Thursday, April 16, 2009

$5.99 are you out of your mind!?

Tuesday was Ollie ( aka BFF aka Orrie) and Ron's (aka Mr. Mention) 26th birthdays! We celebrated by eating at Old Spaghetti Factory in Downtown San Diego. Apparently, they're have a 40% off special every Tuesday until May 26th for their 40th Anniversary. Best deal ever! We got a wonderful 3 course meal for only $5.99!

With a crazy deal like that you can image how long the line was for a table. On top of that we were rollin' deep with a party of over 20+ people. We ended up waiting nearly 2 hours... But luckily there's a bar/lounge upstairs so we all just hung out and had a few drinks.

3 Wise Men x 3 Wise Men: Ron x TK x Ollie
Who took this photo? I only like it because Ron looks so jolly! HAHA
Willy x 2
Finally... After hours of waiting, we were finally seated and dying to eat!
It was well worth it though!
I was happy to see everyone... Its been a few weeks since I've seen the entire Wildboyz family.
Too bad Ron cut out before they brought out the ice cream... Happy Birthday Ollie!
Triples!? Alvin x TK x MC
Can't wait to see everyone again this weekend for all the festivities... Wildboyz 4 Life!