Monday, April 13, 2009

Thursday: Ludwig Spring 2009 Mixer

On Thursday, I headed back up to LA for the Ludwig Spring 2009 Debut Mixer events. I was one of the select few that were invited to the exclusive private pre-party concert in the Hollywood Hills featuring their first signed athlete/musician, Otto Ehling. Thanks Chris Josel (I've known this guy since 2nd grade)!

Twee (Cockstar) accompanied me to the private event. We both didn't know what the expect, but we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to this massive house in the Hills. Thanks for coming with me Sister! We meet up with 5DTV and got a chance to interview Otto after his performance.

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Jay (5&A Dime) put it best when he explained, "George Ehling's passion is in mosaic artwork and he has been working on their home over the last forty years. Almost every inch of his home is covered in mosaics and is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen."
Private concert for a select group of 30 with an amazing view...
This is actually the backside of the Hollywood Hills with a spectacular view overlooking Universal Studios.
Irene x Christina admiring the custom work.
They had some weird stuff here...
Harrison Ford use to live next door, thats how Otto Ehling connected with Willard Ford (owner of Ludwig).
Otto's father George use to be a wrestler in Europe. I guess Jack Welch was a wrestler to before GE... HAHA!

I'm don't ever typically listen to classical music, but watching Otto, 20 years old, perform was absolutely incredible. I felt very privileged to be able to see a musician of his caliber this up close and personal. Just wait till you see the 5DTV clip of his performance... It should be coming out soon.
Twee x TK x Otto x Garvin (5DTV) x Jay
Afterwards it was off to the Ludwig showroom in Downtown LA.

Mark (NineGrand) x Derrik (NineGrand) x ???
Twee x Chachy

Thanks for the drinks Mylan (Ludwig)!
Jeff (Stussy) x Ben (Clae)
Brandon (Acrylick) x Garvin x Matt
We hung out at the showroom for a while, enjoyed some free drinks, and socialized with friends. But since we were so hungry we decided to cut out early to get some food.

I've heard so much about this Kogi truck that's been traveling around LA. You can follow them on twitter to see where they're at. The way they've managed to market these Korean x Mexican fused tacos and burritos is genius. I've been waiting to try it... Luckily they were just down the street from the showroom.

When we got to the spot, there was a huge line with tons of people eagerly waiting to see what the buzz was all about.
Short Rib Kogi Tacos = $2 ea.
Check out the pure joy on Vince's face from his Kogi Short Rib Burrito! HAHA
Vince x Chachy x Twee. It was super tasty! Hopefully the Kogi truck will want to hit up SD one day, in the mean time, if you're in LA go find out where they're at. Its worth it!
Next we headed to Usual Suspect's Thursday event Area where Dennis (Crooks & Castles) was celebrating his birthday.
Crooks in the building! Dennis (Founder) x Chris (Marketing Director)
Red Bull Vodkas!
Dennis x Bam (Hellz) x TK... Happy birthday Dennis!

Dana x Diz Gilbrant. If you haven't heard, Diz just dropped a new mixtape entitled "Soon You'll Understand" with Crooks & Castles. Download the entire album here.
Have a wonderful week everyone! Its time to be productive...