Saturday, February 20, 2010

So bangin'!

Holiday Block Party Photo Booth

CLICK HERE to view photo booth pictures from the Holiday Block Party.

Photos by: Mike Razo

Next HOB Block Party: Sunday, May 30th - Memorial Day Weekend, plus my 27th birthday! You ain't ready! Save the date now!

After School Special part 2!

[Friday, February 12th] Edric aka DJ edROC, Julian aka DJ Julz, and Brandon aka Funk Master B the Baker came up from San Diego to session with Mark Marcelo aka DJ Mark Marcelo for their 2x4 DJ set at House of Blues.

CLICK HERE to view photos from Friday.

Mindz Alike in the mix!
Victory Nightlife x Mindz Alike... We takin' over!
While everyone decided to chill at the crib, Alison and I headed over to Hyde for Love/Hate presented by JL Production & The Collective.
It was my first time at Hyde and that shit was jam packed with people. I know its a small spot, but damn there were some "fly birds", in the words of Bee. HAHA
TK x Alison
Bee Nguyen x Asia
Poppin' bottles of Belvedere with the crew...
I don't even know how this many people fit in a venue this size but its a good thing we have a table... Shout out to Sean G (Pac Div)!
Alison and I left at 1:15pm to drop by Highlands to say what up to the 21XL & Usual Suspects fam since its been months since I've had a free Friday.

If I was a DJ, this is probably what I would look like... HAHA! 143 DJ Justyles!
I love this picture of Jane aka Prom Date and Rishi (Usual Suspects)
Of course we had to end the night at Kitchen 24! I was mobbin' deep with ladies... I can't complain! =) HAHA

Jane x CLA x Alison x Helen Ly x Talia Sunset x Misa Campo
The homie Nick Diamond came through also after Hyde. That's 2 nights in row for us!
After School Specials all around!
Misa didn't even finish her's... SMH!
Time to get rested up and head back down to San Diego for the Holiday Block Party! Fun times!

Art Walk x HBO x Delux x K24

[Thursday, February 11th] Last Thursday Edwin (Edwinhimself) & Vince came by to check out our LA spot before we all headed out to Pho 87 on the outskirts of DTLA. I actually ate at Pho 36 in K-Town for lunch with Bee Nguyen (Hot Air), but its all good, I love me Vietnamese food!

CLICK HERE to view photos from Thursday!

FORMALity 2003... HAHA!
I love when the SD homies come to visit!
Mark Marcelo actually discovered Pho 87 on Yelp, good choice buddy!
Com Thit Nuong
After dinner, the Edwin & Vince headed back down to SD while the rest of us made our way to Art Walk in Downtown LA. If you haven't been to Art Walk yet, I recommend you check it out every 2nd Thursday of the month. Its a nice change up, plus I there's lots of beautiful moving art pieces... ;) HAHA.

Peep these Nike scandals Lorraine had on... She says they're legit but I'm not 100% sure about that. HAHA But she does rock it well, especially with that band aide on her pinky toe. =)
I love how all the art galleries are open, there's live music, djs, drinks, h'orderves, and tons of people roaming the streets.
Rainbow Warriors: TJ x JR (Wildboyz)
I love Polariods! I wish I had a polaroid camera still... The film is just expensive!
This reminds me of Rose Veneracion aka Best Friend 4 Life! HAHA
We made our rounds then it was off to the private HBO screening party for their new series "How to Make it in America", which is supposedly like Entourage but revolves around the fashion industry in NYC. I love it already!
The homie DJ Drewbryd on the tables!
The place was crackin', maybe because their was an open bar too! HAHA
Joanne x Sam (Sosupersam) x Dennis
What the Hellz?
Damn Lanie, I really was red! HAHA
The Roomies! =)
Thanks again to Kim Nguyen (HBO) for taking care of us. I got a chance to see many familiar faces. Hi!

It was only 11pm, so we meet up with Johanna & Linda (Lovemade) to hit up The Association for a few more drinks.
Chachy x Angela x Mark Marclo x TK
It off to Bar Delux next for "Mutha Fuckin' Thursdays" hosted by Doug Wu & Arsen. Shout out to Mike B!
Mitch (Uggs) x Peter (Incase) x Rhea x Mark Marcelo
Taryn x Mink (Crooks & Castles) x Rhea
Neran x Michelle (Hellz)
Time to head to Kitchen 24 for the After School Special. Its seriously been months since I've had one... I miss it! Look at this drunk fuck, aka Mr. Meng (Playmore)! HAHA
Taryn x Nicky Diamonds x Mink
What is art!? HAHA
Peep Nick Diamonds new 2010 7 Series BMW! I'm so jealous...
Lookin' back it was a jam packed Thursday with friends! Glad we all made it home safely! Good night!