Saturday, November 8, 2008

Street Fighter II Tournament

Purple Lounge at the Standard

Thursday Joe (Avnt Grde | TAA), Steven (TAA), and I headed up to LA to celebrate Ben's 28th birthday.  We made our first stop at Blends Costa Mesa to meet up with the Blends crew.  When we arrived there, Ben was still reeking of alcohol from the night before and holding a 40oz in a brown paper bag.  I ended up picking up a pair of grey Clae high tops.

CLICK HERE to view photos from Ben's Birthday at the Standard.

We stopped by Avnt Grde afterwards in Santa Ana to pick up a new Incase laptop bag.  Thanks Joe!
We headed over to Long Beach to check out Ben's new spot before making our way to Melrose for some more shopping.  We meet up with Mark Marcelo (Mindz Alike) at the Grove to eat at Woodranch BBQ and Grill for dinner.

Afterwards we mobbed over to Mark's new apartment near Fairfax to meet up with 2/3 of the Bumsvillle Bitches: Annabelle & Terry.  Annabelle's new friend Dan also came through to join in on the festivities.  While they got ready at Mark's apartment, I headed over to Chachy's apartment in North Hollywood to meet up with Chachy, Melissa, and Myron (21XL).

They said they didn't mean to match, but I don't buy it!  I think they were both feeling a bit green... If you know what I mean.  ;)
Dub Frequency was hosting a party for Ben's birthday at the Purple Lounge at the Standard off Sunset Blvd.  Happy birthday Ben Wang!
Melissa x Sheryl (BFF)
Fun times!
TAA: Steven x TK x Joe... We missed you Guil!
Happy belated birthday to Jessica!  Have a drink or two or three or four...
I love them: Chachy x Annabelle
Three Amigos: Chachy x Melissa x TK
We run LA and SD!  HAHA  I just realized we're totally matching... WTF?
Uncle Pete (Puma) also came through to the Standard.
Jeremy (Blends) x Jay x Friend x Davee
Party foul...
Don't blame it on me!
Thanks BFF!  Happy early birthday... I'll see you next Friday!
Roar?  What's going on in this photo?
Good night!
Fun times yet again in LA with fun friends... Happy birthday once again to Ben Wang!

Halloween Massive pt. III

Here are the rest of the Halloween Massive at House of Blues photos (+600) from the Dungeon (aka the Legends Lounge) hosted by 5&A Dime. Thanks to Ronnie (Boomba Pics) for the photos.

CLICK HERE to view Halloween Massive pt. III photo booth.
CLICK HERE to see the rest of the Victory Nightlife photo gallery.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm buying drinks for everyone*...


* only from 9-10PM. HAHA

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Do the damn thang...

Annabelle (Bumsville) and I have been having the most difficult time focusing today. We both have tons of work to do but we can't focus... The ADD is kickin' it big time. I think I'm just excited for the weekend.

Thursday: OC/LA/Hollywood
Friday: Exclusive @ Onyx & Thin for Leo's Welcome Home
Saturday: Shalihe's Birthday Shindig with the Wildboyz
Sunday: Chief vs. Chargers Football Game at the Q

Its an eventful weekend... Anyways, I just saw this clip of KJ (SGBM) and Krissy at TM's Under the Bridge Studio. I forget how talented KJ is because to me he's just one of my best friends... PROUD! Watch it! Wildboyz 4 Life! I miss dancing...
Aren't they cute!?

Halloween Massive Photos

For the past few days, people have been email, texting, and instant messaging me about photos from Halloween Massive. Well the wait is over (sort of), I've just uploaded two galleries from HOB:

CLICK HERE to view Halloween Massive pt. I by Razo
CLICK HERE to view Halloween Massive pt. II by Mindz Alike

l'll be uploading photos from the Dungeon (aka Legends Lounge) room hosted by 5&A Dime later today along with a few other photographers who did club coverage for us. Check back again soon...

I'm a bit sad because I didn't take many photos at all since I was "working" the entire night. But I'm pleased to see everyone uploading pictures from the event onto their myspace profiles. I didn't even know many of the people who came out were there, I found out by looking at their pictures online. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time though and thats all I can ask for! The event itself was a success... Thank you to Victory Nightlife's dedicated staff, 21XL Events Company, 5&A Dime, Mindz Alike, and all of our other supporters. Fun times!!!

Here are a few photos:


The Dungeon (Legends Lounge) was crackin' too!
Happy Birthday Jessica!
Karen you can't wear that costume again next year... HAHA


Can't wait till next year's Halloween Massive!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can!

We witnessed history today!

Barack Obama's speech was truly inspiring and uplifting. I don't believe the significance of this election has set in yet. We have an African American family in the White House. Change is possible... We made it happen! I have so much I want to say about today's history events but I need to finish my assignments first. HAHA. I look forward to the future with Barack Obama as our President.

Mood: Inspired

I Voted!

“Martin walked so Obama could run. Obama is running so we all could fly.” -Jay-Z

FYI: If you show your "I Voted" sticker at Starbucks, Krispy Cream, or Ben and Jerry's you'll get a FREE treat!

Lebron James x Nicole Scherzinger

" me changin' my expression', I don't express."
For some reason I can picture Freddy Ellis (WBZ) reenacting this scene as Lebron James... HAHA

Possible Wildboyz Christmas video?

Pumpkin Carving

I spent my entire Thursday afternoon in Downtown in meetings with Segue Mag, House of Blues, and 5&A Dime.  It proved to be a productive day that ended at the 5&A Dime office with everyone carving pumpkins for our Halloween event.  

You can also check out a recap of the fun festivities on the 5&A Dime blog.
Look at the concentration and focus on Jay's face...
Mark was being a party pooper at first, but finally gave in after he noticed how much fun everyone else was having.  HAHA
Stab that shit Courtney...
You know Big Gi had to bring it!  

I ended up leaving before they finished but you can see the finished pumpkins on the 5&A Dime blog.

Brotherly Love

I got my brand new Apple MacBook Pro last Wednesday from the Fashion Valley Store.  I originally planned on ordering it online so I could upgrade the hard drive but I decided I couldn't wait and just bought it.  I love it!  I got Apple Care too... Usually I don't but whatever!

I know some of you are wondering, "Why do you need a new MacBook Pro for?  Don't you already have one?"  Well, I do.  But being the caring older brother that I am, I realized my brother needed a better computer because he has an older Apple PowerBook G4.  So I decided it would be very generous of me to give him my MacBook Pro and just get the newer version. So now we both have MacBook Pros... He loves his new computer and so do I (I might love it more)... HAHAHAHA!

Mac > PC