Saturday, March 29, 2008

Preparty Photo Booth

Going back to New York...

Check it out... I'm going back to New York tomorrow morning!  I have no return flight yet but I am thinking I might just stay there and live for a few weeks...  HAHA

Fare Total: $0.00


Friday, March 28, 2008

That's me!

I found this clip of MTV News on their site and if you look closely you can see me in the back with my red shirt interviewing America's Best Dance Crew... Jabbawockeez!

America's Best Dance Crew Finale

TONIGHT was the grand finale of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.  I was fortunate enough to get a press pass to go backstage for (launching soon). is part of the growing site which will allow their fans to see what the Jabbawockeez are up to after the show.  We will be following their every move as they travel and tour across the world.  I'm excited to be part of the movement.  

I am the host of  Coverage from the finale, interviews, and behind the scenes footage will be up shortly.  So make sure you check out and

Anyways, today was a CRAZY day!  Aldryn (the Jabbawockeez webmaster) and I rolled up to Sony Pictures Studio in LA together.  When we arrived there were hundreds of fans in line for the taping of the show.  We caused a riot once we told them we had FREE Jabbawockeez t-shirts.  It was bananas... Security had to tell us to stop giving out shirts because it was so crazy.

CLICK HERE to view all my photos from the finale of ABDC.

I'll try to let the pictures do most of the talking...

The Jabbawockeez Family and Friends!
Here I am with the ABDC publicist... Yani!  She's cute!!!  =)


Since I was hosting I had the pleasure of interviewing former N'sync member JC Chasez.  I can't believe I interviewed JC Chasez!  WTF!!!
OMG... Its the man behind it all... Randy Jackson!
Press Area
Jabbawockeez x JabbaTV
Damn... I think I'm in love with Yuri from Kaba Modern!

After the show it was the presses turn to interview everyone on stage... My turn!

DJ Rashida in the house!!!

Mario Lopez was doing interviews for eXtra TV.

Lil' Mama is cool as hell!  She's so down the Jabbawockeez!  She showed us mad love!

Backstage host Layla... She actually interviewed me too!  HAHA
I even did an exclusive interview with Joey Fatone.  Crazy!
The family and friends all waiting backstage for their superstars!
Lil' Mama with Jabba Mommas... Ben and Raynan's Momma!

Jia x Yuri of Kaba Modern

CrossOne of Armory!

Jabbawockeez Family & Friends
My Vietnamese brother Phi Nguyen!

Welcome to the after party at Bungalo off Melrose!  Hosted bar all night!!!  HOLLA!
The one and only Kevin Brewer of Jabbawockeez and SuperGalacticBeatManipulators

Saso of the Jabbawockeez

The Executive Producers... Thanks you for bring our dance community to the lime light!
Mike x TK
Break it down Lil' Mama...

The Crew of ABDC!

We takin' over!!!

Mouse from Enigma
After the After Party is the Hotel Party!
Femme 5

The End!!!
Jabbawockeez are taking the world by storm!  I just wanted to congratulate the Jabbawockeez, Raynan, Kevin, Phi, Phil, Chris, Ben, and their other members, Joe, Randy, Saso, Eddie, and of course... Gary Kendal on all their success.  These guys have definitely worked hard and deserve everything that is coming their way.

Jabbawockeez Party this Saturday at the Highlands in Hollywood!

Aldryn and I will continue to follow the Jabbawockeez on their journey for We're headed to New York for TRL and Live with Regis and Kelly on Monday.  This is so crazy!!!  We got so much love today from all the staff at MTV and the fans.  Even Aldryn and I were getting interviewed.  I'm still in shock...

Also, thanks to Tristan from Virgin America for hookin' me up with FREE flights on any Virgin American flight from now until July.  Thats the craziest hook up ever!  FREE flights!!!  WTF!?  New York here I come... Again!

Last but not least, Mr. Aldryn Estacio... My partner in crime!  I had the time of my life today!  All thanks to you!  I love you bro!

Time of my life in 2008!  Lets make it happen!