Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday: The last RAGER at LAX until May!

Chachy and I cruised over to the Beverly Center on Saturday to do some shopping during the day. I hate leaving the mall empty handed, it so dissatisfying. =( But I guess its better that way because I'm saving money or whatever... Anyways, we meet up with Sammie who was having a yard sale with her friends nearby.

CLICK HERE to view photos from this Friday & Saturday.

Here we are chillin' with Sammie and a few of her friends after their yard sale. I have so much clothes that I don't wear, some of them I've never worn, that I need to get ride of. I think its time to make a stop by Buffalo Exchange...
Afterwards we headed to the WESC store near Melrose for an in store party. I didn't have my camera so I didn't take any photos but we meet up with Ben (Clae) and Jeff (Stussy). It was chill... We both ended up getting really sleepy so we headed back to the condo to take a nap (not together)... HAHA.

I've been spending lots of time in LA lately having the time of my life but I need to focus and get everything organized for both Victory Nightlife', Segue Mag, and a few other side projects I have. Therefore, I've decided to go on hiatus from LA to stay on task, but only until May, which is only 2 weeks away. HAHA. I'm gonna focus on working hard and getting in shape so we can rage when we meet up in Las Vegas for the Pacquiao fight!

So it was technically our last time to rage together until Vegas so we got a bottle of Hennessey and let the night play out... Melissa, Chachy, and I also had a little heart to heart. 143! Check out our dinner: Carls Jr. x Hennessey
Default: Melissa Reyes x Toe-Knee Nguyen
Partners in Crime: Toe-Knee Nguyen x Mark Villa
We meet up with a few different groups of friends and tried heading to Le Deux. We had an 11 to 4 ratio, but there were tons of people outside trying to get in and we didn't want to deal with the hassle, so we headed to LAX.
Chachy x Christine
Why did you have to get Patron shots BFF aka Sheryl?
I still have your present Helen! I'll bring it next time...
Another Patron shot!?
Misa Campo was suppose to be my date for my 25th birthday but she couldn't make it down to SD... =( You still owe me Misa! HAHA
My favorites: Melissa x Chachy x Sammie
Flying Squirrels!
Alyson x Sheryl x Melissa x TK x Ibay... Alyson and I are twins!!!
The place was pretty packed. It was a fun night of drinking and dancing!
Happy Easter! Sunday morning Melissa and I headed out to Midori Sushi for all you can eat, while Chachy was at Church! Yes, I said all you can eat Sushi! We made sure we got our moneys worth but scarfing down 7 different rolls. It was so good, but I could hardly walk afterwards!
Bon voyage LA! You've been good to me, but its time for me to get some work done, but don't worry I'll be back soon! ;)

Don't forget everyone, May 1-3 Victory Nightlife (SD) will be in Las Vegas hosting a few events with Heavy Arsenal (SF) and Usual Suspects (LA). Its for the Pacquiao vs. Hatton fight weekend so you know its gonna be crackin'! Go book your rooms now... It'll be time to rage then! Lets do it!

CLICK HERE to view the Prive Las Vegas teaser flyer.