Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friday: Yard House for James's Birthday!

I spent the majority of Friday working at Panera in North Hollywood before heading out to Brea for James Reyes' birthday dinner at Yard House. Originally, Chachy and I were going to have dinner then head back up to Hollywood to Crimson for the Beat Freaks party hosted by Maryss and Rino (my favorites), but we ended up getting caught up at Yardhouse with friends and didn't make it back up to Hollywood until 1AM... Its never too late to party!

CLICK HERE to see photos from my LA weekend.

3 Wise Men: TK x Chachy x Crazy Guy aka James aka Birthday Boy!
The Grilled Rib Eye was mouth wateringly delicious!
Everyone is making a funny face in this picture... HAHA
Mark x Jodi
TK x Tina (MITT)
Chachy x Ro... Come party with us Ro! We miss you!
Myron (21XL) also came a bit late, but we were all so happy to see him! ;)
I don't know what's going on in this photo...
Happy Birthday Crazy Guy!!!
Chachy and I left Brea at 12:30AM headed back to Hollywood. We didn't know where to go since it was so late, so we decided to visit a few friends at Highlands.

Happy Birthday Viet (MITT)!!!
Sasha Singleton x Alexia Lei
It was then off to Thai Patio our usual Friday late night spot for some drunken noodles. There was a bunch of commotion there with drunk idiots trying to fight each other... It made for an entertaining dinner.
It was a chill night...