaganza in Hollywood.

CLICK HERE to see photos from adventures in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and San Diego.

I spent my Friday afternoon in the hills relaxing by the pool and enjoying the beautiful view.  Thanks Chachy!

That night we were headed to Avalon for the ABDC Finale Party and to Highlands for the Super Cr3w Party.  We started off the night with a bit of pre drinking at the condo.

Eric (Victory Nightlife) x Crown Royale
Avalon was crackin' son!
Happy Birthday Dave (HIN/21XL)... Dave is the man!!!
Thanks Michelle for the drinks...
Hennessey shots on Chris Cruz (Stay Fresh)... Thanks bro!  Shout out to Drew (Beez Wax)
Asiid performed that night at Avalon along with Boogie Bots and a special appearance by So Real Cru.
Off to Highlands to meet up with Sammie, Alfredo, and the crew!
Sammie is the new chick on the block at MADE Jewelry.
Dave Wen is moving to China... I'll miss you bro!
Saturday we went back to the pool to recover from our long night.  Afterwards I went to Long Beach for BJ and Anjo's wedding.  I'll blog about that in a separate entry.  

We spent the night at LAX in Hollywood on Saturday.

Melissa R (PCD) x Myron (21XL) x Hen... HAHA
I heart Indo (HIN)!
I am not sure about this picture of me and Ibay... HAHA  No homo!
Sunday morning we woke up to eat at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles... Yummy!
Even Ross came through to kick it!
I checked out Freestyle Session with Myron afterwards and picked up Tristan from LAX.  

That night Melissa, Tristan, Chachy, and I meet up with Alvin in Fullerton to check out Team Millennia's Summer Intensive show.

CJ (Expressive Doubt)
TM Alumni getting ready for their performance.

There was a special onstage appearance by these beautiful young men... 
"Hey Baby!"  HAHA  Kellie and her beautiful daughter!  So nice!
The TM Family...
Alvin x Wabs
The Twins!
Alexis x TK
Aggie (The Company)
Alvin and I bought 2 bottles afterwards for the after party.  HAHA  We continued the party at TM's "Under the Bridge Dance Studio".  Fun times in Hollywood/LA/OC... Thanks Chachy, Melissa, and James for letting me crash at the condo.

Now its off to Las Vegas for Magic!!!