Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy 25th Birthday to Ms. Laxa

Last night we celebrated Rhoda's 25th birthday at Mamma Mia's in PB.  Then it was off to Johnny V's off of Garnet for some drinking, dancing, and chillin'.  

Damn I can't believe we're really 25 years old... HAHA.  I've known Rhoda since 6th grade in Mr. Pine's Science Class.  She was my 6th grade crush... HAHA
Wildgirlz 4 Life!
Happy Birthday!
Happy belated birthday to George Cunanan (WBZ)!
Here are a few photos I took on my Canon 40D... Gotta try out the Black & White photos!
Cecile x Rhoda x Rose
Vanessa's sleeping face... WTF?!  HAHA
The Lagunas: JR x Cecile
The Ballz: Anabel x Ron
The Abuegs: Rose x Sean
"Everyone get closer to the moon..."  HAHA
Cousins: Grace x Rhoda
Congrats Kimtan on the raise... Raise = Round 1 on Kimtan! 
Rhoda and her co-workers... Cheers!
Mira Mesa in the house...
Coin Slots!
Anabel was having too much fun dancing here... 
Anabel x Rae x Rhoda x Jenny x Jen x April
TK x April
Fun times!
Back to our OG late night spot... Alverjos in Saber Springs!

Happy birthday Rhoda & George!  143!  Friends forever!

Thursday Rotation...

Thursday was a really productive day! I got a lot done to my car: car wash, smog check, oil change, & tire rotation. I haven't changed my oil in over 7,000 miles... I want a new car so bad but I don't think that'll be happening anytime soon. 

Later that afternoon I went down to Downtown for a few meetings with several different venues. Our Summer line up is looking really solid.  I finished my last meeting at 9ish and headed over to Bumsville to meet up. When I got there everyone was watching Planet Earth. If you haven't seen Planet Earth (especially on Blu Ray) you need too... Go educate yourself! HAHA

We ended up going to Dave n Busters first for cheap drinks and a few games.  I got our first round of Liquid Cocaine shots... 
Annabelle wasn't a fan of LC... HAHA
Eddie and Saso from the Jabbawockeez were also there too.  Check out Saso's new gold Jabbawockeez chain... Its blingin'!  Since I can walk again I'm hoping to join the guys back on road this summer.
Pete (Puma) x TK (female) x Annabelle
Thursday's at Dave n Busters is always crackin'.  Hi Redmond (Victory) x Joey!
Crusin' for chicks...
I love Angie Girl!
Then it was off to Bar D to meet up with the rest of the Downtown heads...
Alyasha (Alphanumeric) x Jamie (Wife) were breakin' it down on the dance floor...
Scott (One People Project) looks a bit creepy here... HAHA
Off to Jack in the Crack for a late night dinner...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Its a bird, its a plane, its... KIMTAN?

Check out this video of Kimtan's sky diving excursion. He was suppose to take me along with him for my birthday but I couldn't get the clearance from my doctor. =(

This looks so sick! I wanna go... Who's down?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Congrats to the Boston Celtics!

I was rooting for a Game 7 NBA Finals but doesn't look like thats gonna happen. Since the Houston Rockets didn't make it past the 1st round (again) this year I was cheering on the Lakers in the West and the Celtics in the East. They both met in the finals and I didn't really care who won as long as it was a fun and exciting series.

I know there are lots of Kobe haters out there but I'm a fan. He is one of the most exciting players to watch. Congrats on a wonderful season and the MVP award.

On the other hand, I'm glad to see the Big 3 (Pierce, KG, Allen) win a Championship ring because they all deserved it. KG is the man! Gotta rep for the tall skinny guys... HAHA I'm was so happy to see KG after the game filled with emotions. Its been a long journey and now he's finally made it to the top... "TOP OF THE WORLD!" Congrats to the Boston Celtics!!!

I must say I hate Boston sports... They win everything!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


DAY: Join Willy's Workshop for "Go Skateboarding Day" at the PQ Skate Park.  For more info check out

NIGHT: We're celebrating the graduation of Steven "Bin" Bautista (Mindz Alike | TAA) at Prospect Bar & Lounge.  Its FREE with valid college ID before 11pm.  Spread the word... Its gonna be crackin'!  For more info check out

I know you love the flyer... HAHA

RIP An Hoan aka Grandpa

I just found out my Grandpa just pasted away earlier today.

My grandpa is my hero. Although I've probably only spent about a total of 30 days with him my entire life, I cherished every moment. Whenever I would stay over at his house I would wake up at 5am to join him for his morning walks around the lake.  He shared many stories with me during our morning stroll.  I loved his stories about my mom and her childhood.  I would always ask about my mom's earlier boyfriends.  HAHA  

His stories about the Vietnam War were always intriguing and at time depressing.  I always left feeling as though I learned an important lesson from our conversations.  After our morning walks we would always finish with a bowl of hot pho from one of our neighboring houses.  He always encouraged me to eat 2 bowls since I was such a big kid.  He loved to show me off to his other friends because I was tall and American.  HAHA  Plus I spoke Vietnamese really wells so people were often impressed.  

He always told me he was proud of my mother for raising two boys.  I hope to make him just as proud.

Before he passed away he asked my aunt if I was still coming to Vietnam because I told him I would visit him this summer.  I'm sorry I never made it... =(  I will see you again one day and we can take another walk around the lake...

He loved life and I will always admire his will to provide for the people around him. He made the ultimate sacrifice for his family so they could live a better life. In the late 70s he stayed back in Vietnam, while the rest of the family (Grandma, Mom, Aunt, & 2 Uncles) escaped the Communist Government to refugee camps in Hong Kong. He stayed just incase the family got caught. He was later imprisoned for several years for letting the family flee the country without the Governments permission. His sacrifice provided opportunities for us to live a better life. Without my Grandpa this life would not be possible. Thank you!

I'm ok but I know its tough on my mom.  Luckily she got to visit him a few weeks ago before he passed away.  We love you! You will be missed!

My Grandpa was always stylin'!
March '07
Here we are during our 5am walks...  I miss those!  I still look sleepy in this picture... HAHA
Thank you!  I love you!  RIP!

Remedy Photo Booth @ Jade Theater

Photos from Victory Nighltife's photo booth have been uploaded from Remedy @ Jade Theater.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the good life. For more info about our upcoming events please check out Victory Nightlife's website.  Special thank you to Ronnie of Boomba Pics for the photos.

CLICK HERE to view all the photos from Remedy @ Jade Theater

I think this is my favorite picture of the night!