Friday, March 13, 2009

5DTV: Ladies First

5DTV just uploaded this new video from the "Ladies First" party!

Pictures coming soon...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Week Ahead... Crackin'!

Looks like its gonna be another eventful week!

[Tuesday - 03.10]: I'm heading up to Hollywood to support Hellz Bellz and celebrate Bam's birthday. We've got a private karaoke room for the after-party. Looks like we're partying till 6AM tonight! HAHA. Lets do it!

Make sure you RSVP for this event at:

[Wednesday - 03.11]: I have class. Boring!

[Thursday - 03.12]: I'll be heading back up to Hollywood for the "Fast & the Furious" movie premier at Universal Studios. Hopefully I get to meet Paul Walker because he's so dreamy. HAHA Thanks Stacey (WOD)!

Afterwards, we're going to party it up with Usual Suspects and City Boy Empire at Area featuring the Dream and Kanye West. Yeah, you heard me right, Kanye West aka Yeezy! If you want to get in go ask Ibay... HAHA!

"Shorty right there is a ten!"

[Friday - 03.13]: I'm still not sure if I'll be in Hollywood or San Diego... What's crackin' though?

[Saturday - 03.14]: I'm back in San Diego hosting Red Circle in celebration of Jenny Ly (Ms. China), Razo Frausto (Victory), and DJ Rage's birthdays. Please come early because space is limited and don't forget to dress to impress.


[Sunday - 03.15]: Rest... Hopefully!

[Monday - 03.16]: We're changing the scene and moving to Encinitas. I'll be hosting Dirty Mondays with Gabe Vega and One People Project at the Saloon. I just got the flyer from Scott (One People Project)... Check it out!

[Tuesday - 03.17]: I've got my T.I. tickets! Don't worry its still not too late for you to get tickets too! I know there are still General Admission Floor Seats available on I'm still waiting on word for my backstage passes. Cross your fingers!

"You can have whatever you like..."

Make sure you come early to check out Rob Grimes and Entytii opening up the show!

What a week its going to be... Holla!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Seriously... WTF!? What kind of dream is that...
Ryan Garcia = DJ Rygar = Ignorant fool!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Adele live at House of Blues!

Just got home from watching the sold out Grammy winning artist Adele at House of Blues. To be honest, I've only heard her hit single, "Chasing Pavements". But I know she just won 2 Grammy Awards for "Best New Artist" and "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance." So I wanted to see what the hype was all about since this would probably be one of her last shows in such an intimate venue.

I invited Josephine (my 1st morP date) to come along with me since she's a huge Adele fan. We meet up with Moe (Victory) and Jen at their place in Little Italy before heading out. Coming from the the Busta Rhymes concert last week this was an absolute 180. Nice change of pace...
She sounds exactly like how she sounds on her single.
"Chasing Pavements"
Adele is a truly talented artist whose career has just started... Wonderful show! Thank you!

Boogie Town Trailer

Mike Fal just sent me the trailer for an up and coming movie called Boogie Town which features many of our friends from the dance community: Shaun Evaristo (Gen2), Mike Song (Kaba), Aimee (Gen2), Lando (Boxcuttahz), Tony Tran (Kaba), Mike Fal (Gen 2), Hok (Quest), Victor (Quest), Althea (Entytii), Britney (Entytii), and more...

You can see Althea and her crew doing the booty poppin'... HAHA! Get it!

Operation ABDC Finale 5DTV Stealth Ninja

Here's the latest 5DTV video from last week's Season III Finale of America's Best Dance Crew. Spread the word, add it to your blog, and we hope you enjoy!

If the embedded video isn't working... Just CLICK HERE to watch.

Be sure to support Beat Freaks and get your new "Freak the Beat" t-shirts at 5&A Dime.

2nd Annual Dance Awards

After a wild night of celebrating Cecile's birthday, I had to wake up at 10AM to get ready to head back down to Downtown for our Body Rock Dance Competition meeting. FYI: Body Rock is Saturday, June 13th, so mark your calendars. We're still a few months away but we have lots of planning to do. Although I'm one of the producers, I am usually the one that just walks around and socializes with everyone. My job is easy. HAHA

Later that afternoon, Anna Sarao aka" the God Mother of our Dance Scene" as I would like to call her, and I had to be in Glendale, CA for the 2nd Annual Dance Awards Show. We got Mark Mariano (Magec) aka Porky to come up with us. If you don't know who Porky is, just be on the look out for this young up and coming entrepreneur. He's only 19 years old but he's already hosting his own dance/music shows and club events with his company M.A.G.E.C (Move and Groove Entertainment Company). I gotta make sure I stay on top of my game because he's already giving me a run for my money. Porky and I will be hosting an 18+ event next Thursday, March 19th in Fullerton at Incahoots with Chris Cruz and Stay Fresh.

CLICK HERE to see a few of my photos from the Dance Awards Show.

Talent and Presenter Check In.
World of Dance Tripod Reunion: Myron x Stacy x TK
Its been awhile since we've taken a WOD Tripod photo. I love them! Thanks for the wonderful photos Sthanlee. I can't wait to see the rest of them...
Especially Mryon Marten (21XL)! HAHA
21XL (LA) x Victory Nightlife (SD)
Cheap shot... HAHA
Anna x Mark aka Porky... I'm still not sure why they call him Porky! He won't tell us! Grr... Oh yeah they're totally matching too, but not on purpose. HAHA
Arnel Calvario (Kaba Modern x Fanny Pak Manager) x Anna Sarao x Stanlee x TK
Wobz (TM7) x Melissa Reyes
Myron and I both love Jun (TM7)... HAHA!
TK x Anna x Stacey x Myron
Here I am presenting the award for "Best Exhibition Team"... Funks SF!
Look how tall Anna looks compared to the mic... HAHA. She presented the award for "Team of the Year". Congrats to Culture Shock LA!
Congrats to all the nominees and winners. Let continue to help our dance scene grow.

We stuck around at the show for a bit and mingled with everyone. Since we were all hungry, Khai Nguyen (NOOE x CADC/Breed Alumni) took us out to this Thai spot in Pasadena.

I got drunken noodles with chicken... Yum!
Anna x Porky x Khai x Melissa x TK
It was nice to catch up with Khai over dinner. He's working on a clothing line with Joanna and Thomas Phantom called Never Odd or Even. Be on the look out for them in the near future. We headed back to San Diego afterwards. It was a short and sweet trip to LA for a few hours. But its all good, I'm heading back up to Hollywood tomorrow night for the Hellz Bellz x Stussy party at the Ecco Lounge.

Who wants to roll up to Hollywood?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

MADE is turning 1!

MADE Jewelry is turning 1 this year and they're having a 60% off sale to celebrate! Yes, you heard that right... 60% off their entire collection!

Sale starts Monday, March 9th thru March 22nd so don't hesitate and go snag your favorite pieces while supplies last!
Happy birthday to the ladies of MADE Jewelry! 143!

Happy Birthday Cecile Nguyen aka Sister Bear!

I headed back down to San Diego on Friday for Cecile aka Sister Bear's 25th birthday dinner at Aloha Sushi in La Jolla and to host Exclusive at Thin/Onyx. Cecile reserved 4 cabanas outback for all the friends. I ended up getting Kobe beef sliders, 2 shrimp tempura rolls, and a special roll. What can I say? I was starving!

CLICK HERE to view pictures from Sister Bear's 25th.

Sake shots with the couples cabana... Cheers!
Shrimp Tempura Roll x Mojito x Kobe Beef Sliders = Tasty
Wildboyz 4 Life!
George x Hang (2nd cousin) x TK
The Lost Cause: TJ x Jr x Freddy
Check out these lovely models who will be featured on Dude Blvd (coming soon).
Vietnam: TK x Pat x Cecile x Kimtan
What can I say? We always roll deep! HAH
Damn, Willy Jr. has some chubby cheeks! HAHA So nice!
Happy 25th!!!
After dinner everyone mobbed over to Thin/Onyx for the after party. Since we have tons of people with us, I reserved the entire upstairs VIP for Cecile.
The party can start now! Sparklers x Grey Goose...
but this wasn't your typical bottle of Grey Goose, it was a magnum bottle! DAMN!
Cecile was pulling the signature move on everyone all night!
Including me! Damn can you hold on to my throat any tighter? Geez...
DJ Julz (Mindz Alike) had the entire place dancing all night!
Even the ladies of Bumsville and friends came through to celebrate!
Ride or Die!
Josie x TK (female) x Annabelle x Anabel x TK
Anabel x April
It seemed like everyone was there partying including the Brothers!
Angela x Lovleyn
I know you got that body Vince but why are you dancing on the gogo box with Terry? HAHA
I miss 2526! Lets go back to New York!
It was definitely crackin'!!!
Stephanie x Kimtan x Darwin x Lala
Guil (TAA) x Josephine
Drew aka Brother x Jenny aka Ms. China
Awww.... I miss Suzette and Pat!
It wasn't even JR's birthday, why is he the one passed out? HAHA. He's suppose to be taking care of his girl, Cecile! FAIL!

Fun times! Its been awhile since all the Wildboyz and friends went out and partied together. I miss everyone! 143! Friends forever! Wildboyz 4 Life! Buck buck buck!!!