Friday, June 6, 2008


Friday, June 6th
852 Fifth Avenue | San Diego, CA 92101

Dress Code: Fashion Forward (No hats, sports attire, white tees, or white sneakers)

Guest List: FREE before 10PM (includes complementary cocktails). $10 before 11PM. General admission is $20.

Email me at to get on the guestlist.

Featuring Def Jam's very own DJ Felli Fel mixing live for a special 2 hour power set. Known as "The Record Maker and The Record Breaker" DJ Felli Fel is one of the world's top music producers and DJs. His recent success with his smash hit "Get Buck in Here" feat. Diddy, Akon, Ludacris & Lil Jon (So So Def / Island Def Jam) has earned him a RIAA Certified Gold record and international notoriety as a hit music producer. For his So So Def / Island Def Jam debut project "Go DJ!", he has worked with A-List talent across the board including Grammy winners Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Jermaine Dupri, Fabolous and a slew of others. Felli has the #1 rated night-time radio show in LA which can be heard on Power 106 weeknights from 7-12, as well as a new music show with Yesi Ortiz called "New @ 2" which can be heard weekdays at 2pm. Aside from his success at radio and in the record business, Felli can also be seen rocking crowds regularly at the country's most exclusive nightclubs and premier venues.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Season 2 Coming Soon...


After Monday night's Killa Bee basketball game, Steven and I meet up with Michelle, Terry, and Alyasha who were in Clairemont eating Korean BBQ. I love Korean BBQ! It reminds me of when I was studying abroad in China in 2005.  I use to eat Korean food all the time because it was so tasty and the best part was that it was cheap too.  Thanks Aly for dinner! 

Korean BBQ
Michelle x Terry x Alyasha x Steven
Steven aka Bin of TAA aka the 6 footers!
Afterwards we meet up with the 5&A Dime crew: Jay, Darcey, Brandon, and Annabelle to catch a drive in movie.  I've never been to a drive in movie before so I was pretty excited.  We picked up the air mattress and turned Steven's truck into a comfy bed with pillows and blankets.

We watched "What Happens In Vegas..." starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.  I feel asleep but I did wake up to watch the second feature, "Sex in the City".  HAHA  It was actually a good movie but a bit long.  We didn't get out of the drive in until 3:30am.
Brandon (5&A Dime).  Happy Belated Birthday buddy!
Check out this photo I took of the drive in theater... Looks like day time but its actual pitch dark.  I think I left my shutter on for at least 4 seconds... We should all go to a drive in movie.  It would be fun if a bunch of us went!
See what smoking does to you... It makes your face look weird!
Steven and I ended up crashing at Bumsville where we woke up the next morning to grab breakfast at Crest Cafe in Hillcrest.  I definitely recommend this spot.
Damn this is like portfolio worthy... HAHA
Crest Cafe in Hillcrest
Eggs Benedict is my favorite!
Michelle x Steven
We ventured around Downtown to visit our usual locations: Blends, Unsteady, and 5&A Dime.  Check out Profile, Darcey, and Jay behind the scenes at the shop.  FYI: 5&A Dime will be hosting the Legends Lounge at our upcoming July 3rd (Thursday) Club Massive @ House of Blues.  Get ready...
After a few days of being nomadic I finally made it back home to my favorite snacks... CHEEZ-ITS!  I LOVE CHEEZ-ITS!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wave House & House of Blues w/ Guest Blogger... Redmond!

I know I've been jumping around with the blogging lately but its been hard playing catch up. Therefore I had Redmond (Victory Nightlife) doing a guest blog for our Saturday (May 24th aka Vince Santos' 26th Birthday) morning festivities.  Happy belated birthday Vince!  Go ahead Red...

Saturday was interesting for sure. After Club Element, we went back to the Renaissance Hotel. Several hours later, I woke up in the closet. Yeah… I decided to set up camp in the closet. [Redmond snores like crazy] Six people in one hotel room. Roll call: Toe-Knee, Jenny, Tristan, Joann, Jay, & Redmond. Jay slept on the ground; he’s shy LOL. Tristan was on the ground too. We decided to get ready around 10:00AM. Toe-Knee actually fell asleep in the shirt that he threw up in the previous night…gross! Tristan likes to iron. He even irons his socks. Funny guy. So everyone got ready and we checked out. 

Unfortunately time got the best of us and we were unable to eat at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. So after bobbing and weaving through the 5 South Freeway, I suggested we go to Sonic’s. How convenient *mischievous smile*. So along the 91 East Freeway, I start thinking of what I want to eat. 

Me, being the person that I am, I have a fat kid moment. I start naming hella items to order. So we get to Sonic’s finally and we order. We placed our orders and I end up ordering $30 bucks worth of food. CRAZY, I know. I ordered like hella appetizers and a combo for Jay too. *Highly Recommended Item: Banana Cream Pie Shake* Its soo yummy and delicious. 

Everyone else didn’t understand why I ordered so much food. During the course of the meal, Tristan and Joann start ordering more items. Total combined amount spent: $80 bucks. Who spends $80 bucks on fast food at Sonic’s? “This guy!” *Both thumbs pointing to himself* The ride home was packed with traffic and I got dropped off at work just in time at 3:00PM. Good times. Full stomachs. Lots of laughs.

Thanks Red for your guest blog. I also wanted to add that I threw up on the shoulder of the 5 South on our way down to Wave House.  Lets let the pictures do the talking now...
Redmond had a "Fat Kid Moment"... HAHA
$80 worth of Sonics food... Damn!
We basically went straight from Hollywood to Mission Beach for our Bash at the Beach sponsored by Alphanumeric and Sun Diego.  Since it rained the night before I was really scared about how it would be for the event.  Surprisingly there wasn't a cloud in the sky but it was still a bit cold.  Although we didn't have the turn out we were hoping for and given the weather conditions, I think everyone who was there enjoyed it.  

The Wave House is definitely a dope spot to come during the day, listen to great music, get a bit to eat, have a drink, relax in the sun, play ping pong or beer pong, ride the wave, and mingle with other beautiful people.  You guys should all come check out Wave House soon.  We're working on our next event.... More info coming soon.

Diddy x Kim... HAHA
Thanks to the Relieve's for coming by... Cheer up Vanessa the weather will clear up.  MUAHAHA!
You should have came by...
Alyasha (Alphanumeric) is the man!
TK x Pam x Aprille x Cindy x Mark
DJ Bluballz

Us waiting to see Edwin and Daniel ride the Wave!
Make us proud bro!

Thanks to Sun Diego for the support and all the free give-a-ways. 
Jay x Cindy x Joe x Jen x Kimtan
Last ones to leave... Thanks for coming out everyone!
Jo-Ann x Tristan x Jenny
Oh man, what a weekend: Thursday @ Belo, Friday @ Element (Hollywood), Saturday @ Wave House, and now it was on to Sunday @ House of Blues.  I ended up getting a few rooms at the Marriott next door to HOB.  I have a ton of photo booth pictures that I'll upload later from the room.  That day my phone could not stop ringing.  We had over a hundred people walk through our room throughout the night... It was madness!

Thanks to the 1,300+ that came out to House of Blues for our Summer Kick Off hosted with ZXR.  It was seriously the most fun I've had at HOB because everyone was there and having a great time.  The VIP was out of control.  My bar tab was $1,200... DAMN!!!  It was my birthday so its all good!  Go big or go home!

Thanks to the family at Hellz Bellz and 5&A Dime for all the love and support.

Here's the beautiful Ashley Robles about to perform on the main stage with Network.
TK x Hellz Bellz (Lannie x Mink x Bam x Gino)
Have a sip Lannie!  HAHA
Triple Threat: Annabelle x Terry x Michelle
Bam aka DJ Small Wonder use to be one of Victory's original DJs... HAHA
Hella crackin'... 1,300+
Rob Zoomy x Alyasha x TK x Gian
Victory Nightlife x Hellz Bellz
The Wildboyz and Friends!
VIP was packed with people and packed with bottles!
I love Myron Marten of 21XL!
Thats it for now... The hotel after party didn't end till 4:30am.  Thanks everyone for all the birthday love!  We've got some crazy tricks up our sleeves for our upcoming Thursday, July 3rd Club Massive at House of Blues hosted with 5&A Dime.  Its gonna be NUTS!

CLICK HERE to see Victory Nightlife's photo coverage of HOB.
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Here are a few more pics from the Victory Nightlife flickr account...