Friday, August 21, 2009

Social Experiments presents...

Come support Sammie aka SoSuperSam this Saturday in LA for the Boos & Besito special preview trunk show!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 Deep Fall 2009 Lookbook

CLICK HERE to view the 10.Deep Fall Delivery 1 Lookbook
CLICK HERE to watch the behind the scene videos.

Team 10.deep has been going hard to bring you projects that will help ease your transition into the stark reality that comes with the change in seasons. The full lookbook for 10.Deep Fall Delivery 1, "Proud to be a Problem" hits right on time to usher in the anticipated climate change.

This season we pay respects to the losers and problem children who challenge the establishment and drive change in the world. Inspired by the sweeping political game change of last year and the economic and social upheavals we've seen on the streets of New York, the Fall 09 collection celebrates the underdog, the problem child, and the outsider.

The lookbook, featuring Atlanta-based 10.Deep mixtape artist Donnis, rappers Emilio Rojas (Brooklyn), Danny Brown (Detroit), and our own Nate Fantasia fresh off the 10.Deep Skate Team's Up North tour, depicts the not-so-subtle art of the NYC Do-It-Yourself Ad Campaign Showcasing the wardrobe you're going to want this fall, think of the lookbook as your shirt hanger's wishlist.

I wish I could take a few of these photos again because I think I'm too nice and not thug enough... HAHA! But I'm very appreciative for the opportunity! Thanks 10.Deep!

Don't forget to pick up your Fall 10.Deep gear at Willy's Workshop (MM & PQ)!


Peep this video of my little cousin talking about Vanessa Hudgen's new nude pics... HAHA!

Via: Mr. Kim says

Sundaze @ Wave House

[Friday, August 14th] I was in LA during the day before heading straight down to SD for our Ladies Night edition of R&R at Sway Nightclub. I'm bummed because I forgot my camera in the car when I got to Sway so I have no photos. =( It was a slower start, but by 11:30pm we had the place crackin'! The energy was good and everyone was dancing, maybe because we had all the OG UrbanFX alumni's in the building. Happy Birthday Lala! 143! It was definitely fun times with old friends! Alex Retodo (Hvy Rsnl - SF) came through also with a huge group for a bachelor party. Thanks to Zeb (Stay Fresh) and Rayzarackus (Hvy Rsnl) for providing all the jams. Thanks to everyone that came out!

We hope to see you tomorrow (Friday) at Thin/Onyx! Don't forget to RSVP at for our hosted vodka bar from 9-10pm and free admission until 11pm.

[Sunday, August 16th] Originally I was planning to just spending a relaxing day at home, but I ended up taking a few out of town friends to Wave House in Mission Beach. Their Sundaze event on Sundays are always crackin', but the crowd isn't my cup of tea.

Thanks to Shane Berry for the VIP treatment and for all the drink tickets. Glad we got a moment to catch up bro! You'll always be my favorite cracker! HAHA

CLICK HERE to view photos from Sundaze @ Wave House.

If you didn't know, I use to be the king at the limbo! No joke...
Round 1 with Andrew x Christine x Rose x Vince
Who is this guy!? HAHA
Actually who is this guy? I don't think he was a hired gogo dancer but he acted like one. He kinda remind me of TJ Retuya, well his dance moves that is! HAHA
Round 2!
Rose trying to hula hoop with this random dude... HAHA!
Thanks for the shot guys! SF x LA x SD unite!
Although this isn't my ideal crowd, its a fun day time beach event!
The return of VIPER! HAHA
Best Friends 4 Life!
Afterwards we ate pizza at Luigi's across the street... Yummy!
Party foul!
Since I was partially responsible for her iPhone crackin', I got her a new replacement, which cost $200! FML!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Megan Fox "Jennifer's Body" PSA

This movie looks horrible but Megan Fox sure doesn't!

I want the new Canon G11!

The PowerShot G-series has long been the flagship of the PowerShot line. The new Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Camera further adds to the legacy of this award-winning series with its advanced features, variety of shooting modes and compatible EOS accessories which help to enhance one’s photographic creativity. Designed for those looking for a pocket-sized camera with SLR functionality, this new powerful camera is ideal for the consumer who is looking to capture beautiful landscapes and professional portraits by offering: a 10.0-Megapixel High Sensitivity System, 5x Optical Zoom lens with Optical Image Stabilization, a 28mm (equivalent to 28-140 mm) wide-angle lens, and 2.8-inch vari-angle PureColor System LCD as well as a host of optional accessories, including Speedlite flashes, an underwater housing and a tele-converter lens to provide further photographic flexibility.

Scheduled to be available in October 2009, the PowerShot G11 will retail for an estimated price of $499.99 USD.

Via: Hypebeast
I am also interested in the new Canon S90, which is more compact and ideal for low light photography. Best Buy credit card! HAHA

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[Friday, August 21st] Exclusive @ Thin/Onyx

5&A Dime Events of the Week

Its been weeks since I've visited the 5&A Dime gang but they've got an entire week of events lined up so hopefully I'll be reuniting with them all soon!

[Wednesday] First up is the "Mystery Discount Day" Wednesday August 19th. We came up with a fun way to offer discounts to you guys, plus a chance to win 5&A Dime product. Are you feeling lucky???

[Saturday] Next is the follow up to their first successful mustache party where we'll be celebrating our upcoming mustache shoe release. The clever title we came up with is "Mustache Party II". We are really excited about our new shoe and who knows you may even have a chance to win yourself a pair that night. Come out and have fun with everyone...

[Sunday] Last but not least is the 5&A Dime movie night, it's kinda like their version of a bootleg drive-in. Make sure that you bring a chair, blanket, snacks or anything you may need to feel comfortable because we will only be supplying the movie. We said it was gonna be bootleg. You can still have a chance to vote on what movie we will be watching at

I want to see Coming to America because thats one of my all time favorites!

Lights Out @ The Room

[Thursday, August 13th] We hosted an event called Lights Out at the Room in Hollywood alongside Doug Wu (Collective), Ben Wang (Clae), Mink (Hellz), Jenilee, and Rhea.

CLICK HERE to view our photo booth pictures by Linus.
CLICK HERE to view the rest of my photos from the event.

Sammie aka SoSuperSam x Ben @ the Room
We brought back the corsages for our Prom inspired event... HAHA!
The name is Bond, James Bond! ;)
Hellz Bellz x Evil Monito: Jino x Rickey x Lanie x Bam
It was my first time seeing Sam mixin'... I'm so proud!
Mink x TK
Judy x Tep x Fels x Melissa x Steven (TAA)
Chach x Jenilee
DJ Mark Marcelo was playing all the hottest R&B jams from the 90s!
Drew aka DJ Drewbyrd x Jenessa (Love Made)
Melanie x Alexis x Chach
Judy x Kellen (Agenda) x Fels
Everyone was getting down to all the old school jams!
Jeremy (Blends)
Happy birthday Fels!
Thanks to the Usual Suspects fam for coming through as well: Allen x Rechie x Chief
HAHA... This photo is kinda funny!
Fun times!
I miss you, Indo!
Melissa x Janice x Stacy
Thanks to Happy Ending Chocolate & Made Jewelry for providing us with goodie bags! Hi Kim!
Rishi (Usual Suspect) x Monique
Thanks again everyone for coming out! Look out for the next Lights Out event coming soon!

New York, 143!

This looks like a great date movie... Who's down?

I want to go back to New York again!

Monday, August 17, 2009

[Day 4] Going back to Cali...

[Monday, August 10th] It was our final few hours before heading back to Southern Cali. After checking out of the Palms, a few of us headed to the Wynn Hotel for a buffet lunch. Spent most of our time there gambling before heading back out onto the road. It was non-stop partying because once we made it back to SD, I headed Downtown to meet up with Denson, Sheryl, and Karen, who were all visiting from OC.

CLICK HERE to view photos from Las Vegas.

The Wynn always reminds me of Willy Wonka!
Ben Wang (Clae) also meet up with the remaining Victory fam for a fulfilling lunch buffet.
Since there were no direct flights from LAS to SAN, I decided to just hitch a ride back to San Diego with Jay, Kev, and Klev. We made it back to SD by 9PM and decided to make a pit stop by Rose aka Best Friend's house, since it was her actual birthday.

Damn, beer pong on a Monday? You guys are crazy! HAHA
It was then off to Downtown SD to continue the partying at Bitter End for their monthly industry night to meet up with friends. Since Sherman, director of Culture Shock SD, is the manager there now, he had Dark Ivy perform and the place was filled with familiar dancers.

Karen fell in love with Chris (Ivy Hotel) french bull dog! So nice!
I was so excited to see so many dancers that I ended up buying a round for everyone! 30 shots kamikaze shots please!
Sheryl x TK x Karen
Turns out they had several performances by a local band, a comedian, and a dance crew.
The 4 of us have been partying from Vegas straight back to San Diego! HAHA
Mal Hall keep the crowd laughing with his comedy segment. Great job!
Who wants another one?
Come see Dark Ivy performing at House of Blues San Diego on Sunday, September 6th at the Block Party!
I miss these girls: Jessica x Angela. 143!
My favorite partying dynamic duo... I don't even think I can hang with these two sometimes! Geez... HAHA
Thanks for the bottle of vodka Sherman!
I ended up having to break it down on the dance floor! Its been a minute but I still got it... HAHA!
I love seeing people I don't normally see, plus it was nice to catch up with people too! Fun times... Its only Monday!?
Of course we had to end the night with some carne asada fries at Alvero's since Sheryl and Karen were in town!
Slightly Dangerous was definitely a very memorable Vegas trip! I am really thankful to have both the Wildboyz and Victory Nightlife fam there along with the hundreds of others that made it out! I'm already looking forward to next year's Slightly Dangerous event!