Friday, April 17, 2009


@thomasphantom just twittered this video link and it totally made my day. Shit is hilarious! This little white boy can move...

One People Project Pop-Up Shop this Friday!

There's a ton of events going on this Friday. One of them includes the grand opening of One People Projects' pop-up shop at UNIV in Encinitas. Come enjoy the sounds of Gabe Vega and Aesthetic and pick up the exclusive One People Project x UNIV t-shirt. Starts at 6PM so see you there!
Afterwards head down to Downtown San Diego for our hosted sushi & sake bar from 9-10PM at Thin/Onyx. You must RSVP at Spread the word!


LA and Back In One Night!

I AM SO WIRED! I just got home from LA at 9:19AM this morning. I've yet to sleep because I drank a 5 Hour Energy Drink before heading back to SD. This shit really works...

Anyways, my so called "break" from LA lasted only a mere 4 days! HAHA Since I was so productive all week I thought I deserved to go. I mean it was for the Britney Spears Circus Tour After Party, plus Trung was in town from the Bay, I still needed to redeem myself from the last Stone Rose event, we also had a secret after-after party spot in the Hills, and lots of people were coming out. What can I say, I couldn't resist!

It was a totally spontaneous trip. Luckily I persuaded Lovelyn to come up with me even though she had work at 8:30AM this morning. But I promised her that I'd get her back to SD in time for work if she came... We're crazy, I know! But you only live once so f**k it! Shout out to Danny aka Ddubs at Alphanumeric for the button up!

CLICK HERE to view pictures from our crazy night!

Pre-Partying at the Condo! Where are the red cups? HAHA
Partner in Crime: Anthony x Mark
Stone Rose at the Sofitel Hotel was packed full of beautiful people. Thanks Doug (the Collective) for taking care of us as always. We appreciate it! We ran into a few celebrities there like Cedric the Entertainer, Kelly Rolland, John Legend, and Brandy. I am sure there were a few others we didn't catch but I don't think Britney was even there... Oh well!

Instead of dropping a ton of money on a round of shots for everyone, we decided to get a bottle of Crown Royal instead.
MelRey x TK
My Vietnamese brother from SF, Mr. Trung Tran (Set4Life)! Since he was in LA visiting for only 2 days, I had to come through to visit.
I heart Crown & Coke!
To another crazy night... Cheers!
Vanessa Valdez x TK x Karren
Anne Marie x Lovelyn x Twee
Is that? Wait...
Moesha aka Brandy! HAHA
TMers: Bri x Ro x Mel
The place was crackin'!
Trung x Luda (Crooks & Castles) x Lovelyn x TK
Trung is such an asshole! He doesn't drink so he just buys you drinks to get you fucked up! That isn't fun...
Ro x Chachy x Bri
Nick Diamond (Diamond Supply) loves the Asian ladies! HAHA
Fun times!!! Is it time for the after after party yet!?
Finally, Alfredo and Sammie came hella late! HAHA
We didn't end up leaving it they turned on the lights... I was just happy I wasn't sleeping in the VIP again. HAHA

Time to head to the Hills for our secret after after party. Check out the view...
Melissa get off Butter Nuts (the dog)! HAHA
Sittin' on top of the world!
We were all chillin' and chit chatting in the kitchen looking for something to eat. We were all starving. We should have gotten food first and brought it up...
Nick Diamond x Karren ;)
Lovelyn x Trung ;)
Since we were all starving, we decided to head back down to Norms for a late night 5AM dinner. Look at the starving dead bodies! HAHA
Melissa x Lovelyn both rockin' my 10Deep gear...
Afterwards we all parted ways and headed back to the Condo. I wish the night ended their but it was back to SD! Lovelyn and Twee both knocked the f**k out...
Damn the sun is already up and I'm just passing Downtown LA. I dropped Twee off in Santa Ana, but I was starting to get super sleepy so I got a...
5 Hour Energy Drink! This is the reason why I'm still wide awake blogging... Its freakin' 11:29AM right now and I still haven't slept! WTF!?
Lovelyn made it work a bit late but its all good! It was a super spontaneously fun and wild night! Time to do it all over again in a few hours. I'm gonna try to sleep for 2 hours and go meet up with DJ Rygar, who just flew in from SF.

See you all at THIN/ONYX tonight! Don't forget to RSVP for the hosted Sushi and Sake bar from 9-10PM...

Secret Password: "Arigato Mr. Roboto!"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

F**K IT! I'm going to LA!

I told myself I wasn't going back up to LA until after Las Vegas but I've been productive all week, its for the Britney Spears Circus Tour After Party, my boy Trung from the Bay is in LA, I need to redeem myself since I pasted out last time in VIP, and we've got a secret after-after party in the Hills! Time for late night swimming! ;)

So if you're in LA... Come out to the Sofitel Hotel tonight! Its going to be nuts! Good luck getting in!

Don't worry I'll be back by 8:30AM to pick up DJ Rygar from the SD Airport... I know... Crazy huh!? F**K IT! You only live once so enjoy it!


Source: Ffffound | Vince Ocampo

$5.99 are you out of your mind!?

Tuesday was Ollie ( aka BFF aka Orrie) and Ron's (aka Mr. Mention) 26th birthdays! We celebrated by eating at Old Spaghetti Factory in Downtown San Diego. Apparently, they're have a 40% off special every Tuesday until May 26th for their 40th Anniversary. Best deal ever! We got a wonderful 3 course meal for only $5.99!

With a crazy deal like that you can image how long the line was for a table. On top of that we were rollin' deep with a party of over 20+ people. We ended up waiting nearly 2 hours... But luckily there's a bar/lounge upstairs so we all just hung out and had a few drinks.

3 Wise Men x 3 Wise Men: Ron x TK x Ollie
Who took this photo? I only like it because Ron looks so jolly! HAHA
Willy x 2
Finally... After hours of waiting, we were finally seated and dying to eat!
It was well worth it though!
I was happy to see everyone... Its been a few weeks since I've seen the entire Wildboyz family.
Too bad Ron cut out before they brought out the ice cream... Happy Birthday Ollie!
Triples!? Alvin x TK x MC
Can't wait to see everyone again this weekend for all the festivities... Wildboyz 4 Life!

MTV: Cribs ft. Keith from DC Life

I stopped by Keith Marzo's (DC Life) new spot the other day in Downtown San Diego. Him and his wife, Jenny (sorry ladies but he's taken), recently moved from Little Italy to a spacious 1,200+ square foot 3 bedroom condo. I am so jealous... Congrats guys!

I love what you've done to the place!